Star Of Hope

When misfortunes come our way, we are to press on and have hope. Lillian Curtis's poem expresses these thoughts that trials and troubles find us all but we must look forward with the hope of brighter days to come.

Star Of Hope
Poet: Lillian E Curtis

We look o'er the dark clouds that hover around,
To greet a ray of light visible afar,
And tho' trials and troubles are dense and profound,
We would look for Hope's radiant star.

Dark days we know must come unto all,
But we ne'er should give up to despair,
While we can look o'er the fierce waterfall,
To a star that's so bright and so fair.

The tempest of life is a fierce, howling blast,
Yet sweet, hidden joys it may bar,
The sweeping tide fair gems may o'ercast,
Bro't to light by Hope's radiant star.

Let's not frown on what misfortunes have severed,
Not their fair inherent beauties mar,
By omitting the value there is to be gathered,
By looking at Hope's wondrous star.

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