6 Sunrise Poems

Be inspired by these sunrise poems. Many of us sleep through the sunrise but we hope these poems encourage you to get up early and be amazed by the sun coming up. These poems describe the majesty of the morning as you see the sun coming up - the colors, the beauty - the start of a brand new day.

When I see a beautiful morning sunrise, I am reminded of Psalm 19:1 (NIV): "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." When we see these spectacular sunrises we are witnessing a creative God. While many have tried to recreate the colors and beauty of a sunrise, actually seeing it in person and watching it come to life with changes in the sky each minute is beyond anything a human being could create.

We hope the poems encourage you to take in more sunrises, stop and notice nature and your surroundings, and be thankful for the new day that has been given to you!

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  1. A Morning Painting
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the quiet hush of dawn's gentle grace,
    A masterpiece unfolds a heavenly embrace.
    The sun ascends, a radiant, golden prize,
    A morning painting, a gift from God in the skies.

    Over the ocean's edge, it paints the day anew,
    A breathtaking moment, a miracle so true.
    With colors that dance, in the early light,
    The sunrise whispers, "Welcome to a day of delight."

    So cherish this canvas, so vivid and grand,
    A reminder of wonders, in life's endless strand.
    In each rising sun, a promise unfurled,
    A symphony of hope, to light up the world.

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  3. Sunrise
    by Greta Zwaan, ©2018

    The sun begins to scatter the clouds that claimed the night,
    The glowing lights of colour make darkness take flight.
    At first there’s but a glimmer as colour finds its way
    And then great bursts of sunshine announce a brand-new day.

    The harmony of colours dance in the morning mist,
    They’re orange, they’re red, they’re yellow; what colours they enlist!
    They touch and mould together, they snap as they join hands,
    The music is ethereal and then they break their bands.

    And still they dance in union, together then apart,
    The colours blend and scatter – a heavenly work of art.
    I almost hear their laughter; I almost hear them say:
    "God’s made a brand-new morning; wake up, enjoy the day!

    You’ve seen a bit of glory; you’ve seen the rising sun;
    We’ve barely scratched the surface, our story’s just begun.
    God’s majesty and power has colour without end,
    Like morning’s brilliant glory their wonders move and blend."

    Each sunrise is new with splendour, each programme so well planned;
    Each day holds forth its promise of life throughout the land.
    When God displays His glory, when sunshine shows its face;
    Rejoice and dance like sunbeams that evening clouds erase.

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  5. Sunrise Never Fails
    Poet: Celia Thaxter

    Upon the sadness of the sea
    The sunset broods regretfully;
    From the far, lonely spaces, slow
    Withdraws the wistful afterglow.

    So out of life the splendor dies.
    So darken all the happy skies,
    So gathers twilight cold and stem;
    But overhead the planets bum.

    And up the east another day
    Shall chase the bitter dark away.
    What though our eyes with tears be wet?
    The sunrise never failed us yet.

    The blush of dawn may yet restore
    Our light and hope and joys once more.
    Sad soul, take comfort, nor forget
    That sunrise never failed us yet!

  6. a new day
    A New Day

  7. Would You?
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Could you keep the tints of spring
    On the woods in misty brightness,
    Keep the half-veiled boughs a-swing
    To the linnet's flitting lightness,
    Through the birch leaves' rippling green
    Hold the maple-keys from dropping.
    On the sward with May-showers clean,
    Cheat the violets into stoppin;

    Could you make the rosebud's lips
    Vow to be a bud forever,
    From the sedges' wavering tips
    Bid the dewy pearl drop never;
    Could you make the sunrise hour
    For a lifetime overbrood you;
    Could you change the year's full dower
    For its first faint promise - would you?

    Thought must shade and sun the soul
    With its glorious mutations;
    Every life-song is a whole
    Sweeter for its variations.
    Wherefore with your bliss at strife?
    'Twas an angel that withstood you!
    Could you change your perfect life
    For a dream of living would you?

  8. The Sunrise reminds us that each new day brings the promise of fresh beginnings
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  9. Golden Sunrise
    Poet: Jennie Mast

    Oft I watched the golden sunrise
    Flood with light the country fair,
    Seemed her beauty to exhibit
    In that welcome atmosphere,
    Ripened grain each garner filling,
    Peace and plenty everywhere,
    Sunshine in each happy dwelling
    Mine, a hard and scanty fare.

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    Sunshine Poems

  11. Never Failed Us Yet
    Poet: Celia Thaxter

    And up the east another day
    Shall chase the bitter dark away.
    What though our eyes with tears be wet?
    The sunrise never failed us yet.

    The blush of dawn may yet restore
    Our light and hope and joy once more.
    Sad soul, take comfort, nor forget
    That sunrise never failed us yet.

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