Funny Halloween Poems

Let these funny Halloween poems bring a smile to your face. Halloween is a time for children to play pranks and have fun dressing up, they are all smiles as they count down the days. We hope these poems bring a smile to your face.

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  1. Halloween Is All About Fun
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Haunted houses, a spooky abode,
    With ghosts inside, on a laughter mode.
    They'll pop out when you least expect,
    And tell you jokes that are quite correct!

    The mummy unwraps with glee,
    Says, "Do you find me a bit bony?"
    Frankenstein tries to dance the twist,
    With bolts in his neck, it's quite a twist!

    So let's embrace this eerie night,
    With funny frights that feel just right.
    Ghosts with humor, a rare sight to see,
    Halloween's all about fun, do you agree?

  2. Kids In Costumes
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Kids in costumes, oh, what a sight,
    On Halloween, they're filled with delight.
    They roam the streets, their bags so neat,
    Ready for candy, it's quite the feat!

    Goblins, witches, and superheroes too,
    All on a quest, with one thing to pursue.
    They ring doorbells and shout "Trick or treat!"
    Hoping for sweets, what a tasty feat!

    Some houses are spooky, with eerie sounds,
    But the candy inside makes them turn around.
    They'll brave the darkness, the ghouls, and the night,
    For a bag full of goodies, it's quite a sight!

    So on this spooky eve, under the moon's gleam,
    Kids and candy, it's like a dream.
    They laugh and they munch, with joy so complete,
    Trick or treating, it can't be beat!

  3. October's Here
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    October's here, kids shout, "Hooray!"
    Costumes and candy, they can't delay.
    But the grown-ups sigh and start to sway,
    Seeing winter creeping, not a bright array.

    Kids dream of treats and pumpkin pies,
    While adults foresee snowflakes in the skies.
    October's charm does arise.
    The frosty chill and winter's surprise.

    So as kids count days till Halloween's play,
    Adults think of shoveling snow, oh, the dismay!
    October's fun and games, kids lead the way,
    While grown-ups see winter, in shades of gray.

  4. So as kids count days till Halloween's play, Adults think of shoveling snow, oh, the dismay!

  5. Pumpkins Everywhere
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Pumpkins pop up everywhere, you see,
    All are carved with faces, each quite unique,
    Some with candles, a spooky spree,
    And some without, like a pumpkin sneak.

    They grin on porches, and in windows, too,
    With crooked smiles, a ghostly crew.
    Some scary, some funny, some simply boo,
    Pumpkins everywhere, that's the Halloween view!

    But when the night of tricks and treats is done,
    And Halloween's fun has had its run,
    Those pumpkins vanish, every single one,
    Leaving no trace, but we had much fun.

  6. Halloween Poems

    Short Funny Poems About Halloween

  7. Ghosts and goblins in the night so dark,
    Chasing candy in the neighborhood park.
    With costumes wild, we laugh and boo,
    Happy Halloween to you, and to you too!

  8. Witches brew and cauldrons bubble,
    Costumes causing quite a bit of trouble.
    As we gather sweets and spooky stew,
    Happy Halloween to you, yes, and you too!

  9. Pumpkins grinning, faces all aglow, In the eerie night, they steal the show. In this spooky fun, our wishes come true, Happy Halloween to you!

  10. Costumes are wild, some quite absurd,
    From spooky to funny, it's the best I've heard.
    So, don your outfit, put on a good show,
    Trick-or-treat, and let the laughter flow!

  11. In the haunted house, things go bump,
    Ghosts and ghouls in every nook and crump.
    But remember, it's all in good cheer,
    Happy Halloween, my friend, have no fear!

  12. Pumpkins grin with toothy glee,
    As trick-or-treaters roam the streets freely.
    Grab your costume and join the fun,
    Halloween's here; let the spookiness run!

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