Autumn Woods

An inspiring poem about the woods in autumn. Reading the verses written by Nixon Waterman we can relate to the feeling that autumn brings as we walk through a forest.

Autumn Woods
by Nixon Waterman

When skies are bright and fields are brown
And autumn leaves come drifting down
A girl or boy can find true joy
In an ev'ry woodland way.

Then all the sturdy forest trees
Bestowing their gifts with ev'ry breeze
In nutting time the world's in rhyme
And life's a golden day.

In bright October's sparkling air
The russet land is strangely fair,
And ev'ry way our feet may stray
We follow pleasure's call.

We love the spring with smiling face,
We love the summers mellow grace,
But autumn's store of fun galore
Still seems the best of all.

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