7 Poems About Snowflakes

Enjoy and be reminded of the beauty and uniqueness in these poems about snowflakes. Some people hate to see the snowflakes fall, while others are delighted and amazed by them. We hope these poems are ones that remind you of the positive aspect of snowflakes!

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  1. Snow Flakes
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    Soft and white they fall one by one,
    Melting at first in the rays of the sun,
    Thus the foundation for drifts is begun,
    By small, white snow-flakes.

    Mildly they float through the cold, frosty air,
    Pure, unpolluted, lovely and fair,
    Falling, the dirt of the street to share,
    The pure, white snow-flakes.

    Down to kiss the faces they meet,
    Down to sit at the harsh world's feet,
    To cover the earth with their snowy sheet,
    The pure, innocent snow-flakes.

    But lo! when they reach the broad highway,
    No longer pure and white they stay;
    But mingle with filth and mud and clay,
    A pile of soiled snow-flakes.

    And surely it needs watchfulness and care,
    To keep our lives as pure and fair,
    As the snow-flakes flying through the air,
    The pure, white snow-flakes.

  2. Whenever a snowflake leaves the sky, It turns and turns to say Good-by! Good-by, dear clouds, so cool and gray!

  3. Snowflakes
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    Whenever a snowflake leaves the sky,
    It turns and turns to say "Good-by!
    Good-by, dear clouds, so cool and gray!"
    Then lightly travels on its way.

    And when a snowflake finds a tree,
    "Good-day! " it says "Good-day to thee!
    Thou art so bare and lonely, dear,
    I'll rest and call my comrades here."

    But when a snowflake, brave and meek,
    Lights on a rosy maiden's cheek,
    It starts "How warm and soft the day!
    'Tis summer! " and it melts away.

  4. A Snowdrop
    Poet: Harriet Prescott Spofford

    Only a tender little thing,
    So velvet soft and white it is;
    But March himself is not so strong,
    With all the great gales that are his.

    In vain his whistling storms he calls,
    In vain the cohorts of his power
    Ride down the sky on mighty blasts —
    He cannot crush the little flower.

    Its white spear parts the sod, the snows
    Than that white spear less snowy are,
    The rains roll off its crest like spray,
    It lifts again its spotless star.

    Blow, blow, dark March! To meet you here,
    Thrust upward from the central gloom,
    The stellar force of the old earth
    Pulses to life in this slight bloom.

  5. Children exult, though the winds fiercely blow; Hailing the snowflakes  Falling as day breaks  Joyful they welcome the beautiful snow.

  6. Beautiful Snow
    Poet: Major Sigourney

    Beautiful snow! Beautiful snow!
    Falling so lightly,
    Daily and nightly,
    Alike round the dwellings of lofty and low.
    Horses are prancing,
    Cheerily dancing,
    Stirred by the spirit that comes from the snow.

    Beautiful snow! Beautiful snow!
    Up at the dawning,
    In the cold morning,
    Children exult, though the winds fiercely blow;
    Hailing the snowflakes
    Falling as day breaks
    Joyful they welcome the beautiful snow.

    Beautiful snow! Beautiful snow!
    Childhood's quick glances
    See the bright fancies
    Decking the window-panes softly and slow;
    Forest and city,
    Figure so pretty,
    Left by the magical fingers of snow.

    Beautiful snow! Beautiful snow!
    Atmosphere chilling.
    Carriage-wheels stilling,
    Warming the cold earth, and kindling the glow
    Of Christian pity
    For the great city
    Of wretched creatures who starve 'mid the snow.

    Beautiful snow! Beautiful snow!
    Fierce winds blowing,
    Thickly 'tis snowing;
    Night gathers round us how warm then the glow
    Of the fire so bright,
    On the cold winter night,
    As we draw in the curtains to shut out the snow.

    Beautiful snow! Beautiful snow!
    Round the bright fireside,
    In the long eventide,
    Closely we gather though keen the winds blow;
    Safely defended,
    Kindly befriended,
    Pity the homeless exposed to the cold, icy snow.

  7. Unique
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Snowflakes, the children love to see
    When they fall they dance with glee
    They try to catch them in their hands
    They are delighted when each one lands.

    But soon the snowflake disappears
    Bringing some to tears.
    But many more are falling
    To answer the children's calling

    Catching snowflakes goes on for hours
    To a child, it is like picking flowers.
    Just like the child, each snowflake
    Is unique, that is no mistake.

    So when you see the snowflakes fall
    May happy memories may you will recall
    Remember, like the snowflake, that each one of us
    Is unique and that truly is a plus!

  8. The Beautiful Snow
    Poet: Unknown

    Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow,
    Filling the sky and the earth below!
    Over the housetops, over the street,
    Over the heads of the people you meet;
    Skimming along.
    Beautiful snow! it can do no wrong.
    Flying to kiss a fair lady's cheek,
    Clinging to lips in a frolicsome freak,
    Beautiful snow from the heaven above,
    Pure as an angel, gentle as love!

    Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow!
    How the flakes gather and laugh as they go
    Whirling about in their maddening fun!
    It plays in its glee with every one,
    Hurrying by;
    It lights on the face and it sparkles the eye,
    And even the dogs, with a bark and a bound,
    Snap at the crystals that eddy around.
    The town is alive and its heart in a glow,
    To welcome the coming of beautiful snow!

  9. Snow Flakes
    Poet: Cobb

    Out of the clouds I came,
    Down from a place so high
    That I had no doubt, as I whirled about,
    I was far above the sky.

    I danced with the gay north wind
    Who laughed as he flew by,
    And threw me a kiss with his hand, like this,
    And chuckled merrily.

    I saw dear mother earth
    By the light of the morning star;
    And, sparkling bright, in the silent night,
    The place where the fairies are.

    Then quickly down and down.
    With a million little friends,
    I fell in a deep and snow white heap,
    At the place where the rainbow ends.

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