Joyful Yuletide

We have all experienced a joyful yuletide! Nixon Waterman's poem expresses happy thoughts of Christmas and how people are of good cheer during this wonderful season.

Joyful Yuletide
by Nixon Waterman

The joyful Yuletide now is here,
The gladdest time of the year,
When all the world is full of cheer
And all the year
When all the world is full of cheer
And hearts grow young again;
The merry Christmas bells are ringing,
And happy voices all are singing,
"Goodwill, goodwill to men."

Though wintry winds may moan without,
The cheerful hearthstone about,
We greet our friends with laugh and shout
This joyful Christmas day,
Beneath the mistletoe and holly,
Our songs and games are all so jolly.
And ev'ry heart is gay.

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