Well Done Good And Faithful Servant

We all pray that we will hear God's voice saying, "well done good and faithful servant". To hear these words means we have fulfilled our purpose. As Christians, we all try our best to be a faithful servant to God, and to do it well. Let the words of this poem remind you to continue with your journey of faith, so the day will come that you will hear, "well done good and faithful servant".

The verses in the poem are ones that we can all reflect on and relate to. Always remember that God uses ordinary people to do His work. We don't have anything but the talents He has given us, and we are not angels (or we do not wear halos as the poem points out) but yet God will keep His promises to us.

The verses reinforce the fact that we won't get credit here on earth for leading a life of serving but God sees what we are doing and we will stand out from the selfishness of people who are only interested in themselves. In everything, we do it for the glory of God!

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The Final Reward
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2003

I’m nothing special, I’m what God has made;
The talents I have are not always displayed.
I’m not a horn-blower, I’m not one to shout,
But I work for the Lord as I travel about.

I don’t wear a halo, yet I’m promised a crown,
Because I am faithful, I’m on holy ground.
I can’t play piano, I really can’t sing,
But I count it a privilege to be serving my King.

I’m glad to make meals for those who are ill,
Or visit the lonely, empty moments to fill.
I don’t own a mansion, I don’t have much wealth,
But God has been gracious by granting me health.

I’ve promised to serve Him as long as I live,
To share of the blessings He is willing to give.
I give myself freely, to serve and to praise;
I’ll walk in His footsteps till the end of my days.

I may not get credit from earth’s selfish crowd;
I may not hear accolades spoken out loud,
No recognition for things I have done
Until I meet Jesus, God’s only Son.

That will be glory! A wonderful day!
When I am promoted my Father will say:
"Well done, faithful servant; come sit with the Lord,
You have been faithful, you’ve earned your reward."

Yes, I’ll be patient, and do what I can
To follow instructions and abide by His plan.
Man cannot thwart what God has in store,
Nothing on earth can promise us more.
Life’s disappointments He will erase,
All will be glory when we meet face to face!

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