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Radiate Sunshine
by Orison Swett Marden

The effort to be always cheerful, kind, considerate, and gentle, no matter what wars may be rankling in the heart, has a great influence in transforming the life.

I know a lady who has made it a habit of her life to radiate sunshine everywhere she goes. She says that a smile costs nothing. The result is that everybody who waits upon her or does anything for her feels it a real favor to serve her, because he is always sure of getting this indescribably sweet smile and expression in return.

What a satisfaction it is to go through life radiating sunshine and hope instead of despair, encouragement instead of discouragement, and to feel conscious that even the newsboy or the car conductor, the office boy, the elevator boy, or anybody else with whom one comes in contact, gets a little dash of sunshine.

It costs nothing when you buy a paper of a boy, or get your shoes shined, or pass into an elevator, or give your fare to a conductor, to give a smile with it, to make these people feel that you have a warm heart and good-will. Such salutations will mean more to us than many of the so-called great things.

It is the small change of life. Give it out freely. The more you give, the richer you will grow.

Words of Hope And Cheer
Poet: E. A. Brininstool

Would you make some saddened heart
Just a little lighter?
Would you make some burdened life
Just a little brighter?

Drop a word of hope and cheer,
Set the echoes ringing
With your notes of love and joy,
As you go a-singing,

"The laughter of life is its sunshine, and this would be a dull old world without some happy natures to lighten the pathway of those that plod away in sorrow."

Scatter Sunshine
Poet: Juniata Stafford

Put a bit of sunshine in the day;
Others need its cheer and so do you -
Need it most when outer sky's dull gray
Leaves the sunshine-making yours to do.

Give the day a streak of rosy dawn;
Give it, too, a touch of highest noon;
Make the ones about you wonder why
Sunset crimson should appear "so soon."

Sunshine-making is a blessed task;
Cheery hearts, like lovely, wide blue sky,
Banish weary gloom and give fresh hope.
Check the rising tear or thoughtless sigh.

Put the golden sunshine in each day;
Others need the cheer that comes through you -
Need it most when outer sky's dull gray
Leaves the sunshine-making yours to do.

"Then take the sunshine God has sent, and share that light and life with all; just let the burden fall; consent to live content."
Felicia Blake

Catch The Sunshine
Poet: Unknown

Catch the sunshine! Don't be grieving
O'er that darksome billow there!
Life's a sea of stormy billows,
We must meet them everywhere.

Pass right through them! Do not tarry.
Overcome the heaving tide.
There's a sparkling gleam of sunshine
Waiting on the other side.

"There is always the sunshine, only we must do our part, we must move into it."
Clara Louise Burnham

Ray of Sunshine
by Unknown

The tiny ray of sunshine which stole in through the crack of the shutter yesterday wrote with its golden pen these words upon the darkness within: "There is a great big world of sunshine just like me outside."

Don't keep sunshine barred out from your soul. Open wide the shutters. Do not interpret the meaning of life from the darkness, but from the sunshine which falls upon it.

The joy of yesterday which crept into your clouded life points you to a world that abounds with it. The satisfaction you felt to-day upon doing that good turn for another was as a drop to the ocean of satisfaction you will find if you make every other day just like this.

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