15 Poems about Angels

Do you believe in angels? Let these poems about angels remind you of who and what they are. In the Bible, there are many references to angels. And they are with us today!

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  1. Good Angels
    Poet: Phoebe Cary

    I ask not that for me the plan
    Of good and ill be set aside,
    But that the common lot of man
    Be nobly borne, and glorified.

    And that, though it be mine to know
    How hard the stoniest pillow seems,
    Good angels still may come and go
    About the places of my dreams.

  2. Angel Watchers
    Poet: Rosa Vertner Jeffrey

    Angel faces watch my pillow, angel voices haunt my sleep,
    And upon the winds of midnight shining pinions round me sweep.
    Floating downward on the starlight two bright infant forms I see;
    They are mine, my own bright darlings, come from heaven to visit me.

    Earthly children smile upon me, but these little ones above
    Were the first to stir the fountains of a mother's deathless love,
    And as now they watch my slumber, while their soft eyes on me shine,
    God forgive a mortal yearning still to call his angels mine.

    Earthly children fondly call me, but no mortal voice can seem
    Sweet as those that whisper "Mother!" mid the glories of my dream;
    Years will pass, and earthly prattlers cease perchance to lisp my name,
    But my angel babies' accents will be evermore the same.

    And the bright band now around me from their home perchance will rove,
    In their strength no more depending on my constant care and love;
    But my first-born still shall wander from the sky in dreams to rest
    Their soft cheeks and shining tresses on an earthly mother's breast.

    Time may steal away the freshness, or some whelming grief destroy
    All the hope that erst had blossomed, in my summer-time of joy;
    Earthly children may forsake me, earthly friends perhaps betray,
    Every tie that now unites me to this life may pass away;

    But, unchanged, those angel watchers, from their blessed, immortal home,
    Pure and fair, to cheer the sadness of my darkened dreams shall come;
    And I can not feel forsaken; for, though reft of earthly love,
    Angel children call me "Mother!" and my soul will look above.

  3. The Angel Of Patience
    Poet: John Greenleaf Whittier

    To weary hearts, to mourning- homes,
    God's meekest angel gently comes:
    No power has he to banish pain
    Or give us back our lost again;
    And yet in tenderest love, our dear
    And heavenly Father sends him here.

    There's quiet in that angel's glance;
    There's rest in his still countenance.
    He mocks no grief with idle cheer,
    Nor wounds with words the mourner's ear,
    But ills and woes he may not cure
    He kindly trains us to endure.

    Angel of patience! sent to calm
    Our feverish brows with cooling palm;
    To lay the storms of hope and fear,
    And reconcile life's smile and tear;
    The throbs of wounded pride to still,
    And make our own our Father's will!

    O thou who mournest on thy way,
    With longings for the close of day,
    He walks with thee, that angel kind,
    And gently whispers, "Be resigned:
    Bear up, bear on; the end shall tell
    The dear Lord ordereth all things well."

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  5. Angels On Earth
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In Heaven's realm, where angels soar,
    Messengers sent from God's own door,
    They spread their wings with grace untold,
    Guiding hearts with love to behold.

    But here on Earth, there are souls so bright,
    Shining with kindness, like stars at night,
    They lend a hand, their hearts are pure,
    Angels among us, of this we're sure.

    With gentle words and selfless care,
    They wipe away each troubled tear,
    A beacon of hope, a guiding light,
    In darkest hours, they make things right.

    Through acts of love, they heal and mend,
    A helping hand, a truest friend,
    Their presence, a gift from up above,
    Earthly angels, embodiments of love.

    So, let's cherish those who ease our strife,
    The angels we meet in this precious life,
    For whether Heaven-sent or walking this sod,
    Angels on Earth reveal the face of God.

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  7. Softly, Softly, Little Child
    Poet: Julie Leonard

    Softly, softly, little child;
    Do not wear that angry brow;
    Do not speak that naughty word;
    Angel steps are near thee now.

    Softly, softly, little child;
    Drive thy passions far away,
    And thy angel visitants
    Close will fold their wings and stay.

    Softly, softly, little child;
    Drop the penitential tear;
    Angels catch it ere it falls
    Bear it up to heaven from here.

    Softly, softly, little child,
    Are the songs of angels blent:
    Joyous are the strains above
    O'er the child that doth repent.

  8. Hand in hand with angels, Through the world we go
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  9. Hand in Hand With Angels
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Hand in hand with angels,
    Through the world we go;
    Brighter eyes are on us
    Than we blind ones know;
    Tenderer voices cheer us
    Than we deaf will own;
    Never, walking heavenward,
    Can we walk alone.

    Hand in hand with angels,
    In the busy street,
    By the winter hearth-fires,
    Everywhere, we meet,
    Though unfledged and songless,
    Birds of Paradise;
    Heaven looks at us daily
    Out of human eyes.

    Hand in hand with angels;
    Oft in menial guise;
    By the same strait pathway
    Prince and beggar rise.
    If we drop the fingers,
    Toil-embrowned and worn,
    Then one link with heaven
    From our life is torn.

    Hand in hand with angels;
    Some are fallen, alas!
    Soiled wings trail pollution
    Over all they pass.
    Lift them into sunshine,
    Bid them seek the sky!
    Weaker is your soaring,
    When they cease to fly.

    Hand in hand with angels;
    Some are out of sight,
    Leading us, unknowing,
    Into paths of light.
    Some dear hands are loosened
    From our earthly clasp,
    Soul in soul to hold us
    With a firmer grasp.

    Hand in hand with angels,
    'Tis a twisted chain,
    Winding heavenward, earthward,
    Linking joy and pain.
    There's a mournful jarring,
    There's a clank of doubt,
    If a heart grows heavy,
    Or a hand's left out.

    Hand in hand with angels
    Walking every day;
    How the chain may lengthen,
    None of us can say.
    But we know it reaches
    From earth's lowliest one,
    To the shining seraph,
    Throned beyond the sun.

    Hand in hand with angels!
    Blessed so to be!
    Helped are all the helpers;
    Giving light, they see.
    He who aids another
    Strengthens more than one;
    Sinking earth he grapples
    To the great White Throne.

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  11. Sculptors Of Life
    Poet: Bishop Doane

    Sculptors of life are we, as we stand
    With our souls uncarved before us.
    Waiting the hour when at God's command
    Our life dream passes o'er us.

    If we carve it yet on the yielding stone.
    With many a sharp incision,
    Its heavenly vision shall be our own,
    Our lives - that angel vision.

  12. Angel of Pain
    Poet: Unknown

    Angel of Pain, I think thy face
    Will be, in all the heavenly place,
    The sweetest face that I shall see.
    The swiftest face to smile on me.

    All other angels faint and tire;
    Joy wearies, and forsakes Desire;
    Hope falters, face to face with Fate,
    And dies because it cannot wait;

    And Love cuts short each loving day,
    Because fond hearts cannot obey
    That subtlest law which measures bliss
    By what it is content to miss.

    But thou, O loving, faithful Pain,
    Hated, reproached, rejected, slain,
    Dost only closer ding and bless
    In sweeter, stronger steadfastness.

    Dear, patient angel, to thine own
    Thou comest, and art never known
    Till, late, in some lone twilight place.
    The light of thy transfigured face
    Shines sudden out, and, speechless, they
    Know they have walked with Christ all day.

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  14. Hear The Angel's Song
    Poet: Gerald Lane

    Toiler in Life's garden, and has the day been long?
    Art listening in the twilight to hear the angel's song?
    Art fearful of the shadows that hide the Shining Way?
    Nay! He will not forsake thee, who bids His angels say:
    Lullaby, lullaby, sleep and do not fear,
    Be it morn or eventide, God watcheth near.

  15. An Angel In The House
    Poet: Leigh Hunt

    How sweet it were if, without feeble fright,
    Or dying of the dreadful, beauteous sight,
    An angel came to us, and we could bear
    To see him issue from the silent air
    At evening in our room, and bend on ours
    His divine eyes, and bring us from his bowers
    News of dear friends, and children who have never
    Been dead indeed, - as we shall know forever!
    Alas ! we think not what we daily see
    About our hearths, angels that are to be.
    Or may be if they will, and we prepare
    Their souls and ours to meet in happy air,
    A child, a friend, a wife, whose soft heart sings
    In unison with ours, breeding its future wings.

  16. Blessed Is He
    Poet: Adelaide A. Procter

    Who is the angel that cometh?
    Let us not question what he brings,
    Peace or strife,
    Under the shade of his mighty wings.
    We will arise and go forth to greet him.
    Singing gladly, with one accord,
    "Blessed is he that cometh
    In the name of the Lord."

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  18. Guard and Guide
    Poet: M. P. Aird

    Flitting, flitting, ever near thee,
    Sitting, sitting by thy side,
    Like thy shadow all unweary,
    Angel beings guard and guide.
    Like an arrow through the air,
    Or the fountain-flow of light,
    Ministering angels fair
    Cleave the deep of night.
    Quick as thought's electric glow,
    Down into earth's chambers dark,
    Fire-wheels running to and fro,
    Like the eyes of God they dart;
    Watching o'er the earth's green bound,
    Searching all the cities round.

  19. Angels Not Far
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Angels in the heavenly realm
    But, also, angels here on earth
    God uses them to help others
    God uses us for our worth.

    Look at others and see
    The Angel that they are
    You see, Angels are here on earth
    They truly are not far.

    Be an angel to others
    Who are having a hard time
    Throughout our life God wants us
    To help others climb.

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  21. Messages from Angels
    Poet: Mary F. Butts

    Not only in the olden time
    A ladder stretched from earth to sky;
    A weary pilgrim at the foot,
    And angels issuing from on high.

    Forever where a yearning heart,
    Bewildered, far from love and home,
    Seeks God and will not be denied,
    With messages the angels come.

  22. Messengers Divine
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Angels, messengers divine, so fair and bright,
    Servants of heavenly realms, always in flight,
    Bringing tidings of hope and love to earth's shore,
    Guiding souls through trials, forevermore.
    In biblical tales, their grace did shine,
    Bringing God's message entwined.

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