9 Funny Santa Claus Poems

Get ready to smile as you read our collection of Funny Santa Claus Poems! Santa Claus, that merry old fellow, never fails to bring a smile to our faces with his rosy cheeks, hearty laughter, and generous spirit.

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, cozy up by the fireplace, and let's dive into the world of jolly ol' Saint Nick with a side of laughter!

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  1. Oh Santa Claus
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh Santa Claus, you funny man,
    With your jolly laugh and master plan,
    I wonder if your plans sometimes go astray
    Do you get stuck in chimneys when trying to get away?

    With boots and a belly too large to squeeze,
    I hear you wiggling, trying to appease.
    But fear not, dear Santa, we'll set you free,
    As we love the gifts you leave under the tree.

  2. Christmas Poems
    Christmas Poems

  3. Mix Up Presents
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh Santa, Santa, how do you do it,
    Keeping the presents sorted, isn't it confusing a bit
    With countless sacks and a twinkle in your eye,
    Do you ever mix them up, my oh my?

    But each year I must say I'm always amazed,
    At how you've never once faltered or been fazed.
    Through chimneys and rooftops, with nimble hands to see,
    You deliver the right gifts to every child, perfectly.

    So please Santa, keep up this incredible feat,
    Because the joy of receiving is oh so sweet!
    But if someday by chance my gift goes awry,
    I will always think that you're a swell guy!

  4. Santa Poems
    Santa Poems

  5. Santa's Fitness Plan
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the North Pole gym, Santa's the star,
    Training for Christmas, near and far.
    Rooftop sprints at a breakneck pace,
    Dashing through snow, winning the race.

    Chimney squats, one after another,
    Leg day for Santa, like no other.
    Downward he goes, then up with might,
    Keeping in shape for that Christmas night.

    Cookies and milk, the North Pole diet,
    Santa's secret to keep quiet.
    Jingle bell jogs and toy sack lifts,
    His workout routine - a yuletide myth.

    So come Christmas Eve, don't you doubt,
    Santa's in shape, there's no need to pout.
    On rooftops he'll dance, in chimneys he'll hop,
    Fitness is key for the gift-giving crop!

  6. funny Christmas poems
    Funny Christmas Poems

  7. My Wish For Santa
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh Santa, dear Santa, my jolly old friend,
    I've got a wish for you, please lend an ear to the end.
    May your belly be full of cookies so divine,
    And may the reindeer never swerve from their line.

    But dear Santa, I beg of you one small request,
    Ensure you get enough sleep after your world-spanning quest.
    For when you bring presents all around with cheer,
    You deserve a peaceful slumber, my dear.

  8. Reindeer Detours?
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Santa, oh Santa, your reindeer amaze me,
    As they sprint through the sky so high and carefree,
    But I can't help but wonder, do they ever ask,
    If they can veer off course, for a thrilling task?

    Do they take detours when you're not aware?
    Perhaps stopping for a joyride on a hidden dare,
    For I can picture them sneaking down a slide,
    Leaving presents behind - an unexpected surprise!

    Oh, Santa, dear Santa, if this tale holds true,
    I hope their sleigh escapades bring laughter to you.
    With reindeer so mischievous and full of glee,
    It's no wonder why Christmas is pure magic to see!

  9. Funny Christmas Card Messages
    Funny Christmas Card Messages

  10. My Letter
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Santa, oh Santa, did you get my letter?
    Or did it get lost in a sea of clutter?
    I know you receive so many, from far and wide,
    I wrote with my best writing, I tried.

    How do you manage to keep track of them all?
    With sackfuls of mail, towering so tall.
    Do you have a team of elves to organize the mess?
    Or some magical system that defies all stress?

    Oh Santa, I hope you haven't forgotten my plea,
    For a pogo stick or maybe even a trampoline.
    But if by chance my letter went astray,
    I will be happy with whatever gift you say!

  11. Ho Ho Ho Says Santa
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Ho ho ho, says Santa with glee,
    A round belly and a twinkle in his eyes, I see.
    His laughter echoes through the night,
    Spreading joy with all his might.

    With his red suit and fluffy white beard,
    Children's wishes he always heard.
    Oh, Santa Claus, you jolly old man,
    Bringing gifts as fast as Rudolph can!

  12. Naughty or Nice
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, Santa dear, tell us true,
    How do you know who's naughty, who's nice too?
    Is there a magical radar or an elf spy?
    Or do you rely on Rudolph flying high in the sky?

    Do you have a team of sneaky little mice,
    Who report back with evidence precise?
    Maybe it's the milk and cookies we leave,
    That tip you off about our mischievous reprieve.

    Or perhaps your secret lies in your merry laughter,
    As you watch us all from heavenly rafters.
    No matter how you find out, don't think twice -
    We'll keep trying to be on the nice list, Santa Claus!

  13. Christmas Poems Twas The Night Before
    Christmas Poems Twas The Night Before

  14. Milk And Cookies
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Milk and cookies at every house, oh what a treat,
    Santa's tummy rumbles, there's no room left to eat.
    The joy of Christmas can be quite grand,
    Yet the expanding waistline, Santa does withstand.

    Down every chimney, more cookies to munch,
    Oh Santa, your belly's expanding a bunch!
    In one night, the pounds pile on
    Santa needs a diet plan the elves do warn.

    But worry not, dear little elves so small,
    Santa will bounce back in no time at all.
    For while milk and cookies may bring some strife,
    It's all part of the jolly old man's life.

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