6 Poems about The Sky

Be inspired by these short poems about the sky. Much has been written about the sky. People have looked up and wondered what is beyond for years. We hope these poems give you thoughts to reflect upon.

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  1. God's Painting
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Just look to the sky and see
    Beautiful paintings, yours for free.
    God gave us the eyes to see
    His wonder and ability.

    The sky can make us stare in awe
    The color appears, the beauty we saw
    Imagine how more beautiful heaven will be
    Will we see a sky and its beauty?

    In heaven, there may not even be a sky
    But for sure beauty will be multiplied.
    Don't miss the message of the sky
    God's paintbrush He does apply.

  2. The Bending Sky
    Poet: Unknown

    As, 'mid the giant peaks that round me rise,
    One stands supreme to draw the gazer's eyes,
    With naked brow serenely towering high
    To rest his shoulders 'gainst the bending sky;
    Friend of the clouds, unmoved in stress of storm,
    Whose beauty, time nor tempest can deform,
    The earliest signal of the day begun,
    The last to hold the beams of setting sun.

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  4. In The Hammock
    Poet: Benj. F. Leggett

    In the mottled shade of the maple trees,
    Where robin builds and sings,
    And the cool leaves shake in the idle breeze
    The children's hammock swings:
    Breathe softly, O song of the summer air,
    Bend tenderly down, O sky.

    Nor suffer a cloud to darken where
    Three wee, brown maidens lie!
    Aloft where the dusk of the twilight dwells,
    The red-breast's hammock swings,
    Where the delicate tint of sea-green shells
    Has given place to wings.

    Come, dreamy and sweet to their noonday rest
    The softest airs that blow, —
    To the birds asleep in the robin's nest,
    And brownies asleep below!

  5. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1
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  6. Fairest Days
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    The sun is flooding all the land and sky,
    The waves are dancing o’er the deep blue sea;
    The world is gay and yet, they say, not I -
    Since absence makes a gulf ’tween you and me.

    When you were here the clouds were in the sky,
    The rain-drops fell, the sun was hid from view;
    The world was dull and yet, they say, not I -
    For my gay world is centred, love, in you.

    When you are near no matter what the sky,
    No matter what the sea nor what the weather;
    The world is gay and so, my love, am I -
    The days are fairest when we are together.

  7. Earth And Heaven
    Poet: Celia Thaxter

    I wish I could tell what you say, O rose,
    I wish I could tell what you say,
    For I know there's a secret that's hid in your heart,
    A thought that might cheer my long day.

    We sail toward evening's lonely star
    That trembles in the tender blue;
    One single cloud, a dusky bar,
    Burnt with dull carmine through and through.
    Slow smouldering in the summer sky,
    Lies low along the fading west,
    How sweet to watch its splendors die,
    Wave-cradled thus and wind-caressed!

    How like a dream are earth and heaven,
    Star-beam and darkness, sky and sea;
    Thy face, pale in the shadowy even,
    Thy quiet eyes that gaze on me!
    Oh, realize the moment's charm,
    Thou dearest! we are at life's best,
    Folded in God's encircling arm.
    Wave-cradled thus and wind-caressed.

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  9. The Wonder of The Sky
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Man has always looked up to the sky
    And wondered is this where I go when I die.
    What is beyond the blue sky overhead
    Will I see it when I'm dead?

    The sky above seems so vast
    Even when it is overcast
    The clouds float on by
    Oh, the wonder of the sky!

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We hope you have enjoyed these poems about the sky. Look to the sky in awe at a beautiful sunset, and sometimes the sky can appear fearful in the middle of the storm. The clouds of the sky can let us imagine and the blue of the sky is brilliant.

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