8 Christmas Eve Poems

Reflect on these Christmas Eve poems. A night that brings so much excitement for children but for adults, (once the kids are in bed), it can be a time of peace and reflection.

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  1. Christmas Eve
    Poet: Carol B. Parker

    At midnight in the church a hush falls and we hear
    Only a gentle rustling, like the sound
    He heard as near His bed the golden straw
    Rustled as the cattle gathered round.

    Then through the hush the white-robed choir begins
    The song of joy, the same the angels then
    Sang o'er the plains near Bethlehem, of joy,
    Of hope, of peace on earth, good will to men.

    And then across the cold, clear air the bells
    Proclaim to all the town that Christ is born;
    Chiming as even the heavens must have chimed
    The night the stars stood still to greet the morn.

    And in the hush, and through the song, and with
    The bells my heart lifts up, and this I know . . .
    The ancient tidings of great joy are still
    As thrilling as they were so long ago.

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  3. Christmas Eve
    Poet: Nettie Steeves

    It is Christmas time at our house
    And everything is gay,
    the curtains white are hanging high,
    All dust is wiped away.

    There's boxes and there's parcels
    All tied with ribbon tight,
    It is Chrismas eve at our house,
    And St. Nick comes here tonight.

    The pantry shelves are piled high,
    With puddings, cakes and pies,
    And if st. Nick should take a peek,
    I'm sure he'll be surprised.

    The Christmas tree is trimmed and bright,
    The Christmas bells are ringing,
    And old St. Nick is on his way,
    With his toys and pack he's bringing.

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  5. Christmas Eve Song
    Poet: Esther Wood

    Announce to every feathered wing,
    The timid breast, the frightened eye,
    That goodness is abroad tonight
    And can not, will not, ever die.

    On this night even helpless things
    In field and forest need not fear,
    The star of love is lit again,
    This is the blessed time of year.

    Above the barn, the family roof,
    The drifted bank, the silvered briar,
    The star, the holy Christmas star,
    Shines with the same eternal fire.

    No small furred creature will be lost,
    For no one walks alone tonight,
    The very universe is held
    In His kind hands and in His light.

    O say and sing it with the wind,
    The branch may break, the earth may frost,
    Yet over and beneath it all
    Is beauty living and not lost

    Below the spire of pointed pine,
    Bring peace by every path you go . . .
    Leave blessings for the heart of man,
    Like lovely footprints in the snow.

  6. Christmas Eve  - for children,  a time of anticipation and excitement for adults, a time of reflection and praise for the birth of Jesus
    Santa Quotes

  7. Welcome Visitor
    Poet: Anne J. Harper

    When Christmas Eve has come at last
    It's Santa's time to fly,
    While all the world is fast asleep,
    He whirls across the sky.

    The children hang their stockings
    And they hurry off to bed,
    To lie awake and listen
    For Santa Claus o'erhead.

    But all too soon those weary eyes
    Fall shut and fast asleep,
    Their dreams are those of fancy things
    Which only children keep.

    The rooftop soon bears tiny hoofs
    As Santa lands his sleigh,
    Down the chimney he quickly goes
    Then hurries on his way.

    And on he goes from house to house
    Bringing happiness and joy,
    To all the children in the world,
    To every girl and boy.

    And as he makes his yearly flight
    He watches down below
    The merry, twinkling Christmas light
    Reflecting in the snow.

    But soon the dawn comes peeping through
    So northward he must veer,
    To start in making toys and dolls
    For Christmas Eve next year.

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  9. Christmas Eve Reflection
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A peace  transcends throughout the earth
    As the world remembers Jesus' birth.
    "Glory to God" is the praise you hear
    As Christmas day draws near.

    And as you go to sleep this night
    Remember the star that shone so bright
    And the glory that the shepherds found
    When Jesus they found, He needed no crown.

    He came into this world to save us all
    We just need to listen and answer His call.
    So this Christmas Eve look to the sky
    And give thanks to God on high.

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  11. On the Eve of His Birth
    Poet: Arlyle Losse

    Softly the stars unveil their light
    And shed a sheer transcendent glow
    Upon this calm celestial night.

    Brushing the heavens with their height,
    The fir trees stand in formal row.
    Softly the stars unveil their light.

    Roadways are ribbons, smooth and white,
    Beneath a velvet hush of snow
    Upon this calm celestial night.

    Carolers robed in red recite
    Their ageless chant in accents low.
    Softly the stars unveil their light.

    Echoing belfries send a flight
    Of silver tones that wane and grow
    Upon this calm celestial night.

    Honoring Him Whose flame shone bright.
    Against the shadows long ago,
    Softly the stars unveil their light
    Upon this calm celestial night.

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  13. Children's Christmas Eve
    Poet: John Keble

    Rejoice in God alway.
    With stars in Heaven rejoice,
    Ere dawn of Christ's own day
    Lift up each little voice.
    Look up with glad, pure eye,
    And count those lamps on high.
    Nay, who may count them? On our gaze
    They from their deeps come out in ever widening maze.

    Ye babes, to Jesus dear.
    Rejoice in Him alway.
    Ye whom He bade draw near,
    O'er whom He loved to pray.
    Wake, and lift up the head.
    Each in his quiet bed.
    Listen! His voice the night wind brings:
    He in your cradle lies. He in our carol sings.

  14. Christmas Eve
    Poet: Catherine Baker

    They had the silences, those men defending
    From thieves and beasts the helpless, trusting sheep
    The shepherds knew, when flocks were fast asleep,
    The quietness of stars through heaven’s depths wending.

    God had a secret for those watchers tending
    The folds on windy plain and hillside steep,
    (For ears that would not hear a word too deep)
    The good news of the son whom he was sending.

    O God, we hear the world’s dark death knell ringing,
    Herods would blind all eyes that seek the Child,
    Mars’ underlings scheming, greedy, defiled,
    To insane torment flesh and blood are flinging.

    Father, tonight our spirits would be winging
    To seek the silences of starlit hill
    Or plain—come as our hearts grow wisely still
    And reassure us with the angels’ singing.

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