11  Religious New Years Poems

As we start the New Year we should give thanks and praise to God Almighty. Let these religious poems inspire you to reflect on all the blessings in your life as you start this New Year.

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  1. Another Year
    Poet: F. R. Havergal

    Is the work difficult?
    Jesus directs thee.
    Is the path dangerous?
    Jesus protects thee.
    Fear not and falter not;
    Let the word cheer thee:
    All through the coming year
    He will be near thee.

  2. The Dawn Of A New Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    At the dawn of a new year, challenges abound
    Uncertainties loom, casting shadows all around
    Yet in faith, we find the strength to bear
    Trusting in God to guide and care

    As we navigate this unknown terrain
    We rely on God to ease the worry and pain
    With trust and belief, we embrace each new day
    In the hands of God, we find our way

  3. Inspirational Poems for The New Year
    Inspirational Poems for The New Year

  4. The Journey Of Faith
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the journey of faith, we walk in grace,
    Anticipating our growth in the coming year's embrace.
    With grateful hearts and hopeful eyes,
    We seek to deepen our spiritual ties.

    May we learn and flourish as the days unfold,
    Gaining wisdom and courage, as new chapters are told.
    In the light of faith, let us brightly shine,
    Embracing the journey ahead with a spirit divine.

  5. Grant Me Thy Peace
    Poet: Elizabeth Crannell

    Lord, through the coming year I make no plea
    For wealth or power; neither that of grief
    I have no portion; but where'er I be,
    Grant me Thy peace!

    I ask not that my days shall pleasure know:
    Nor that from sorrow I shall find relief;
    In hours of joy, in hours of pain or woe,
    Grant me Thy peace!

    If storm-clouds lower, if the sky be gray
    And lightnings rift the air; if stormy seas
    Threaten to me engulf, dear Lord, I pray,
    Grant me Thy peace!

    If those I trust deny me, or betray,
    Till sorrow's chalice holds but bitter lees;
    If hopes, long cherished, fail me by the way,
    Grant me Thy peace!

    If joy bids fair to be my welcome guest
    Lest I forget oh, leave me not alone;
    But let my happy heart have added zest;
    Grant me Thy peace!

    That peace which passeth understanding, give.
    A peace which deadens pain when hope hath flown
    In joy, in grief, whether I die or live,
    Grant me Thy peace!

  6. New Year Prayers
    New Year Prayers

  7. The Coming Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    May God be with us
    in the coming year
    May He bless family and friends
    who are dear.

    We give him thanks and praise
    for our life blessings
    And look forward to a
    New Year with Him guiding.

    We pray for wisdom,
    we pray for peace,
    We pray that war
    and hatred would cease.

  8. New Years Blessings
    New Years Blessings

  9. A New Year
    Poet: Unknown

    Over the threshold a gallant new-comer
    Steppeth with tread that is royal to see;
    White as the winter-time, rosy as summer,
    Hope in his eyes, and his laugh ringeth free.
    Lo! in his hands there are gifts overflowing,
    Promises, prophecies, come in his train;
    O'er him the dawn in its beauty is glowing,
    Flee from his presence the shadows of pain.

    Welcome, then, New Year, with stainless white pages,
    Though we may blot them ere long with our tears;
    So it has been through the long passing ages,
    Worn with the footprints of close crowding years.
    Welcome, sweet year! may the full-handed hours
    Find us like servants who wait for their Lord;
    Using with earnest devotion our powers,
    Looking for him, and obeying his word.

  10. Thank You Lord
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings I see,
    As I begin this New Year with humility.
    Grateful for love, health, and joy so true,
    For family, friends, and skies of blue.
    With gratitude in my heart, may I start anew,
    Thanking God for His blessings; ever so true.

  11. A New Year is God’s Gift In the joyful moments – thank Him. In the busy moments – bless Him. In the trying moments – trust Him. In the quiet moments – praise Him.
    New Year Quotes

  12. The New Year
    Poet: Nathaniel Parker Willis

    Fleetly hath passed the year; the seasons came
    Duly as they were wont — the gentle spring,
    And the delicious summer, and the cool,
    Rich autumn, with the nodding of the grain,
    And winter, like an old and hoary man,
    Frosty and stiff — and so are chronicled.
    We have read gladness in the new green leaf,
    And in the first-blown violets; we have drunk
    Cool water from the rock, and in the shade
    Sunk to the noontide slumber; we have lucked
    The mellow fruitage of the bending tree,
    And girded to our pleasant wanderings
    When the cool winds came freshly from the hills;
    And when the tinting of the autumn leaves
    Had faded from its glory, we have sat
    By the good fires of winter, and rejoiced
    Over the fulness of the gathered sheaf.
    "God hath been very good." 'Tis he whose hand
    Molded the sunny hills and hollowed out
    The shelter of the valleys, and doth keep
    The fountains in their secret places cool;
    And it is he who leadeth up the sun,
    And ordereth the starry influences,
    And tempereth the keenness of the frost;
    And, therefore, in the plenty of the feast,
    And in the lifting of the cup, let him
    Have praises for the well-completed year.

  13. Christian Poems For The New Year
    Christian Poems For The New Year

  14. Thank Thee Lord Jesus
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We thank thee, Lord Jesus
    for coming to earth
    We will always
    celebrate your birth.

    A new year is beginning,
    we look forward to
    Help us each day
    to be more like you.

    Guide us and direct us
    to do your will
    We listen for your voice
    as we are still.

  15. Another Year
    Poet: John White Chadwick

    That this shall be a better year
    Than any passed away,
    I dare not at its open door
    To wish or hope or pray.

    Not that the years already gone
    Were wearisome and lone;
    That so with hope too long deferred
    My heart has timid grown.

    Nay, rather that they all have been
    So sweet to me and good.
    That if for better I should ask
    'Twould seem ingratitude.

    And so with things far off and strange
    I do not care to cope,
    But look in Memory's face and learn
    What largess I may hope:

    Another year of happy work,
    Which better is than play;
    Of simple cares, and love that grows
    More sweet from day to day.

    Another year of baby mirth,
    And childhood's blessed ways,
    Of thinker's thought, and prophet's dream,
    And poet's tender lays.

    Another year at Beauty's feast,
    At every moment spread.
    Of silent hours when grow distinct
    The voices of the dead.

    Another year to follow hard
    Where better souls have trod;
    Another year of life's delight,
    Another year of God.

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We hope and pray that these poems remind you to put God first in your life in the coming New Year.

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