The New Year

An inspiring poem about the new year. Daniel Colesworthy expresses thoughts about time; what the new year will bring, and what last year left behind. The verses describe the changes from one year to the next. A great poem to read and reflect upon as the new year is upon us!

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The New Year
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Old time has taken another step,
And brought the New Year round:
We see it in the leafless trees,
And on the silver ground.
The streams that sparkled in the sun,
And joyous leaped along,
Now bear upon their glassy breast
A buoyant, happy throng.

The flowers, bright, beautiful and gay,
That decked the hill and dale,
Have hastened to a quick decay;
And Autumn, chill and pale,
Has scattered Summer's beauties round
And desolation drear
Broods over all that blessed the eye
Gave rapture to the ear.

Time! Time! what glories fall
Beneath thy giant tread!
A few brief months, and teeming life
Lies withered, blasted, dead!
The birds that caroled in the grove
Their sweet, mellifluous lay,
Like the bright leaves that sheltered them,
Have passed like them away.

Oh! pleasant were the summer hours,
As to the woods we hied,
When all the trees and all the flowers
Were in their glowing pride.
Joy gushed from every vein to hear
Sweet Nature breathing round,
And every breeze bore to the ear
Music's voluptuous sound.

They've gone - the music and the birds,
The flowers and waving trees:
They've passed like infants' happy dreams;
And brighter things than these
Have perished with the rolling year.
The friends - oh! where are they,
Who blessed the sunny walks of life?
The noble, generous, gay?

Full many a hearth is desolate,
And many a heart is sad:
We look for those, but look in vain,
Who made our spirits glad:
Beneath the cypress and the sea,
Nought shall their slumbers break,
Till the last awful trump shall sound,
And bid the dead awake.

The year! how pregnant 'twas with joy
To many hearts allied,
That hardly dared to dream of bliss,
Lest evil should preside!
Courage and fear alternate took
Possession of the breast:
Sometimes a whisper, then a look,
Gave pleasure, or depressed.

Now union and a happy life
Dawn on the youthful pair:
The mutual cares, the mutual joys,
'Tis their delight to share.
Oh envied lot! and yet, and yet
To sorrow they are doomed:
An early blight  has often chilled
The brightest flowers that bloomed.

Wise Providence! that thus conceals
The shafts that hover near!
That rend in twain the noblest hearts,
And sunder ties most dear!
Could we foresee the thousand ills
That in our pathway lie,
"O God!" might be our earnest prayer,
"Permit us now to die."

How many circles, fond and blest,
Have been to grief a prey,
Where bright and beauteous plants have been
Torn suddenly away!
The cheerful voice, the pleasant smile,
The noble heart, and kind,
We look for but we look in vain;
The lost we ne'er shall find.

Change, change, marks the revolving year,
Change is on all impressed:
Our friends, ourselves, how soon may we
In death's cold slumber rest!
Though nerved with strength, in life's full bloom,
We must, we must obey
The awful mandate, "Dust to dust,"
And mingle clay with clay.

So be it ours to live, that when
Our course is finished here,
We may to brighter worlds ascend,
Where Virtue's sons appear;
And, in the presence of our God,
Enjoy the bliss supreme,
Studying the wonders of his love
The holy angels' theme.

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