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Be encouraged by these short sunshine quotes. There is nothing like the feeling of the warmth of the sun shining down on you. We all want more sunshine in our lives and many of these quotes discuss how to have this.

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  1. And a face that I knew passed by, and the smile I caught was brighter to me than the blue of a summer sky; for it gave me back the sunshine and it scattered each somber thought George McDonald, Only A Smile
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  2. Where the sun shines and the broad breezes blow, by every ray and every raindrop kissed that God's love doth bestow; Celia Thaxter, Courage
    Christian Poems    -   Christian Quotes

  3. If you see but your shadow, remember, I pray, that the sun is still shining, but you're in the way. Unknown, Face The Sun
    Poems of Encouragement    -   Encouragement Quotes

  4. We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade, since first beneath the chestnut-tree in infancy we played. Caroline Elizabeth Norton, We Have Been Friends Together
    Meaningful Friendship Quotes   -   Friendship Poems

  5. Great is the sun, and wide he goes through empty heaven without repose
    Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson, Summer Sun
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  6. 	No bitter word ever lightened a burden or made a rough road smooth; no grumbling ever introduced sunshine into a home.
  7. No bitter word ever lightened a burden or made a rough road smooth; no grumbling ever introduced sunshine into a home. George L. Perin, Throughout The Year
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  8. O strong sun of heaven, harm not my love...shine for his pleasure! Marguerite Wilkinson, An Incantation
    Short Love Poems   -   Short Love Quotes

  9. Man plows and plants and digs and weeds...God sends the sun and rain and air, and thus a garden's made. Unknown, Making A Garden
    Garden Poems   -   Garden Quotes

  10. Thankful...for warm sunshine and much rain fall David V. Bush
    Thanksgiving Poems    -   Happy Thanksgiving Quotes

  11. May your morning be full of sunshine, may your day be free of clouds
  12. May your morning be full of sunshine, may your day be free of clouds
    Irish Blessings    -   Irish Blessing Quotes

  13. A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew, a cloud and a rainbow's warning; Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue, an April day in the morning! Harriet Prescott Spofford
    Easter Quotes    -   Easter Poems

  14. A good laugh is sunshine in the house. William M. Thackeray
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  15. Our Father, who art in heaven...Help us now as we pray, and flood the morning with the sunshine of Thy face, C. W. Holden
    Short Prayers    -   Prayer Quotes

  16. Each sunrise brings the promise of sunshine for your day. Kate Summers
    Sunrise Quotes    -   Sunrise Poems

  17. Behind the cloud the starlight lurks; through showers the sunbeams fall Mary H. Houghton, His Hope With All
    Poems About Hope    -   Hope Quotes

  18. For the welcome smile brings sunshine, while a frown shuts out the light.
  19. For the welcome smile brings sunshine, while a frown shuts out the light. Unknown, Smile
    Poems About Happiness    -   Happiness Quotes

  20. An' if I had the power to do... make each pathway where you strolled a bright one an' a sunny. Edgar A. Guest, A Greeting
    Christmas Card Poem    -   Christmas Wishes

  21. The sun always shines above the clouds. Paul F. Davis
    Poems About Clouds    -   Quotes About Clouds

  22. There is a land by faith I've seen...no need of sun to give it light, - its light the Lamb by sevenfold. Amos E. Flint, The Promised Land
    Heaven Poems    -   Quotes On Heaven

  23. If you would have sunlight in your home, see that you have work in it Stopford A. Brooke, Sunlight In Your Home
    Poems About Home    -   Home Quotes

  24. When Duty calls, let Love grow warm; amid the sunshine and the storm. Unknown, Fortitude And Trials
    Courage Poems    -   Courage Quotes

  25. But taking the year together, my dear, there isn't more cloud than sun. Rembrandt Peale, Faith And Hope
    Poems On Aging    -   Quotes about Aging

  26. Sunshine follows the rainbows like challenges follow success.
  27. Sunshine follows the rainbows like challenges follow success. Catherine Pulsifer
    Rainbow Quotes    -   Rainbow Poems

  28. The sun will shine or the rain will fall, but God stands over and under all. S. B. McManus, He Knoweth Your Need
    Poems About Worry    -   Worry Quotes

  29. Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. Victor Hugo
    Laugh Quotes    -   Poems About Laughter

  30. Tho’ her life lose it’s sunshine and burdens oppress, yet the love of the mother will never be less Kate Louise Wheeler, Mother
    Mom Poems   -   Mothers Day Messages

  31. Sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind, and you my friend, my new fun thing, my summer fling. K.D. Lang
    Quotes About Summer    -   Summer Poems

  32. Roll back the curtains of the day, and let the sunshine warm and clear Arthur Franklin Fuller, A Neglected Garden
    Words To Live By    -   Quotes to Live By

  33. This life means action, - from the early dawn....till all the sunbeams shimmer from the sky, Howard Carleton Tripp, This Life Means Action
    Motivational Poems    -   Motivational Quotes

  34. I would flood your path with sunshine; I would fence you from all ill...if I could have my will. Unknown, I Would
    Birthday Poems    -   Birthday Quotes

  35. I know the sun is somewhere, shining clear. And when I can not see him overhead, I try to be a little sun, right here!
  36. I know the sun is somewhere, shining clear. And when I can not see him overhead, I try to be a little sun, right here! W. B. Allen, Dandelion
    Flower Poem   -   Flower Quotes

  37. Did you see the sun smile over the hill, at the break of day; stop to kiss the dew from the grass, and melt the mists away? Ann Searoone, Solace
    Poems For Women   -   Inspirational Quotes by Women

  38. This morning it is shining bright. As though it never rained. Only the sparkle on the grass has special beauty gained. Lucy P. Scott, After Rain
    Poems About Rain    -   Rain Quotes

  39. Low down beneath an orange shade of clouds more still and dark, the sun is slowly sinking now — of heaven's sea the bark Sarah B. Sawyer
    Poems About Sunset    -   Sunset Quotes

  40. Love is the sunshine of the family; without it, not character, or morality, or virtue, can be brought to perfection. Maria Frink, Sunshine Of The Family
    Poems About Family   -   Short Family Quotes

  41. ...today comes rain - sunshine will return again.
  42. ...today comes rain - sunshine will return again. Mary C. Plummer, The Babbling Brook
    Nature Poems   -   Quotes About Nature

  43. Kindness is shown in many ways....it may be only a little thing but sunshine to others it will bring. Catherine Pulsifer, A Habit To Embrace
    Kindness Poems   -   Kindness Quotes

  44. Enjoy your life no matter the wrinkles spread sunshine with lots of sprinkles Catherine Pulsifer, Another Year
    Funny Birthday Poems   -   Funny Quotes About Life

  45. When you're feelin' grouchy, let the Sunshine in; when your face gets feehn' hard, crack it with a grin. Unknown, Let It In
    Smile Poems   -   Smile Quotes

  46. We thank Thee, Lord, for sunshine bright, for stars and moon that shine by night Janie Mohanna, We Thank Thee, Lord
    Thanksgiving Prayers   -   Thanksgiving Blessings

  47. A morning full of sunshine, a morning of all things fine that is my wish for you on this morning that is brand new. Catherine Pulsifer, A Good One
    Good Morning Poems   -   Good Morning Quotes

  48. When you walk into the room you're like sunshine and flowers in bloom
  49. When you walk into the room you're like sunshine and flowers in bloom Catherine Pulsifer
    Grandma Poems   -   Grandma Quotes

  50. God in and over all. whose glory glows like sunbeams on the flood Ellwood Haines Stokes, God By The Sea
    Poems About God   -   Inspirational God Quotes

  51. Just the sunshine on the waters, just the rainbow in the sky, just a little love, so little, and its value is so high. Unknown, Only A Little
    Positive Poems    -   Short Positive Quotes

  52. The west wind's sighs are of love, not sorrow, and the sunset sky is the sign for tomorrow. Laura Lee Randall, Autumn Oracle
    Autumn Poems    -   Fall Quotes

  53. I've never been that type of person, who welcomes and hopes for Jack Frost.I mourn when the sunshine starts to fade Julie Hebert, Winter Madness
    Winter Poems    -   Winter Quotes

  54. We've had our clouds and sunshine, our shadows and our light. But we've kept our love unsullied, our affection warm and bright. Grinnell Willis, An Anniversary
    Anniversary Poems    -   Wedding Anniversary Quotes

  55. If you hear a kind word spoken of some worthy soul you know, it may fill his heart with sunshine if you only tell him so. Unknown, Tell Him So
    Gratitude Poems    -   Gratitude Quotes

  56. A child is sunshine and happy things - they show us it doesn't matter about things. Catherine Pulsifer, A Child Is
    Poems About Children   -   Children Quotes

  57. How gladly we hail the return of the spring, fair prospects, gay sunshine, her presence doth bring; Mary Snell, A Welcome To Spring
    Spring Poems    -   Spring Quotes

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