The Bright And Morning Star

Nighttime is full of darkness, yet when the dawn comes the light appears. J. J. Thorne uses the analogy of the night and morning star to point out that following Jesus is like coming out of the darkness and into the light. Jesus is the truth and the way.

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The Bright And Morning Star
Poet: J.J. Thorne

Man in nature things he knows,
And from truth he is so far;
For Christ was just what he said,
The bright and morning star.

We pursue our way in sin and nature,
Nothing proves it but revelation;
And the morning star to search our hearts,
With truth and manifestation.

The heart is in nature's darkness,
The eye as blind as blind can be;
'Tis the bright and morning star,
That opens the heart and eyes to see.

The spirit is beyond nature.
Just as the day above the night;
But never known 'till the morning star.
Rises and gives her light.

Things of nature were made by nature,
All things of nature in the dark;
Yet unknown till the morning star,
Drops her spiritual spark.

She rises near the dawn of day.
In darkness she gives her light;
There she shows the spirit as day.
And nature as the night.

The sun rises and lights the world,
A spiritual token plain and bright;
Yet nature perceives it not;
'Till the morning star gives her light.

God in spirit as the day.
Man in nature as the night;
The morning star rises in darkness.
And reveals the spiritual light.

The world in nature and in darkness,
And from truth it was so far,
This is what Jesus meant,
When he said he was the morning star.

The morning star rises up.
Just before the dawn of day,
Spreads its beams in life's darkness,
And reveals the truth and way.

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