A Little Boy's Troubles

A cute poem to read to kids to encourage them and inspire them by reminding them everything takes time. The verses reinforce that they should not get discouraged when they are faced with difficulties in school.

Poems For Kids / A Little Boy's Troubles

A Little Boy's Troubles
Poet: Carlotta Perry

I thought when I'd learned my letters,
That all of my troubles were done;
But I find myself much mistaken β€”
They only have just begun.
Learning to read was awful,
 But nothing like learning to write;
I'd be sorry to have you tell it,
But my copy-book is a sight!

The ink gets over my fingers;
The pen cuts all sorts of shines,
And won't do at all as I bid it;
The letters won't stay on the line,
But go up and down and all over
As though they were dancing a jig;
They are there in all shapes and sizes,
Medium, little and big.

The tails of the g's are so contrary,
The handles get on the wrong side
Of the d's and the k's and the h's,
Though I've certainly tried and tried
To make them just right; it is dreadful,
I really don't know what to do;
I'm getting almost distracted β€”
My teacher says she is, too.

There'd be some comfort in learning
If one could get through; instead
Of that, there are books awaiting,
Quite enough to craze my head;
There's the multiplication table,
And grammar, andβ€” oh, dear me!
There's no good place for stopping,
When one has begun, I see.

My teacher says, little by little
To the mountain-tops we climb,
It isn't all done in a minute,
But only a step at a time;
She says that all the scholars,
All the wise and learned men,
Had each to begin as I do;
If that's so β€” there's my pen?

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