10 Christian Christmas Poems

To a Christian, Christmas is one of the most celebrated times of the year. The birth of Jesus, God's gift to the world. We hope these poems inspire you. You may also be uplifted by these Christian poems.

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  1. Christmas Day
    Poet: Crocket McElroy

    There never had been a Christmas morn,
    Till near nineteen hundred years ago,
    When Christ our glorious Lord was born,
    And peace and good will began to grow.

    Christ taught fathers and mothers to pray,
    And how good, pure and kind they should be,
    And when some one pushed children away,
    Said, "Suffer them to come unto Me."

    We all should rejoice and be thankful
    That Christ loved little children so strong,
    And strive to be happy and cheerful,
    And never to do anything wrong.

    It pays to be good and be pleasant,
    And pleases our kind parents so well,
    We are sure to receive a nice present,
    When old Santa Claus comes with his bell.

    Now, my good friends and my teacher, too,
    I have one strong wish for which I'll pray,
    I wish for me and I wish for you,
    That Christ will come back some Christmas day.

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  3. The Magi
    Poet: L. V. F. Randolph

    They came from the East, from the source of light;
    Where ages ago the day was born;
    Whence rides the sun in his wondrous might,
    His chariot wet with the dew of morn.

    They turned from the sun to track a star.
    But never for this did their zeal grow less;
    And they hailed at last, after journeying far,
    The glorious Sun of Righteousness.

    They came from the East, the Land of Spice
    And laden with perfumes rich and rare;
    A fragrant and precious sacrifice
    Like incense of humble and holy prayer.

    They found a flower in Bethlehem's inn,
    Far sweeter than in the Orient grows;
    Unsoil'd of earth, untouched of sin,
    Was the bud of Sharon's lovely Rose.

    They came from the East; and of Kingly state
    Their peers had been in their native land;
    Yet now for them all it was meet to mate
    With the lowly carpenter's family band.

    For in that infant meek and fair
    They marked the signs of lofty birth;
    And gladly they gave Him homage there
    The rightful King of all the Earth.

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  5. Christmas
    Poet: W H. Moore

    This is the day, the eve of the birth
    Of the King of Kings, and the Lord of earth.
    Blessed be Mary, the mother of God,
    We'll sing her grand praises while on the sod.
    Thanks be to God for the prophets of old.
    Who really knew more than ever was told.
    But the grandest words and the sweetest refrain
    When He said to His people, "I'm coming again."

    Christmas in spirit, the birth of a soul
    They are born in youth as well as when old;
    But the younger that's born have longer to live.
    And the fruits of their living to others to give
    Will bring them more blessings and fit them to be
    Welcome with Jesus His grand company
    To join in the chorus, the sweetest refrain
    Just what He said. He was coming again.

    Just take His word for it shaketh the earth.
    And causes more souls in hearts to have birth.
    Be named in the list of His grand company,
    By prayers and repentance. His blood-bought fee;
    Have an ear for His music and a conscience so sweet.
    Perfectly happy, thy brother to greet.
    And most happily join in the sweetest refrain
    Just what He said, He was coming again.

  6. Christmas Blessings
    Christmas Blessings

  7. Christmas Morning
    Poet: Herbert Holmes

    Whispered the Angels just before Christ's Birth;
    "Will God be born and die like men? This Morn
    Enter Man's life and be a Babe on Earth!"
    "Hush! it hath come to pass; the Babe is born."
    And, hurrying on, this new-starred Earth they sought
    Where Love was proving greater than even the Angels thought.

  8.  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 (KJV)
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  9. I Am But A Tiny Girl
    Poet: Elizabeth Froude Campbell

    I am but a tiny girl,
    And don't quite understand
    All the pretty things I'm told
    About the spirit land.

    I know that Jesus was a child.
    And quite lowly born;
    And was laid where oxen feed,
    On a Christmas morn.

    While shepherds watched their sheep one night,
    All resting on the ground.
    An angel came from God to them.
    And glory shone around.

    He pointed to a lovely star,
    'Neath where the baby lay;
    The shepherds sought the place to find
    Before the break of day.

    They found it, and 'twas sacred ground,
    Everywhere they trod;
    Then kneeling down, they gazed upon
    The Holy Child of God.

    This child, I know, to manhood grew.
    And died for us through love;
    He rose again, and now as king
    Reigns in our home above.

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  11. A Christmas Carol
    Poet: Dora Greenwell

    If ye would hear the Angels sing
    "Peace on earth and mercy mild"
    Think of Him who was once a child,
    On Christmas Day in the morning.

    If ye would hear the Angels sing
    Christians! see ye let each door
    Stand wider than ever it stood before,
    On Christmas Day in the morning.

    Rise, and open wide the door;
    Christians, rise! the world is wide,
    And many there be that stand outside,
    Yet Christmas comes in the morning.

    If ye would hear the Angels sing,
    Rise and spread your Christmas fare;
    ’Tis merrier still the more that share,
    On Christmas Day in the morning.

    If ye would hear the Angels sing,
    Christians! think on Him who died;
    Think of your Lord, the Crucified,
    On Christmas Day in the morning.

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  13. A Christmas Chime
    Poet: Kathleen Kavanagh

    Keep time, keep time, glad Christmas chime!
    Loud, louder sing thy song sublime;
    Ne'er half enough can e'er be told
    Of that dear story, sweet and old.
    Hark, men and women - children, too
    List to the wondrous tale anew,
    How long ago, in land afar.
    The shepherds saw the shining star;
    Heard echoed strains of harp and lyre
    Attuned to thrill of angel choir.

    Keep time, keep time, wild, joyful chime!
    Bid every heart keep Christmas time
    Let there be none so worn and weary,
    Let there be none so lone and dreary,
    That thy rich music may not fill
    With happiness and fond good-will:
    With just a bit of hope and cheer,
    A firmer trust in heaven near,
    A sense of sacred, new-found rest,
    That Jesus sleeps on Mary's breast.

    Keep time, keep time, blest Christmas chime!
    Repeat thy message true, sublime.
    Unto the mighty, to the lowly.
    Unto the sinner, to the holy:
    Bid them live on in gentle peace,
    Their strife and hatred all to cease;
    And bid them come, not, as of old.
    With frankincense, myrrh, gems and gold.
    But with the nobler - love's own proffer
    Unto their God their hearts to offer.

  14. Without the birth of Jesus there would be no Christmas celebration.Dr. David Jeremiah
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  15. No Other Gift
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We give thanks on bended knee
    For the miracle of love that we see.

    We bow our heads as we pray,
    Thanking God for Jesus, this Christmas day.

    We lift our hands in worship and praise
    For Jesus died, but God did raise.

    Thanks be to God for sending His Son,
    He is the life, the way, truly the one.

    No other gift can compare,
    Glory to God we do declare.

  16. Christmas Messages
    Christmas Messages

  17. The Shepherd's Quest
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    Shepherds, why
    Do your flocks untended lie?
    Hear ye not the lambkins' bleat,
    As ye haste with flying feet?
    Hides no foe among the rocks.
    That may harm your helpless flocks?
    Shepherds, stay.
    Guard your flocks till dawns the day.

    "Nay, we go,
    Swiftest feet seem all too slow.
    Stay us not," a shepherd said,
    Backward calling as he fled,
    "Safe, unharmed, our flocks shall rest.
    For we go at God's behest,
    Nor delay;
    Word of God we must obey."

    Onward then
    Sped these simple eager men
    Hasting that dear babe to find,
    Who should love and bless mankind,
    Now a tender babe, new-born,
    Wrapped in swaddling clothes forlorn.
    Such the word
    From the angel of the Lord.

    And behold!
    Soon they found him, as foretold
    In a Bethlehem stable, where
    Shelter he with kine must share,
    Humble bed for him was made
    Of soft hay in manger laid.
    And amazed
    Filled with joy, the shepherds gazed.

    Swiftly then
    Homeward went these simple men,
    Glorifying, praising God,
    Told the wondrous news abroad,
    That the Christ child now was born,
    Making Earth's first Christmas morn
    Morn whose light
    Through the ages still is bright.

  18. Famous Christmas Poems
    Famous Christmas Poems

  19. When The Herds Were Watching
    Poet: William Canton

    When the herds were watching
    In the midnight chill,
    Came a spotless lambkin
    From the heavenly hill.

    Snow was on the mountains,
    And the wind was cold.
    When from God's own garden
    Dropped a rose of gold.

    When it was bitter winter,
    Houseless and forlorn
    In a star-lit stable
    Christ the Babe was bom.

    Welcome, heavenly lambkin;
    Welcome, golden rose;
    Alleluia, Baby,
    In the swaddling clothes!

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We hope these Christian poems about Christmas uplift and fills you with the joy and peace of the Christmas season and may His love follow you over the coming new year.

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