6 Thank You Veteran Poems

We always should make the time to thank our Veterans for the service they give to our country. Use one of these short poems to express your appreciation to them. You can also find poems of remembrance in our collection of Veterans Poems.

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  1. Freedom
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Freedom is a precious gift
    Bought with bravery and sacrifice,
    By those who fought and bled
    Defending our nation with pride.

    Veterans, our heroes of the past
    Their bravery and strength will last,
    For they fought for our freedom to be,
    So our nation is united and free.

    We honor and thank them today
    For all, they gave up and gave away.
    Bless them, we ask God above,
    For their bravery and the country they love.

    So let us pay our respects
    To all the veterans who did their best.
    For they are the ones who gave us
    The freedom that we trust.

  2. Thank You God
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank you God, for peace in our land
    For the brave veterans who fought, who took a stand.
    For their courage and their sacrifice
    We are forever grateful, as they paid the price.

    For those who fought for our freedom and rights
    We honor and respect them with all our might.
    For the peace they have brought to our nation,
    For their selfless service and dedication.

    Thank you God, for their bravery and their might,
    For the peace, that they bring and the wrongs they did right,
    For their tireless efforts and their willingness,
    We are forever grateful and will never forget.

    So let us give thanks and show our appreciation
    For the veterans who fought for our preservation.
    For the peace they have brought and the freedom they've won
    Let us honor them and thank God for each and every one.

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  4. All You've Done
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank you, veterans, for all you've done,
    For putting your lives on the line, one by one,
    For defending our freedom and way of life,
    We are forever grateful, through peace and strife.

    You are heroes, every single one.
    Your bravery and honor will never be undone!
    We will always remember the sacrifice you made,
    What you gave up and what you paid.

  5. You are heroes, every single one. Your bravery and honor will never be undone!
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  6. War May Be Over, But It's Never Far
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank you for your service,
    War may be over, but it's never far.
    You've sacrificed so much,
    Your bravery is appreciated.

    In foreign lands, you've fought for peace
    Defending freedom, it never ceased.
    The horrors of war, you've faced with grace
    Your courage and honor, forever in this place.

    So on this day, and every day
    We honor you, in every way!
    Thank you for your service, dear veteran,
    Thank you for all that you have given.

    The world is a better place, because of you
    Your sacrifices, we will always commemorate
    War may be over, but it's never far
    We are forever grateful, for all that you are.

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  8. We Pray God's Blessing
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Brave souls that so selflessly gave,
    Protecting us and our way to live did save,

    Defenders of every man, woman, and child,
    Facing danger with courage never mild.

    We're grateful for each one who serves,
    During dark hours they did not swerve.

    With deep appreciation we pray
    For God's blessing on our veterans today.

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  10. Thank You Veteran
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thank you, Veteran, for your service to our land
    War is ugly, war is not fair, but you took a stand
    You fought for freedom, you fought for peace
    Your bravery and sacrifice never ceased.

    You are our hero, you are our pride
    We are thankful you are on our side.
    We can't even imagine the fighting you've seen
    The battlefield is a different scene.

    You are a true warrior, you are a true patriot
    You've risked your life for our liberty and nation.
    We honor you, we respect you, we thank you
    For all the sacrifices you've made, for what you do.

    Thank you, veteran, for your courage and your might
    You are the reason we sleep soundly at night
    You are our guardian, you are our protector
    We will always remember and honor your service, Veteran.

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Veterans need our thanks and appreciation. They give up their time with family, the comforts of home, and so much more to fight for our way of life. Always take the time to thank them.

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