Autumn Time

This poem, by Douglas Malloch, gives us an expression of joy and happiness. Many people may not agree that autumn is one of beauty and vivid colors because they only see the coming of the cold winter months. For those, however, who view and experience the tranquility of those perfect autumn days filled with subdued warmth and crisp evenings, will delight in delving into the verses filled with what is so powerful to the human senses.

For those people who do not embrace or experience the exploding colors, or a quiet walk through forest decked out in the richness of their best dress, it is often because some people live in areas of the world devoid of this mighty pleasure where sunshine prevails for most of the year. It is with some sorrow that the sparkling, dazzling array of colors in autumn is not available for all peoples to see and enjoy. Some of the boundless joy of the autumn is the excitement of jumping into a freshly raked pile of leaves so often enjoyed in my youth. I always remember how much fun the neighborhood children had amidst the swirling and soft cushion that shielded our mighty landings as we innocently hurled ourselves high into the air anticipating our cushioned fall.

There is something truly special about those fall days when there is still warmth in the air but it is warmth without the tiring humidity of summer days now forgotten. It is also a time for each child to reset one's compass knowing that school days are upon us. The memories of many a fall season come back to life each year even now as the years have passed. There is still the awe and wonder, though, as those crisp fall evenings come to rest allowing most of us to sleep with open windows to enjoy the freshness of the night air as we lay our heads upon our pillows.

Like all seasons as a lot of us experience, it is not a time to mourn the passing of the previous season but, instead, it is an opportunity to enjoy what God has created for our benefit. Each season has its own delight not to be hurried through or wishing that its' passing would be over in a flash of time. Life is to be lived fully; to be embraced and celebrated and not to be detested. Enjoy what has been given to you; embrace each day as a gift and delight that you are able to make it a day to remember and not a day to despise.

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by Douglas Malloch

The time is coming when the leaves
Shall put away their garb of green
And don the strange, fantastic weaves
That color all the autumn scene.

The crimson gleam and glow of gold,
The regal tints of ancient Tyre,
The form of summer shall enfold
And set the woodland ways afire.

And where the winter's snow shall lie.
And where the wind shall whistle shrill,
The vale shall bum with autumn's dye.
And autumn's splendor light the hill.

The summer laughs at winter's breath
That comes to lure her soul to rest.
And summer hurries forth to death
In all her gayest garments dressed.

When Death shall come to me, I pray
Ye garb me in my gayest gown -
And I will meet him blithe and gay.
And I will laugh away his frown.

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