12 Funny Christmas Poems

Bring a smile and a chuckle to family and friends with these funny Christmas poems. Great to tuck in a card or in an email to spread good cheer for the festive season.

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  1. Families Unite
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Christmas is a season of joy and cheer,
    When chaos and laughter all doth appear.
    Families unite, oh what a delight,
    Gathered around the tree, what a sight!

    My Uncle eats cookies till he’s blue,
    And my Aunt knits sweaters for me and you.
    The turkey’s too big, it won’t fit the tray,
    But we’ll eat leftovers for days and days.

    Oh, family traditions we hold so dear,
    Like when my Cousin brings out his reindeer.
    We sing carols off-key; laughter fills the air,
    Christmas chaos and joy, a perfect pair!

  2. Christmas Poems
    Christmas Poems

  3. Holiday Food
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, holiday food, you crafty temptress,
    With treats so delicious, we can't resist!
    But let's be honest, we go overboard,
    Indulging ourselves with every accord.

    Turkey and stuffing, oh gobble away,
    Yet our waistbands scream, No more, I pray!
    And then there's fruitcake, the infamous beast,
    A brick in disguise that mocks our feast!

    So here's to the holidays, food galore,
    May we enjoy every bite and crave no more!

  4. Holiday Poems
    Holiday Poems

  5. Christmas Decorating
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Tangled lights, a chaotic sight, what a merry mess!
    With every bulb we fix, another one breaks, I confess.
    But through the twists and turns, we laugh with glee,
    For holiday decorating is just our cup of tea.

    Tree branches getting poked by pointy pine,
    Mistletoe misbehaving, a comedic sign.
    Yet we persevere, determined and bright,
    We plug in the lights and oh they are so bright!

    In the end, adorned in hues so grand and rare,
    Our Christmas tree proudly boasts its colorful flair.
    Through all the mishaps, we find joy and might,
    Because holiday decorating is a fine sight!

  6. Christmas Joy Poems
    Christmas Joy Poems

  7. Christmas A Winter Wonderland
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    December brings snow and ice, oh what a sight,
    But we await Christmas with an expectation light.
    Slipping and sliding, like penguins in a race,
    Counting down the days for Christmas we brace.

    Frosty sidewalks become an icy minefield's sprawl,
    We walk not run as a tumble will see us sprawl.
    Bundled up like mummies, we'll laugh through the chills,
    For Christmas is a winter wonderland with joy that forever spills.

  8. My Perfect Christmas Tree
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, the perfect Christmas tree, so pristine and grand,
    With branches full and straight, reaching high it stands.
    But my Christmas tree, oh dear, it's a hilarious sight,
    More like Charlie Brown's creation in plain daylight.

    Its trunk is wonky, leaning left and right,
    The branches are sparse and crooked, oh, what a sight!
    Yet I cherish this tree with all its flaws so fine,
    I love it because this Christmas tree is mine!

  9. Christmas Tree Poems
    Christmas Tree Poems

  10. My Christmas Wish Just For You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    This Christmas, dear friend, I have a wish for you,
    Don't gobble that turkey like a gluttonous zoo.
    May your plate not overflow with a monstrous feast,
    For digestion, woes are quite the foul beast.

    Instead, may Santa gift you with things that'll stick,
    No socks or trinkets, something useful and slick.
    And as your stockings hang by the fireplace top,
    May giggle fill them, making the laughter never stop.

  11. My Christmas Wish For You
    My Christmas Wish For You

  12. Shopping Madness
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    'Twas the season of madness, the malls filled with cheer,
    As shoppers embarked on their festive shopping career.
    Searching for gifts, they thought what a delight!
    But the lines grew long, and their patience took flight.

    In search of that treasure, they stood with despair,
    As time ticked away, they remained unaware.
    With wallets depleted and spirits worn thin,
    Next year leave the shopping to Mr. Claus and his kin.

  13. Funny Santa Claus Poems
    Funny Santa Claus Poems

  14. Santa's GPS
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In Santa's sleigh, a modern plight,
    GPS guiding through the night.
    Addresses mixed, coordinates awry,
    Oh dear, Santa, you're quite sly.

    To rooftops where chimneys hide,
    Neighbors confused, nowhere to bide.
    Gifts delivered with puzzled glee,
    "Santa, you're early, can't you see?"

    In suburbia, not the North Pole,
    Santa chuckles, his merry stroll.
    Elves at headquarters scratch their heads,
    Santa's GPS leads to flower beds.

    So if you find a gift unwrapped,
    Blame it on Santa's GPS mishap.
    In unexpected places, cheer is sown,
    A Christmas surprise, worldwide known!

  15. Tackle Gift Wrapping
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the workshop of yuletide cheer,
    I tackled gift wrapping with festive fear.
    Ribbons rebelled, in knots, they conspired,
    A tangle of chaos, as if inspired.

    The tape vanished like a holiday ghost,
    I swear it hides, playing merry host.
    Boxes revolted, corners askew,
    My gifts looked like a present zoo.

    Bows became mischievous, dancing around,
    I battled with paper, it covered the ground.
    Merrily struggling, laughter in the air,
    A gift-wrapping saga, beyond compare.

    So here's to the tape, the ribbons so sly,
    A comical Christmas, I can't deny.
    Despite the chaos and the gift-wrap ballet,
    May your presents bring joy on the holiday!

  16. With Christmas Here
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    With Christmas here, we deck the halls,
    Stuff our faces, gain more rolls.
    But know what is next, my dear friends?
    A year of giggles and laughter sends!

    We'll make resolutions for a fit waistline,
    But by February, some plans will decline.
    So let's embrace the joy and cheers,
    And look forward to the coming year!

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  18. Christmas Brings Joy And Cheer, But....
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, Christmas, you bring joy and cheer,
    But also the dreaded winter season is near.
    The lights shimmer and twinkle so bright,
    Yet outside it's freezing, quite a fright!

    We deck the halls with ornaments and tinsel,
    While shivering like popsicles, oh how subtle!
    So let's embrace Santa's twinkling mirth,
    And pray he brings us a coat for some warmth!

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    Funny Winter Poems

  20. Christmas Pets
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, my mischievous cat climbed the tree so high,
    Tangling tinsel and ornaments in the sky.
    With a mischievous look, she played hide and seek,
    As I untangled her from each branch so sleek.

    Meanwhile, the dog's curiosity was ablaze,
    Sniffing gifts with a nose that often betrays.
    He rummaged through bags, his tail wagging with glee,
    Turning our cozy home into a Christmas zoo, you see!

    But amidst the chaos, we couldn't help but smile,
    These antics brought laughter for a while.

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