6 Poems About Snowmen

In the wondrous domain of winter, poems about snowmen emerge as tales of frosty delight. These verses invite you into a world where snow transforms into whimsical figures, each poem a snapshot of merriment and the magic of the season. Let these poems remind you that snowmen stand as charming symbols of winter's joy.

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  1. A Little Boy's Snowmen
    Poet: Byron R. Roberts

    In a snow-covered wonderland, a little boy
    Dons his winter gear, ready for joy.
    With rosy cheeks and eyes full of glee,
    He sets out to build a friend, snow-white and free.

    With delicate hands, he moulds the snow
    Into a round body, with a smile to show.
    He carefully shapes the head and limbs,
    Creating a playful snowman with no whims.

    Adorned with a hat, the boy's cap,
    And a scarf wrapped around its snowy neck flap.
    Mittens are placed on the snowman's twig hands,
    Giving it warmth in these frozen lands.

    Together they play, in their frozen sphere,
    Building memories that will forever be dear.
    They throw snowballs, their laughter unbound,
    Creating a symphony of joyous sound.

    But as the morning breaks and the sun shines bright,
    The snowman melts, disappearing from sight.
    Yet the memories made will never fade,
    For the boy and his snowman, an unbreakable bond was made.

  2. Birth of a Snowman
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As the snowflakes gently dance through the air,
    A magical moment begins to declare,
    They gather together, finding their place,
    Forming a body, with a smiling face.

    Coal for eyes, shining bright in the night,
    A carrot for a nose, so perfectly right,
    Buttons for the body, in a neat little row,
    This snowman's creation is a thrill to bestow.

    Frosty the snowman, now alive and real,
    Personality emerging with each snowflake's seal,
    A jolly belly, made of packed snow,
    A hat on its head to complete the show.

  3. Snowman's Winter Adventure
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In a winter wonderland, so pure and white,
    A snowman embarks on a thrilling flight,
    Braving the cold winds, with a cheerful grin,
    A snowy adventure, is about to begin.

    Sliding down mountains, as fast as can be,
    Swooshing through snowflakes, wild and free,
    The wind in its face, a playful twirl,
    The snowman delights in this wintry swirl.

    Snowy peaks and valleys, it joyfully explores,
    Creating memories, forever to adore,
    With every new landscape, it discovers anew,
    The wonders of winter, so pure and true.

  4. Melting Snowman's Farewell
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As the winter season comes to an end,
    The snowman feels warmth, like an old friend,
    Melting slowly, under the gentle sun's gaze,
    It bids farewell, with a heart full of praise.

    Droplets of water trickle down its form,
    A bittersweet farewell, in the light so warm,
    Memories of laughter, and snowy days,
    Forever cherished, in its melting phase.

    Accepting its fate, with open arms,
    Grateful for the joy, amidst winter's charms,
    The snowman melts away, leaving behind,
    A legacy of happiness, forever enshrined.

    Though ephemeral its existence may be,
    The impact it had, for all to see,
    A symbol of winter, and dreams that come true,
    The melting snowman, bidding adieu.

  5. A Frosty Mate
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the winter's chill, we built a frosty mate,
    A snowman so jolly, but his fate he'd contemplate.
    Each year he'd greet the festive scene,
    Only to melt away, a puddle, not serene.

    "I'm tired of this routine," he sighed one day,
    "Melting each Christmas, it's just not okay.
    I dream of a place, cold and sublime,
    Maybe a snowier spot, for a change in clime."

    He plotted an escape, a vacation bold,
    To a land of eternal frost, or so he's been told.
    Packed his carrot nose and coal eyes so keen,
    Off to colder horizons, he aimed to convene.

    But as he pondered a snow-covered flight,
    He realized Christmas warmth felt just right.
    So, back to the yard, our snowman came,
    Happily melting, yet playing the game.

  6. So, back to the yard, our snowman came, Happily melting, yet playing the game.
    Winter Poems

  7. A World Of Enchantment
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As the night descends, and snowflakes fall,
    The snowman enters a magical hall,
    Dreaming whimsical dreams, in its slumber deep,
    A world of enchantment, it begins to keep.

    Conversing with winter animals, so wise,
    Sharing stories beneath starlit skies,
    A friendship formed, in this mystical dream,
    Where everything's possible, or so it may seem.

    Imagination soars, as the snowman sleeps,
    Dreaming of adventures, both wild and deep,
    In its slumber, it finds joy untold,
    A snowman's dream, a tale to behold.

    So let the snowflakes dance, and the dreams take flight,
    In the heart of winter's embrace, shining bright,
    For within the snowman's dreams, lies a treasure untold,
    A world of wonder, for the heart to behold.

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