8 Poems About Stars

Stars always amaze children and adults alike. Let these poems about stars be ones you read and share with your children. You will find the verses contain questions that children often wonder about the stars and the moon.

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  1. Three Little Stars
    Poet: Althea Randolph

    One little, two little, three little Stars,
    Tucked away snugly in bed
    Four little, five little, six little Stars,
    Shining so brightly o'erhead;
    Seven little, eight little, nine little Stars,

    Where do you stay all the day?
    Ten little, dear little, cute little Stars,
    Have you a name each, I pray?
    One little, two little, three little Stars,
    Do you have pretty sky-flowers?
    Four little, five little, six little Stars,
    Where do you hide in the showers?
    Seven little, eight little, nine little Stars,
    Have you rag-dollies to hold?
    Ten little, dear little, cute little Stars,
    Are all your gowns made of gold?

    One little, two little, three little Stars,
    What makes you all twinkle so?
    Four little, five little, six little Stars,
    Is it the way that you grow?
    Seven little, eight little, nine little Stars,
    Tucked away snug in your beds;
    Ten little, dear little, cute little Stars,
    Don't tumble down on our heads!

  2. The Free Course
    Poet: Berton Braley

    Not mine the track of a star in space
    Which must keep to its course on high,
    With never a chance for a swifter pace
    Or a romp in the vasty sky;

    Though the star be safe and the star hold true
    I would rather be wholly free
    To run amuck in the heavenly blue,
    So — the comet's course for me,

    To leap in leaps of a billion miles
    'Mid the stars of the milky way,
    And to play hop skotch through the stellar aisles
    In a boisterous mood of play!

    If I were a star I would quickly tire
    Of a path that was fixed and tame,
    And I'd whoop through space with a tail of fire
    And burst in a flare of flame!

  3. The Stars
    Poet: Althea Randolph

    I like to watch the pretty Stars
    Shining in the sky,
    They peep out only in the night;
    I wish they'd tell me why!

    If I could do just as I wish
    And have all things my way,
    I'd surely make the pretty Stars
    To shine, instead, by day!

  4. Twinkling Stars
    Poet: Althea Randolph

    Twinkling Stars, oh, tell me why
    You live ever in the sky;
    Don't you like it here below,
    Where the pretty rivers flow?

    Some day if I find a way,
    I shall climb up where you stay;
    Then perhaps I'll like it, too,
    Dwelling in the sky of blue!

  5. The Comet-Traveler
    Poet: Althea Randolph

    Dashing gaily through the sky,
    Speeds the Comet with one eye.
    Brilliant eye of golden light.
    Shining in the dark at night.

    'Twixt the Stars he wends his way,
    Trails his flaming bright array:
    "Ho!" he cries as he sweeps by,
    "Was ever Star as grand as I!"

    Though he's always on the wing,
    He, of all the Stars is King,
    And wisely rules his twinkling band,
    In his flight through Starry-Land!

  6. The Man In The Moon
    Poet: Althea Randolph

    Dear old, queer old Mister Man
    Dwelling in the Moon.
    It is such a funny house,
    Like a big balloon!

    How do you go in and out
    With no door at all?
    Does it not seem strange to live
    In a shining ball?

    Daddy says you always stay
    Up there in the sky.
    Have you, too, a little child
    Quite as small as I?

    When the stars peep out each eve
    Then I watch for you.
    So to-night, dear Mister Man,
    Look for me - please do!

  7. Shine Brightly
    Poet: Kate Summers

    The stars that shine brightly at night
    We see them twinkle oh, so bright
    Stars placed there from God above
    To show us even in the darkness His forever love.

    Let the stars above remind you
    Of a love that is so true
    When the stars wink at you
    Remember God is watching over you.

  8. Playing Bo-Peep With A Star
    Poet: Unknown

    "Who are you winking at, bright little star?
    Hanging alone, ’way up ever so far;
    Trembling and flashing aloft in the blue -
    Answer my question, and answer me true!"

    She stood by the window, all ready for bed,
    Yet lingered to hear what the little star said;
    But naught would it do but wink its bright eye,
    Alone by itself in the depths of the sky.

    "I fear you are dumb," said the wee little sprite,
    "Or else you would answer my question to-night.
    We whisper and talk to each other down here;
    I think you could speak, if you chose to, my dear."

    What do you think the little star did?
    It wilfully slipped out of sight and was hid
    By a snip of a cloud that floated close by,
    And never vouchsafed her a wink or reply.

    But after a while, when she woke in the night,
    The first thing she saw was that little star’s light;
    It twinkled and twinkled, and roused her from sleep,
    "Aha!" laughed the child, "we can both play bo-peep!"

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