9 Funny Winter Poems

Let these funny winter poems give you a smile and a chuckle. We can all relate to the snow and the cold that winter brings. But winter also has positives, such as holidays and outdoor activities. The saying, grin and bear it, is a good one to apply to winter. Enjoy this winter poems!

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  1. Snowy Adventures
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As winter arrives, we cheer and sing,
    For snowy adventures that joy does bring.
    Through icy slopes, we'll swiftly glide,
    On skis and boards, our egos ride.

    With limbs a-flail, we'll skate so grand,
    Like Bambi on ice, a sight so unplanned.
    Snowshoes strapped on, we'll trudge in delight,
    Wandering aimlessly 'til wayward flight.

    So let the cold winds blow and snowflakes fall,
    We're off to have fun, ignoring the call!
    For in this frigid wonderland, I decree,
    Only laughter and merriment shall set us free!

  2. In Winter's Embrace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In Winter's embrace, the snowflakes descend,
    Covering landscapes, a scene to commend.
    But me? Oh, I'm cozy, tucked in so tight,
    With my blanket armor, a warrior of the night.

    While others frolic in wintery glee,
    I'm snug in my fortress, content as can be.
    No gloves or scarves for this winter's delight,
    Just me on the couch - a true snow queen in sight!

  3. In Winter's embrace, the snowflakes descend, Covering landscapes, a scene to commend.
    Winter Poems

  4. Snowflakes
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Snowflakes are intricate and unique,
    With every shape, a sight to pique,
    They dance from the heavens, oh so grand,
    Adding magic to this frozen land.

    Each pattern formed, a meticulous art,
    But sometimes they just don't play their part,
    They aim for your eye, with precise intention,
    Leaving you blinking in snowflake suspension.

  5. Contemplate Hibernation
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Winter's here, the days are dashed,
    Dimming light, my hopes are smashed,
    With each tick of the clock, daylight recedes,
    I contemplate hibernation, oh please, please!

    Snuggled under blankets, fast asleep,
    While the world outside turns snowbound deep,
    But alas! Responsibilities await my presence,
    No choice but to brave this cold unpleasantness.

  6. Winter Holidays
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Winter comes with holidays in sight,
    Christmas and New Year, oh what a delight!
    Gifts are exchanged, parties galore,
    While we stuff ourselves, till we can't eat anymore.

    Santa Claus slides down chimneys so slick,
    As we countdown to midnight, bells go tick.
    With cheers and laughter, the year is through,
    In hopes that resolutions stick like glue.

  7. My Friends, The Snowmen
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In winter's snowy embrace, oh what a delight,
    My friends, the snowmen, come alive to our sight,
    With carrot noses and buttons of coal,
    They bring joy to our hearts and warmth to our souls.

    With twig arms reaching for high-flying birds,
    Eyes made of pebbles, quite absurd,
    They dance in the frosty air with glee,
    Oh, how funny these snow buddies can be!

    With top hats askew and scarves so grand,
    Snowball fights they engage in, all by their hand.
    So, let's gather 'round, let's build them anew,
    For winter brings my friends—the hilarious snowman crew!

  8. Winter Brings Imagination
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Winter brings imagination's flight,
    To children with mischief and delight.
    Snowmen come alive when no one sees,
    Sneaky antics and mischievous sprees.

    They tiptoe in the moonlit snow,
    Pranks and giggles, oh the show!
    Oh, winter's magic, such a sight,
    As snowmen frolic through the night!

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  10. Icy Road and Snow Falls
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh winter, with your icy roads and snow falls,
    You sure know how to slow us down, causing brawls.
    Sliding and slipping on the frozen terrain,
    We're like penguins trying to waddle in vain.

    Cars turn into ice-skating rinks, it's a sight to see,
    Bumper cars? No, it's just my commute through this decree.
    Winter wonderland or frozen disaster zone?
    I'll choose laughter over frustration rather than groan!

  11. Oh winter, with your icy roads and snow falls, You sure know how to slow us down
    Winter Quotes

  12. The Seasons Come and Go
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, the seasons, they come and go,
    With winter bringing a chill to my soul.
    But fret not, my dear frosty friend,
    For your reign, I eagerly wish to amend.

    A blustery breeze and snowy scenes,
    Leave me yearning for gentle sunbeams.
    So quickly, winter, make your escape,
    Bring on the warmth, no time to drape!

    Oh springtime, hurry forth with grace,
    Summer's warmth I long to embrace.
    Winter, let us part ways with glee,
    And welcome days of flip flops for me!

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