24 New Years Blessings

What a better way to start a new year than to receive or send a blessing for the upcoming year. Share these blessings for the new year with family and friends.

New Year Poems    /    new years blessings

  1. May the coming year
    Be filled with happiness and cheer
    May success fill your days
    May you succeed in every way.

  2. A New Year blessing just for you
    May the Lord bless all you do
    You have 365 new days
    May you be happy in every way.

  3. God has granted us another year
    May you look ahead without fear
    Celebrate this brand-new year
    With those whom to you are dear.

  4. May the upcoming year be full of blessings
    May sunshine follow you in all you do.
    May your heart be full of love for others
    And may you be happy, not blue.

  5. A Happy New Year's day to you
    And as the year progresses
    May you have many successes.

  6. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    May the new year
    Be sunny and blue.

  7. May your troubles be less. May you be blessed. May your success be more. For you, may only good things be in store.
    New Year Quotes

  8. Wishing you a New Year where dreams come true
    May God's blessings be with you too.
    May each day you awake
    Be a day that is great.

  9. Be thankful for this coming New Year
    Live each day and be full of cheer.

  10. Another year is over and
    a new one will start
    This blessing is full of love
    from deep within my heart.
    Happy New Year I say
    Make it count each and every day.

  11. May the coming year be better
    Than the best of years gone by.
    May the memories you make
    Be the icing on the cake.

  12. The years pass so quickly,
    a new year again
    May your days be filled with happiness
    more than you can contain
    And may you share it with others
    friends, sisters, and brothers.

  13. Look forward, set your goals
    Move beyond the potholes
    And you will find
    A year full of blessings of many different kinds.

  14. May God's blessing surround you In the coming New Year.
    Poems about God's Blessings

  15. May the coming year be good to you
    May you be happy and not blue
    May sunshine follow you on cloudy days
    And may God bless you in every way.

  16. May the presence of God
    Be felt in your heart
    May the New Year
    Get off to a great start

  17. May you have no worries or fears
    May you new year be full of cheer.
    May the coming year see dreams come true
    May you be successful in all you do!

  18. May God's light shine through you
    May others see it in what you do
    May you be that helping hand
    To those in need, woman, child, or man.

  19. May God bless you and keep you
    Safe throughout the year.
    May He send Angels to
    Watch over you and your loved ones.

  20. A chance to start anew
    A chance to for you to pursue
    The goals that you set
    And recognize the goals that you met
    May the New Year be filled
    With blessings and love.

  21. poems about new beginnings
    Poems about New Beginnings

  22. Happy New Year!
    May you have new opportunities
    May you have new goals
    May you have happy days
    And be successful in every way.

  23. New Year Blessings by J. S. Ogilvie

  24. May your days in joy be passed
    With friends to bless and cheer.
    And each year exceed the last
    In all that earth holds dear.

  25. Health and prosperity Your life to cheer, With every blessing For the bright New Year.
    Irish Blessings

  26. On this New Year’s morning
    My wishes take their flight,
    And wing to thee a greeting
    That would make all things bright.

  27. Now Christmas comes with hearty cheer.
    May kindly thoughts go round.
    And bring to you a glad New Year,
    With peace and plenty crowned.

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