New Year Prayers

Use these New Year prayers to help you start the new year by putting God first, and by asking for wisdom and guidance for the upcoming year. Short prayer to pray to start the new year!

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  1. Enter The New Year
    by George L. Perin

    God of the years, our Heavenly Father,
    whatever the message of the old year may have been,
    whether of darkness or light, joy or sorrow,
    we stand this morning waiting expectantly
    and confidently for some message with glad tidings.

    May we, therefore, enter upon the New Year
    in the mood of hope and good cheer,
    brushing from our faces every sign of care,
    let us go forth into the New Year with the spirit of a child
    who puts his hand into the hand of a Father
    to be led into a field where the flowers blossom
    and the birds sing.

    Not for today only do we pray for sweetness and light,
    but let us be glad and happy every day.
    Thou art with us today,
    Thou wilt be with us through all the journey of the year.
    May our own daily gladness be born of the conviction that
    Thou art always near.

  2. We Thank Thee
    by E. M. Warner

    O God, our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee
    that Thou dost overrule our weakness, failure and
    sins to the accomplishment of Thy divine plan for us.

    We recall with pleasure our successes in the past year,
    and if we have failed, wilt Thou show us where and when
    and teach us the way of amendment.

    We thank Thee for our Hope and Faith which
    have come to us from the Bible.
    Here, on every page and in every biography,
    have we learned of Christ Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    We thank Thee that through Him our sins are forgiven,
    and we have learned to know Thee, O blessed Father,
    which knowledge is eternal life.

    May we walk with Him, moment by moment
    in a life of loving service to all mankind,
    during all the remaining days of our life.

  3. The Year's Journey
    by George L. Perin

    Our Heavenly Father,
    it is good for us to start upon the year's journey
    with hope and with noble resolution.
    Let us not be dismayed by any consciousness of failure in the past.
    This is a new year, and Thou art still with us.

    Give us vision to see a better way;
    give us strength to carry our resolutions into actions.

    O, may life seem real, may work be to us a constant joy.
    Renew our strength from day to day, quicken and deepen our faith,
    enrich our lives that this may be to us the best of all the years.

    In this mood of faith, we would lie down to rest on the evening of the first day.
    May faith make our sleep sweet.

  4. Hope
    by George L. Perin

    Our Heavenly Father,
    we thank Thee for the perennial allurements of hope.
    When it is night we wait for the day,
    when it is winter we wait for the spring,
    when we have failed we try again,
    when misfortunes assail us we refuse to accept them as final;
    we rest in no achievement and are dismayed by no disaster,
    but ever and ever we say "It is better farther on."

    Oh, keep alive this alluring dream,
    let us triumph through our faith.
    So may each day be a better day,
    each year a better year,
    and while the days and years recede,
    may life grow rich and fruitful.

  5. God, help me as I start this year Guide me, help me face my fears Knowing you are with me each  day Help me to never stray.

  6. Every Good And Perfect Gift
    by Calvin S. Locke

    Author and Giver of every good and perfect gift
    whose infinite presence and power underlie all growth
    and life and activity.

    Who revealest Thyself in the varied forms of beauty
    which come so rapidly in the revolving year,
    in the green grass and blossoming roses and lilies
    and refreshing, fast-succeeding fruits.

    We thank Thee that Thou art now crowning the year
    with Thy goodness and inviting us to gather in from
    tree, garden, field, forest, mine, what will feed, clothe,
    protect us during the wintry season given us,
    free from arduous labors, to find enjoyment in
    books, music and social gatherings.

    These blessings remind us to present to Thee
    the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace,
    long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
    meekness, temperance.

  7. Teach Us O God
    by Carl F. Henry

    Our Heavenly Father, we would close the day
    with Thee who dost guard and guide us all the way.

    We thank Thee for that wise goodness that has attended
    us all the years and which, we are certain,
    will go with us into this new year that waits veiled before.

    We know not what the future holds, but we face it confidently
    because it is Thine and we also are Thine.

    Give to us, we pray, the courage and cheer of perfect faith,
    and teach us all, O God, in this new year to do and
    love Thy holy will that we may have the freedom of truth,
    the peace of obedience, and the joy of loving Thee.
    Protect us through the night, O Lord,
    and may the morning find us ready for our work and Thine.

  8. Verge of The Old Year
    by George L. Perin

    Our Heavenly Father, we stand upon the utmost verge of the old year.
    Forgetting the things that are behind,
    we stand with our faces looking earnestly into the future.

    We do not despise the past,
    we do not forget its manifold blessings.
    We do not forget that Thou hast been with us in the old year;
    for all this we would be grateful.

    With clear vision and earnestness of purpose,
    we would stand looking into the future expectantly,
    ready for its duties and its responsibilities;
    yet not ostentatiously nor with over-confidence,
    for we know our own infirmities, our own weaknesses.

    We would enter upon the New Year with confidence,
    not because of our own strength,
    but because of Thy living presence.

    Thou art always with us.
    Thou art pouring out Thy spirit upon us.
    O Lord, let us believe in Thee, and believing,
    let us have a heart for any fate.

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