11 Thank You God Poems

We thank others for their help but how often do we thank God? Let these short poems remind you to give thanks to God each and every day. We hope you are inspired by our collection of poems which remind us of the love, mercy, and grace of our gracious God.

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  1. My Heart
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    God, you know my heart
    Better than I do;
    You know how very much
    I love you.

    Thank you for the love you give
    Each and every day.
    Thank you for your grace and mercy
    That you send my way.

    Thank you for sending Jesus
    To save us all.
    Without Him in our lives
    How we would fall.

    Thank you for your Word that gives
    Guidance to our life.
    Thank you for being there
    When I am dealing with strife.

    Thank you for listening to my needs
    As I pray.
    Thank you for bringing me back
    When I have strayed.

    Thank you, God, for all
    You have given me.
    And, thank you, Jesus
    For setting me free.

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  3. The Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Let me never take for granted
    The love that you give.
    Thank you, God for creating me
    And letting me live.

    Thank you, God for watching
    Over family and friends
    Thank you, God for being
    With me to the end.

    Thank you, God for sending
    Jesus Your Son, so
    Your love we will
    Always know.

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  5. Thanks For Everything
    Poet: J. C. Barcus

    For all that God in mercy sends.
    For health and children, home and friends;
    For comfort in the time of need.
    For every kindly word and deed.
    For happy thoughts and holy talk,
    For guidance in our daily walk;
    For everything give thanks.

    For beauty in this world of ours,
    For verdant grass and lovely flowers,
    For song of birds, for hum of bees,
    For refreshing summer breeze;
    For hill and plain, for streams and wood.
    For the great ocean's mighty flood.
    For everything give thanks.

    For sweet sleep which comes with night,
    For the returning .morning's light.
    For the stars glittering in the sky,
    For these and everything we see,
    O, Lord our hearts we lift to Thee,
    For everything give thanks.

  6. Thank you, God, for being near For wiping away my every tear For carrying me through every fear I am grateful that you are always here
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  7. Thank God For His Gifts
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    So often in this world, we think
    Our accomplishments we have done
    But may we never forget, God gave us gifts,
    He gave us His Son.

    You have given us
    Let me be thankful
    And not make a fuss.

    When things don't go my way
    I must remember you above
    As your timing is better
    And you are full of love.

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  9. Thank You, God
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I never say it enough,
    But thank you God for
    Forgiving me
    And for not keeping score.

    I am far from perfect,
    Jesus was the only one
    Perfect in love,
    Thank you, God, for your Son.

    Help me Father to recognize the many times
    You have blessed me
    Thank you, God, for all the beauty of the world
    You created for me to see.

  10. Thank you, God, for being with me For loving me unconditionally For sending Jesus, Your son, to set me free I am forever grateful, blessed and thankful to be A child of Yours, eternally.
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  11. Quicked Our Gratitude
    Poet: William Dean Howells

    Lord, for the erring thought
    Not into evil wrought;
    Lord, for the wicked will
    Betrayed and baffled still;
    For the heart from itself kept,
    Our thanksgiving accept.

    For ignorant hopes that were
    Broken to our blind prayer;
    For pain, death, sorrow, sent
    Unto our chastisement;
    For all loss of seeming good,
    Quicken our gratitude.

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  13. Thank God For Those Who Serve
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank you God,
    With great respect
    We graciously thank you
    For those who serve and protect.

    Though danger be near and
    The night is chilly and long,
    We praise You for those -
    Bless their courage so brave and strong.

    Protect them from harm,
    This and every day,
    Watch over their families
    From worry far away.

    Their sacrifice grand allows us to
    Lay our heads down at night,
    Therefore Lord in Heaven,
    Please grant these heroes great might!

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  15. Thanks For
    Poet: Amos Niven Wilder

    Be our daily bread withheld, be it given,
    Thanks for the bread from heaven;
    Though on sense disease and pain come stealing,
    Thanks for the spirits healing;
    Thanks, when the springs of impulse are defiled,
    For the renewing candor of the child;
    Thanks, when the years sully the face of truth,
    For the resurgent heart of youth.

    Thanks, though we be cast off, unknown, alone,
    Thanks that we are well known,
    And though our outward man and lot decay,
    The spirit kindles day by day;
    Thanks that our sorrow by thine alchemy
    Turns out to be the very fuel of glee,
    That from our utter penury, we bless,
    And having nothing, all things still possess.

  16. We Thank You Lord
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank you God, for love so true,
    For sending Jesus, your beloved son anew.
    We humbly bow before your grace so kind,
    In awe of the gift of life, we find.
    I am so grateful and give you all praise,
    We thank you Lord in countless ways.

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It takes just a minute to say Thank you, God! We are quick to tell God our problems, let us be as quick to thank Him for all the good in our lives.

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