This poem by Patience Strong reminds us that no matter what we are facing, sleep can help make things look better. Each day is a new day given to us by God to begin again.

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Poet:  Patience Strong

Sleep is a soft and gentle hand that charms away all strife -
And draws us with a magic touch from out the grasp of Life -
It throws into our tired eyes the golden dust of dreams -
And we forget our failures and our little futile schemes...

If you've a grievance in your heart, don't rail and storm and weep -
Just put a finger on the lips and then lie down and sleep -
And in the morning when you wake, you'll take a different view -
For God gives you another day in which to start anew.

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Try Again
Poet: Patience Strong

You can't recapture yesterday.
You can’t put back the clock that way
And what was said you can’t unsay
But you can try again.

The future beckons. Start anew,
To make another dream come true
Every day life offers you
A chance to try again.

The Fruits of Time
Poet: Patience Strong

Though many be the roads
You travel and loads you bear
Make a little time for dreaming,
Resting here and there.

Looking round at what you’ve done
The fruits of time well spent
Gathering in peace
Your little harvest of content.

Remember What Went Right
Poet: Patience Strong

You have had your troubles
but you’ve had the good days too.
Much you lost, but many mercies
have been granted you.

Problems there are bound to be.
Life can’t be all delight.
When you think of what went wrong,
Remember what went right.

Think Happiness
Poet: Patience Strong

Think health, think hope, think happiness -
And in a wondrous way
Things will work out for your good,
Though dreary be the day

You will see a shaft of sunlight
Breaking through the cloud
As you walk with shoulders squared,
Heart light and head unbowed.

Take Heart
Poet: Patience Strong

Take heart.
Take comfort too,
Let time be kind to you.
Think thoughts that heal and bless,
With quiet happiness.

Poet: Patience Strong

The year is threaded with remembered days
Strung like beads upon a rosary.
Forget them not, but count them and give praise.
They are Time’s most precious legacy.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings
The dates that keep the past alive -
To these the memory clings.
They linger though
Times hurries on.

They live on in the mind.
Tell your beads.
Give thanks for
What the good years
Leave behind.

Harvesting your Dreams
Poet: Patience Strong

Time grant to you the harvesting of dreams
And may your path be lit with golden gleams
So that you walk down bright and pleasant ways.
Light be your heart and sunny be your days.

Poet: Patience Strong

Of all the hours of the day
Perhaps the best of all
Is when the day is over and the twilight shadows fall.

For then I switch the lamplight on
And things take on an air
Of unfamiliar beauty,
Half-afraid, I sit and stare.

For even ordinary things
Look lovely to the sight
Like living things that dream beneath
That soft and golden light

The table with its bowl of crimson leaves
The leather book
Take on an air of mystery,
A secret, dream-like look.

The cups upon the shelf,
The copper jug, the chairs as well
I feel I dare not move,
Or I should break the magic spell.

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