Prayer For Strength

Be encouraged by praying a prayer for strength. Jesus told us this world would not be without trials and tribulations. We can draw strength from Him to face any situation in prayer.

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    "Lord Take Away" is a short prayer asking God to give us strength and take away ones wrong desires. The author is asking God to let him be a positive influence in the lives of others, to appreciate those who love him, and to never forget all that Jesus did for him.  A prayer asking for strength and help to lead the life that God calls us to live.

  1. Lord Take Away
    by Hezekiah Butterworth

    By all that I to others owe,
    By all I hope to prove,
    By all that other lives bestow
    On mine, of hope and love,
    By all my influence, day by day,
    Whose end I cannot see,
    Lord, take, forever take away,
    My wrong desires from me!

    By what I owe a mother's love,
    By what a father's care,
    By all to honor I would prove,
    And all for virtue bear,
    From lapse from good,
    from passion's sway,
    Oh, keep my spirit free,
    And take, forever take away.
    My wrong desires from me!

    By all the magnitude of loss
    To those who fail and fall,
    By all I owe my Saviour's cross
    To which for help I call;
    By all I owe to souls astray
    Thy would direction see,
    Oh, Lord, forever take away,
    My wrong desires from me!

  2. We never know what the day holds for us, asking for strength to face the day is a good way to start!

  3. Strength For This Day
    by Edward Everett Hale

    Almighty Father, we are before Thee,
    asking for strength this day,
    that for today's duty we may have the help of Thy Infinite wisdom,
    as we know we have Thy love,
    Our Father with His Children.

    Father, help us to look to Thee for strength and wisdom in every moment of doubt.

    We are not afraid,
    because we can come to Thee for counsel, and companionship.

    We can come to Thee for everything,
    and we find everything if we seek for
    it with all our heart and soul and strength.

    So today, Father, be with us to show each one of us here,
    the youngest or the oldest,
    the weakest or the strongest,
    what is the duty next his hand today,
    that we may enter into that work and
    go about our Father's business.
    Go with us and be with us as with
    Thine own children.

  4. All-Availing Strength
    by Edward M. Barney

    God of the morning light, with the dawn of another day
    we come to Thee with prayer for help
    in the steadfastness of our manifold duties.

    The cares that oppress us,
    the burdens we carry,
    the obligations that fall upon us,
    are too much for our little strength without Thy help.

    That help we crave from Thee,
    the only source of all-availing strength.

    Let us not be dismayed by the powers of this world
    or busy ourselves in vain ambitions seeking the praise of men,
    but may we seek that Divine approval which is of more worth
    than all the favors of earth.

    Make us brave and strong to follow in the way of Thine appointment,
    and grant that we may so sincerely feel and act
    in the busy times of this day
    that when the evening comes no wasted hours may be laid to our charge.

  5. grant that we may so sincerely feel and act in the busy times of this day that when the evening comes no wasted hours may be laid to our charge.

  6. The Vision To See
    by Almon Gunnison

    Give us, O God, the vision to see the way
    where duty lies and strength to walk in it,
    to ever keep the forward look and never to lose heart today
    because of the stumblings and fallings in the yesterdays that are forever gone.

    Let us remember that we are in Thy hands and we are faithless to
    Thee and to ourselves if knowingly we fail to do Thy work.

    Though we cannot see Thee,
    we now see our fellow men and we shall best serve Thee if,
    in love and patience, we help our fellows.

  7. Find Our Strength
    by George L. Perin

    O Lord, we know there are a thousand reasons
    why we should be glad.

    We cannot always forget our sorrows and our failures;
    there are manifold sources of temporary vexation
    and annoyance and harassing care,
    but in the face of Thine overmastering Providence
    and Love we cannot long be vexed nor sad.

    If tears have dimmed our eyes let us brush away the tears.
    If troubles and cares have burdened our hearts let us rise triumphant
    over them all and for this day be glad;
    and in our gladness let us find our strength.

  8. In Our Weakness
    by Nathaniel S. Sage

    Heavenly Father, as the bird that soars first looks upward,
    we turn our souls to Thee,
    seeking inspiration that in the duties of today
    we may live to the full height of the faculties Thou hast given.

    Help us to know what is right and to follow it day by day continually.
    Grant that our toils this day may be acts of service as sacramental as our prayer.

    In our weakness,
    grant us of Thy strength that we may pass from
    glory to glory till we are transformed at last into the perfect image of Thy spirit.

    And when our work on earth is ended,
    when the clods of the valley are sweet to our weary frame,
    take us home to Thyself.

  9. Strength of Others
    by George L. Perin

    Our Heavenly Father,
    we thank Thee for all the
    sweet and sacred influences of life.

    Music comes with its invisible fingers to weave
    a magic charm around our souls;
    the home with its love is ours,
    but we thank Thee to-day for the sweet and saving
    influence of friendship,
    for the counsel and fellowship of those who are wise
    and good and faithful to us.

    We would not walk alone
    we would find strength in the strength of others,
    and faith in other's faith.

    Let us cherish such fellowships and
    give back to those,
    who love us, love again.
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