Journey Of Faith, 6 Short Poems

Journey Of Faith

We are all at different places in our journey of faith. We hope the poems encourage your journey of faith.

Anytime we set out on a journey we usually have a map or a GPS. While for a journey of faith use the words of the Bible as your guide. A journey of faith will be the most important journey of your lifetime!

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  1. Faith
    Poet S.E. Kiser

    Faith is not merely praying
    Upon your knees at night;
    Faith is not merely straying
    Through darkness to the light.

    Faith is not merely waiting
    For glory that may be,
    Faith is not merely hating
    The sinful ecstasy.

    Faith is the brave endeavor
    The splendid enterprise,
    The strength to serve, whatever
    Conditions may arise.

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  3. Well Done Good And Faithful Servant
    I’m nothing special, I’m what God has made;
    The talents I have are not always displayed.
    I’m not a horn-blower, I’m not one to shout,
    But I work for the Lord as I travel about.
            Be inspired by Well Done Good And Faithful Servant

  4. What Is Faith?
    Poet: Emily Hersey

    We live by faith - what is faith? but to say
    "I take Thy hand, O Lord, lead Thou the way;
    For without Thee as Guide I dare not go;
    Gladly I take the pathway Thou dost show;
    Teach me Thy will to do;
    I trust Thee, for I know that Thou are true."

    To feel whatever comes, though dark the way,
    Secure in Thee; more confident each day
    That Thou are good. - Thy hand is guiding me;
    Serene my soul can rest;
    For all that Thou dost plan for me is best.

  5. Being Compliant
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2008

    Can it ever be said of you, "You wear the cloak with joy?"
    You're the example to follow, for daily your faith you deploy.
    Pain and hardship excepted, trials and tears on your path;
    Others may find these distractions, daily increasing their wrath.

    What is the point of this suffering? Who is the one that will gain?
    Is this a means of correction? Is there a cause for my pain?
    If only I could see reason, is there a purpose, a plan?
    A benefit in this dark saga? Perhaps an assistance to man?

    I wonder, am I being faithful enough to show others God's light?
    I feel overwrought by this burden, when day seems as dark as the night.
    I can't see a light in this tunnel, I've tried but my mind is a blur,
    I'm far from being heroic, no bravery when such things occur.

    By nature I'm not a complainer, my sorrows I bury inside;
    Others too have their battles, compassion is often denied.
    I long for this to be over, be back as things were before;
    Considering this just a memory, not walking this road anymore.

    But who am I to demand it? What claim do I have to be healed?
    I center my focus on Jesus to whom all my pain is revealed.
    He promised not to forsake me, He said all my prayers will be heard;
    I trust His judgment completely; I fervently heed to His Word.

    I do not claim to be joyful; I do not fare well with pain,
    However, compared to Christ's suffering, this trial I will not distain.
    The peace I have in His presence, the knowledge that He understands,
    Allows me the freedom to follow, and walk on the road He commands.

  6. He promised not to forsake me, He said all my prayers will be heard  Greta Zwaan

  7. Equality and Ownership
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2006

    The dust on the ground lies equal at our feet;
    The air that we breathe is equally sweet.
    The early morning sun brings light to my door;
    It gives the same to each - no less and no more.

    You may not choose where the raindrops fall
    Or when the whippoorwill sends out its mating call.
    You can't control the coming days of spring,
    Nor can you tell the robin when to sing.

    You can't control the waters of the sea,
    Nor draw upon the sands where its lines will be.
    You cannot tell the length of days of man;
    The thoughts in his mind or what he might plan.

    You might think you have power and that you're in control,
    But only God is able to discern what's in man's soul.
    The might you have been given, the strength that you display,
    Is yours but for a moment, then it quickly fades away.

    All your dreams and fancies are but a breath of air,
    All your schemes and planning can bring you to despair.
    Look up and see your Maker who holds time in His hands,
    Revolve your thoughts around Him, include Him in your plans.

    In charge of every moment, of every breath you take,
    Authority and power o'er every move you make.
    You can't deny His kinship, you can't ignore His claim,
    Whatever your decision, He's faithful; He'll remain.

    He pleads for your devotion; eternal life is free!
    You only need acceptance; you only need to see.
    That Christ has made this offer, Yes! Christ is in control;
    If you choose for the Master, then He'll choose for your soul.

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  9. The Prayer Of Faith
    by Hannah More Kohaus

    God is my help in every need;
    God does my every hunger feed;
    God walks beside me, guides my way
    Through every moment of the day.

    I now am wise, I now am true,
    Patient, kind, and loving, too.
    All things I am, can do, and be,
    Through Christ, the Truth that is in me.

    God is my health, I can't be sick;
    God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
    God is my all, I know no fear,
    Since God and love and Truth are here.

More Poems About Faith to Inspire & Uplift

May your journey of faith be an exciting one. We hope the words here encourage you to continue your journey, the rewards will be amazing!

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