A poem describing the leaving of summer, the thoughts of winter coming but a reminder to enjoy the beauty of autumn. Douglas Malloch describes the scenes we see during the fall in this poem.

by Douglas Malloch

The time is coming when the leaves
Shall put away their garb of green
And don the strange, fantastic weaves
That color all the auttmm scene.

The crimson gleam and glow of gold,
The regal tints of ancient Tyre,
The form of summer shall enfold
And set the woodland ways afire.

And where the winter's snow shall lie.
And where the wind shall whistle shrill,
The vale shall bum with autumn's dye.
And autumn's splendor light the hill.

The summer laughs at winter's breath
That comes to lure her soul to rest.
And summer hurries forth to death
In all her gayest garments dressed.

When Death shall come to me, I pray
Ye garb me in my gayest gown -
And I will meet him blithe and gay.
And I will laugh away his frown.

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