7 Thanksgiving Prayers

Use these Thanksgiving prayers to give thanks and acknowledge the many blessings of God. These Thanksgiving prayers are good to use not only at Thanksgiving but for any day of the year to give thanks for your family and friends, or before a meal, and to give praise to God.

  1. Father We Thank You
    by Catherine Pulsifer

    Thanksgiving Day we gather here
    Full with thanks and full of cheer.
    Lord, we thank you for all our blessings
    Our family, friends and all good things.

    We know the good comes from you
    You are with us in whatever we do
    We praise you, we worship you
    We are thankful that is so true.

    Thank you for the food we eat
    Thank you for our family and friends
    Thank you for being with us
    Words just cannot express
    The love and thanks from all of us!

  2. thanksgiving prayers

  3. I Give Thee Thanks!
    by May Carlexon Lord

    For fun and friends and daily food;
    For children — my beatitude;

    For strength to meet life’s sudden shocks;
    For apple-boughs and hollyhocks;

    For snow in winter, fairy lanes;
    For peacefulness and growing pains;

    For books by poet, seer and sage;
    For easy chairs and middle-age;

    For embers on the hearth, for songs;
    For faith that triumphs over wrongs;

    For laughter and remembered pranks;
    For prayers at night — I give Thee thanks!

  4. We Thank Thee, Lord
    By Janie Mohanna

    We thank Thee, Lord, for flowers and trees,
    For laughing children, buzzing bees,
    For all Thy gifts, both great and small;
    We thank Thee, Lord, for all.

    We thank Thee, Lord, for sunshine bright,
    For stars and moon that shine by night,
    For soft white snow and rains that fall.
    We thank Thee, Lord, for all.

    We thank Thee, Lord, for day and night;
    We thank Thee for the seasons bright;
    We thank Thee for the winter bold,
    For gay spring with her wealth untold;
    For summer when vacations call,
    For bountiful harvest in the fall.
    We thank Thee, Lord, for all.

    We thank Thee, Lord, for things so dear,
    Our church, our home, our friends so near,
    Our eyes, our ears, our voice to sing.
    We thank Thee, Lord, for everything.

  5. prayers that say, I give thee thanks

  6. Thanksgiving
    by Patrick E. Loukes

    This day
    At this table
    In this company
    Touch us in this place.
    Fill our hearts with Your love,
    Keep our sympathy and compassion
    Always fresh and
    Our faces turned towards heaven
    Lest we become hard and forget,
    As we love You, we shall gift
    Each other with patience
    And Love.

  7. prayers to say thanks

  8. Thank You
    by Sara F. Hills

    Thank you, stars
    That shine so bright.
    Thank you, moon
    For your silvery light.
    Thank you, sun
    For your warmth and cheer.

    Thank you, Lord
    For friends held dear.
    Thank you, Father
    In Heaven above —
    For health, contentment,
    Peace and Love.

    And when ill fortune
    Turns her face
    To greet me
    In the Market Place —
    May the Thanks I give
    Help me to live
    And still say — Thank you!

  9. We Offer Thanks
    by Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Father we thank thee for this food,
    For health and strength and all things good.
    May others all these blessings share,
    And hearts be grateful everywhere

    We thank thee, father, for thy care,
    And for thy bounty everywhere;
    For this and every other gift,
    Our grateful hearts to thee we lift

    For each new morning with its light,
    For rest and shelter of the night,
    For health and food, for love and friends,
    For everything thy goodness sends,
    We offer thanks,

  10. At Eighty-Three
    by Thomas Durley Landels

    Thank God for life, with all its endless store
    Of great experiences, of hill and dale,
    Of cloud and sunshine, tempest, snow and hail.

    Thank God for straining sinews, panting breast,
    No less for weary slumber, peaceful rest;

    Thank God for home and parents, children, friends,
    For sweet companionship that never ends:

    Thank God for all the splendor of the earth,
    For nature teeming with prolific birth:

    Thank God for sea and sky, for changing hours,
    For trees and singing birds and fragrant flowers.

    And so in looking back at eighty-three
    My final word to you, my friends, shall be:

    Thank God for life; and when the gift's withdrawn,
    Thank God for twilight bell, and coming dawn.

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