Blessings Abundance

By Byron Pulsifer, 2006

There isn't a day that goes by that we should forget to take count of all our blessings.

This is no more apparent than a brief reflection of those who live in depressed societies. Almost everyday, there are newscasts that highlight the many ordeals suffered by many throughout the world from starvation to war.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a democratic society often take for granted those freedoms only seen as a dream by thousands of less fortunate.

There are numerous days, however, where you will read, see or hear someone complain as though they lived in the most forlorn and deprived society. Maybe this is because we do take for granted what we have, and expect more and more to satisfy our own self-serving desires.

There is, no doubt, some issue over which you have no control. But, rather than moan and complain, look beyond the issue and strive for the solution. In each problem lies an opportunity to make better, to resolve, or to commence positive change.

Take my own health, for example. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Sure, at first I was angry, but that only meant I was unsure of my next steps. What would this disease do to me over time? How would I have to live to cope, to control, to move beyond?

To dwell on my malady, however, would serve no useful purpose. If you adopt the "poor me" attitude you only deepen the pigment of despair. What I found, though, was a new door of opportunity to better manage my diabetes through better diet, insulin therapy and a zest for the next day. It would have been easy for me to make dependent my life on something that could not only be managed to live a vibrant life but something that hardly compares to what others endure day by day, e.g. cancer treatment.

Before you think about misfortunes, think about all the blessings that surround you.

Each day is a new day, a day to start with positive thoughts on blessings you have.

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