6 Yuletide Poems

We have all experienced a joyful yuletide! Nixon Waterman's poem, Joyful Yuletide, expresses happy thoughts of Christmas and how people are of good cheer during this wonderful season. Plus enjoy the other Yuletide poems here.

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  1. A Yule-Tide Song
    Poet: Unknown

    Now Christmas is come,
    Let us beat up the drum,
    And call all our neighbors together.
    And when they appear.
    Let us make them good cheer,
    As will keep out the wind and the weather.

  2. Christmas Wishes To A Friend
    Christmas Wishes To A Friend

  3. The Coming Of Christmas
    Poet: Lady Lindsay

    Christmas is a-drawing near,
    Christmas-tide and Christmas cheer,
    Merry wassail, merry song.
    Joyous dance and roundelay -
    All that doth to Yule belong.
    Yet unto my soul I say,
    "Thou that slumberest, wake and pray."

    Christmas is a-nearing quite,
    Time of feast and full delight.
    Pleasant pomp and allegresse,
    Harp and viol's music gay.
    Jewelled tokens, gaudy dress.
    Yet unto my soul I say,
    "Thou that slumberest, wake and pray."

    Christmas - Sheahan - Fifteen
    Christmas is a-chiming soon,
    Bringing Love for choicest boon,
    Pensioners to sit in hall,
    Comrades, friends of many a day,
    Greeting fair from great and small.
    Yet unto my soul I say,
    "Thou that slumberest, wake and pray."

  4. Christmas messages  
    Christmas Messages

  5. Celebrate
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We celebrate the yuletide season
    Always remembering Jesus is the reason.
    A time of year full of goodwill and cheer
    A time to spend with friends and family, dear.

    The world becomes a different place
    Full of mercy and full of grace.
    If we could keep those feelings all year long
    The world would be less wrong.

  6. Within the hall are song and laughter, the cheeks of Christmas glow red and jolly,
    more Christmas Quotes

  7. Within And Without
    Poet: James Russell Lowell

    Within the hall are song and laughter,
    The cheeks of Christmas glow red and jolly,
    And sprouting is every corbel and rafter
    With lightsome green of ivy and holly;
    Through the deep gulf of the chimney wide
    Wallows the Yule-log's roaring hide;
    The broad flame-pennons droop and flap
    And belly and tug as a flag in the wind;
    Like a locust shrills the imprisoned sap,
    Hunted to death in its galleries blind;
    And swift little troops of silent sparks,
    Now pausing, now scattering away as in fear,
    Go threading the soot-forest's tangled darks
    Like herds of startled deer.

    But the wind without was eager and sharp.
    Of Sir Launfal's gray hair it makes a harp,
    And rattles and wrings
    The icy strings,
    Singing, in dreary monotone,
    A Christmas carol of its own.
    Whose burden still, as he might guess.
    Was - "Shelterless, shelterless, shelterless!"
    The voice of the seneschal flared like a torch
    As he shouted the wanderer away from the porch,
    And he sat in the gateway and saw all night
    The great hall-fire, so cheery and bold,
    Through the window-slits of the castle old,
    Build out its piers of ruddy light
    Against the drift of the cold.

  8. Christmas Carol Poems
    Christmas Carol Poems

  9. Joyful Yuletide
    Poet: Nixon Waterman

    The joyful Yuletide now is here,
    The gladdest time of the year,
    When all the world is full of cheer
    And hearts grow young again;
    The merry Christmas bells are ringing,
    And happy voices all are singing,
    "Goodwill, goodwill to men."

    Though wintry winds may moan without,
    The cheerful hearthstone about,
    We greet our friends with laugh and shout
    This joyful Christmas day,
    Beneath the mistletoe and holly,
    Our songs and games are all so jolly.
    And ev'ry heart is gay.

  10. Christmas Bells Poems
    Christmas Bells Poems

  11. Welcome Yule
    Poet: Unknown

    Welcome be thou, heaven-king,
    Welcome bom in one morning,
    Welcome for whom we shall sing,
    Welcome Yule.

    Welcome be ye, Stephen and John,
    Welcome Innocents every one,
    Welcome Thomas Martyr one,
    Welcome Yule.

    Welcome be ye, good New Year,
    Welcome Twelfth Day, both in fere,
    Welcome saintes lef and dear,
    Welcome Yule.

    Welcome be ye, Candlemas,
    Welcome be ye, Queen of Bliss,
    Welcome both to more and less,
    Welcome Yule.

    Welcome be ye that are here,
    Welcome all and make good cheer;
    Welcome all, another year,
    Welcome Yule.

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