19 Sunshine Poems

Inspiring sunshine poems to brighten your day. You will find poems about the sun, about living a life full of sunshine, and about those who bring sunshine into our lives.

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  1. A Day Of Sunshine
    Poet: Henry W. Longfellow

    O gift of God! O perfect day:
    Whereon shall no man work, but play;
    Whereon it is enough for me,
    Not to be doing, but to be!

    Through every fibre of my brain,
    Through every nerve, through every vein,
    I feel the electric thrill, the touch
    Of life, that seems almost too much.

    I hear the wind among the trees
    Playing celestial symphonies;
    I see the branches downward bent,
    Like keys of some great instrument.

    And over me unrolls on high
    The splendid scenery of the sky,
    Where through a sapphire sea the sun
    Sails like a golden galleon.

    Blow, winds! and waft through all the rooms
    The snow-flakes of the cherry-blooms!
    Blow, winds! and bend within my reach
    The fiery blossoms of the peach!

    O Life and Love! O happy throng
    Of thoughts, whose only speech is song!
    O heart of man! canst thou not be
    Blithe as the air is, and as free?

  2. The Sleepless Sun
    Poet: Robert Louis Stevenson

    The sun is not a-bed, when I
    At night upon my pillow lie;
    Still round the earth his way he takes,
    And morning after morning makes.

    While here, at home, in shining day,
    We round the sunny garden play,
    Each little Indian sleepy-head
    Is being kissed and put to bed.

    And when at eve I rise from tea,
    Day dawns beyond the Atlantic sea;
    And all the children in the west
    Are getting up and being dressed.

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  4. Open The Door
    Poet: Unknown

    Open the door, let in the air;
    The winds are sweet and the flowers are fair.
    Joy is abroad in the world to-day:
    If our door is wide it may come this way
    Open the door!

    Open the door, let in the sun;
    He hath a smile for every one;
    He hath made of the raindrops gold and gems,
    He may change our tears to diadems
    Open the door!

  5. The Fountain
    Poet: James Russell Lowell

    Into the sunshine,
    Full of the light,
    Leaping and flashing
    From morn until night;
    Ever in motion,
    Blithesome and cheery,
    Still climbing heavenward,
    Never a- weary, —
    Glorious fountain,
    Let my heart be
    Fresh, changeful, constant,
    Upward, like thee!

  6. In The Sunshine
    by Louisa M. Alcott

    Far away there in the sunshine are
    My highest aspirations.
    I cannot reach them,
    But I can look up
    And see their beauty,
    Believe in them, and
    Try to follow where they lead.

  7. you are my sunshine
    Sunshine Quotes

  8. You Are My Sunshine
    Poet: Paul Rice

    You are my sunshine
    My only sunshine.
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey.
    You'll never know, dear,
    How much I love you.
    Please don't take my sunshine away.

    The other night, dear,
    As I lay sleeping
    I dreamed I held you in my arms.
    When I awoke, dear,
    I was mistaken
    And I hung my head and cried.

    You are my sunshine,
    My only sunshine.
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey.
    You'll never know, dear,
    How much I love you.
    Please don't take my sunshine away.

    I'll always love you
    And make you happy
    If you will only say the same
    But if you leave me
    To love another
    You'll regret it all some day;
    You are my sunshine,
    My only sunshine.
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey.
    You'll never know, dear,
    How much I love you.
    Please don't take my sunshine away.

    You told me once, dear
    You really loved me
    And no one else could come between
    But now you've left me
    And love another
    You have shattered all my dreams;

    You are my sunshine,
    My only sunshine.
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey.
    You'll never know, dear,
    How much I love you.
    Please don't take my sunshine away.

    In all my dreams, dear,
    you seem to leave me
    When I awake my poor heart pains.
    So when you come back
    And make me happy
    I'll forgive you dear,
    I'll take all the blame.

    You are my sunshine,
    My only sunshine.
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey.
    You'll never know, dear,
    How much I love you.
    Please don't take my sunshine away.

  9. Serve God In The Sunshine
    by Frederick William Faber

    Let us serve God in the sunshine,
    While He makes the sun shine.
    We shall then serve Him all the better
    In the dark when He sends the darkness.
    The darkness is sure to come.
    Only let our light be God's light,
    And our darkness God's darkness,
    And we shall be safe at home
    When the great nightfall comes.

  10. Christian Poems
    Christian Poems

  11. Behold The Sun
    by Dr. Mark Hopkins

    It is a pleasant thing to behold the sun:
    very glorious is he as he cometh out of his chamber,
    and bathes earth and Heaven in his light;
    but upon the soul that knows God and rests in Him,
    there shines a beauty that is above the brightness of the sun.

  12. The Sunny Side
    Poet: Julia Harris May

    If you've sowed a pansy seed
    That sprang up a thorn,
    And that made your finger bleed
    Where the flesh was torn,
    Drop no tears nor wailing sound,
    Bind a bandage round the wound.

    If you've said a kindly word,
    Or one meant for such,
    That when twisted seemed absurd,
    Foolish overmuch,
    Do not worry, make a rhyme,
    Or keep silent, for a time.

    If you've sung a little song
    That you thought was sweet,
    But have found that it was wrong,
    Or in sense or feet,
    Do not weep at what you've done,
    Smile and sing a better one.

    If you've had a happy thought,
    Beautiful and good,
    That, exprest, was good for naught,
    Or misunderstood,
    Do not fret yourself in vain,
    Think your happy thought again.

    Look upon the sunny side
    Of each word and thought,
    And you shall be satisfied,
    You shall lack for naught.
    Try to pick till life is done

  13. Look upon the sunny side Of each word and thought
    Positive Poems

  14. Our Daily Reckoning
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    If we sit down at set of sun,
    And count the things that we have done
    And counting, find
    One self-denying act, one word
    That eased the heart of him who heard;
    One glance most kind.
    That felt like sunshine where it went,
    Then we may count the day well spent.

    But if through all the livelong day,
    We've passed no heart by yea or nay;
    If through it all
    We've nothing done that we can trace,
    That brought the sunshine to a face;
    No act, most small.
    That helped some soul, and nothing cost,
    Then count the day as worse than lost.

  15. Broad-Faced Sun
    Poet: William Cullen Bryant

    There's a dance of leaves in that aspen bovver,
    There's a titter of winds in that beechen tree,

    There's a smile on the fruit, and a smile on the flower,
    And a laugh from the brook that runs to the sea.

    And look at the broad-faced sun, how he smiles
    On the dewy earth that smiles in his ray.

    On the leaping waters and gay young isles;
    Ay, look, and he'll smile thy gloom away.

  16. Sunshine
    Poet: M. Gertrude Robinson

    Why not cast a gleam of sunshine over Life's rough road to-day?
    Why not brighten up the shady spots we find along the way?
    Just a little smile will do it; or a kindly word to show
    We appreciate the efforts of our fellow-beings so
    That we wish to let them know it by a friendly glance or nod
    Which shall surely help them upward on their pilgrimage to God.

    Just a willing hand to strengthen and a pleasant smile to cheer,
    Just a loving word of comfort to the heart o'ercome with fear.
    Just a little thoughtful kindness shown to each one we may meet,
    Sends the sunshine o'er life's rugged road and rests the weary feet,
    And they're each so easily given that it seems a shame to miss
    Such a splendid opportunity to " help along " as this.

  17. Sunshine Beyond
    Poet: Martha Shepard Lippincott

    Though clouds of sorrow often fall
    Within this world of ours,
    There still is sunshine for us all,
    With passing- of life's showers.

    The flower, beaten by life's storms,
    Will often raise its head,
    And bloom again in loveliness,
    When new sunshine is shed.

    Though storms may oft oppress the soul,
    And fill it with despair,
    Do not despond and cease to hope,
    For life will grow more fair.

  18. Good Weather
    Poet: Ruskin

    Sunshine is delicious,
    Rain is refreshing,
    Wind braces up,
    Snow is exhilarating;
    There is really no such thing as bad weather,
    Only different kinds of good weather.

    Nature Poems

  19. Darkest Night
    Poet: Luella Clark

    The day may be long, but the morning
    Will rise on the darkest night;
    The pilgrimage painful, but Beulah
    Waits with its fields of light.

    And he who sits in the shadow
    Shall surely the sunshine see;
    And to all who in patience suffer.
    Sweet, sweet will the recompense be.

  20. Live in the sunshine, don't live in the gloom
    encouragement quotes

  21. Live In the Sunshine
    Poet: Margaret Sangster

    Live in the sunshine, don't live in the gloom,
    Carry some gladness the world to illume,
    Live in the brightness, and take this to heart;
    The world will seem gayer if you'll do your part,
    Live on the housetop, not down in the cell;
    Open-air Christians live nobly and well.
    Live where the joys are, and, scorning defeat,
    Have a good-morrow for all whom you meet.
    Live as a victor, and triumphing go
    Through this queer world, beating down every foe,
    Live in the sunshine, God meant it for you!
    Live as the robins, and sing the day through.

  22. Sunlight of The Heart
    Poet: Folger McKinsey

    It's the sunlight of the heart that makes sweet the chosen way;
    It's the sunlight of the heart, not the sunlight of the day.
    It's the sunlight of the heart
    Keeps us toiling, cold or heat,
    With the blossoms in our dreams
    And the robins singing sweet.

    It's the sunshine of the heart keeps the world from turning gray;
    It's the sunshine of the heart keeps the spirits fresh with play.
    It's the sunshine of the heart,
    Stored with beauty of the years,
    Keeps the shadows from the soul,
    Heals the heartache and the tears.

    It's the sunlight of the heart makes us young along the line
    With the touch of morning song in a world love makes divine.
    It's the sunlight of the heart
    Helps us laugh when troubles loom,
    And it leads us with its laughter
    On the way life walks to bloom.

    It's the sunshine of the heart makes the sunshine of the day
    Just to help us chase the care and the dark and doubt away.
    It's the sunshine of the heart
    That shall lead us, worn and pale,
    To the beauty of the lilies
    In that last eternal vale.

  23. In The Sunshine
    Poet: John Imrie

    Ah! we never miss the sunshine
    Till the storm-clouds roll a pace,
    And we value not the dear one
    Till we see the cold dead face;
    Oh ! our hearts are seldom melted
    Till the voice is hushed and still
    Of the lov'd one we have walked with
    Up the pathway of life's hill!

    Let us linger in life's sunshine
    Till the last glad ray departs.
    Let the twilight and the dawning
    Link the closer trusting hearts;
    Then each morrow will be brighter
    For the sunshine that hath been,
    And life's burden be the lighter
    For the sympathies between.

    Oh! to speak some words of kindness
    In the ear of human woe,
    Is like eyes to stony blindness
    Of the groping ones below;
    Ah! the touch of tender fingers
    On our throbbing brows of pain,
    Is the sweet of life that lingers,
    Ere we turn to earth again!

  24. Sunshine
    Poet: Unknown

    As welcome as sunshine in every place
    Is the beaming approach of a good-natured face;
    As genial as sunshine, like warmth to impart,
    Is a good-natured word from a good-natured heart.

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