42 Spring Quotes

Be inspired to look forward to the season of spring with these quotes. Spring is the time of year when everything comes back to life - the leaves on the tree, the green of the grass, the flowers start to bloom, the air is warmer! A wonderful season of revival. Just saying the words, "Happy Spring", makes us feel alive and refreshed. And we all know with spring comes the promise of the next season of summer! We hope these quotes remind you of the beauty of spring.

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  1. How gladly we hail the return of the spring, fair prospects, gay sunshine, her presence doth bring Mary Snell, A Welcome To Spring
    Sunshine Poems

  2. The Spring has come, the blessed Spring, and all around is birth! Caleb Davis Bradlee, Spring
    Poems Of Encouragement

  3. Sunbeams dancing in the places where the winter's frost has been; tells me, happy, joyous Springtime, Mary C.Plummer, Spring's Promise
    Poems About The Seasons

  4. There's not a plant that decks the spring, a blossom, or a rose, a blade of grass, an insect's wing, but heavenly wisdom shows. Daniel C. Colesworthy, The Hand Divine
    Christian Poems

  5. Little bells of silver, tinkling on the pane. Sweetly sing the blessings of the April rain. Cobb, The April Rain
    Poems About Rain

  6. Ready to smile with the flowers of Spring, or sing with the birds of air; in Nature's praise aye willing to sing, finds happiness ev'rywhere. John Imrie, The Happy Heart
    Poems About Happiness

  7. Like a rosebud opening in spring thy name is soft and sweet  Eloise A. Skimings, Love & Friendship
    Famous Friendship Poems

  8. Let the notes of gladness ring clear as song of bird in Spring. Let every day bring some music Charles R. Skinner, Do It Now
    Motivational Poems

  9. St. Patrick brings a promise, of springtime just ahead! Unknown, St. Patrick Brings A Promise
    St. Patricks Day Poems

  10. Winter brings the cold of February....spring is the season that comes next - focus on that, it puts it all in context. Catherine Pulsifer, Winter Is Back Again
    Winter Poems

  11. March the hope of spring arrives - we are always glad to see winter die. Catherine Pulsifer, Months Of The Year
    Month Poems

  12. The night is mother of the day, the winter of the spring Mary H. Houghton, His Hope With All
    Poems About Hope

  13. Throughout the different seasons of the year the leaves add a feeling of anticipation ....in the spring as they begin to appear again they give us hope and a feeling of renewal Catherine Pulsifer
    Poems About Leaves

  14. The grey old house will waken from its drowsy slumbering, to find the rooms ablaze with flowers, as if it were the Spring! . . .
    Patience Strong, Bulbs

  15. Ah, that's the reason a bird can sing - on his darkest day he believes in Spring.
  16. Ah, that's the reason a bird can sing - on his darkest day he believes in Spring. Douglas Malloch
    You Have To Believe

  17. Gladly then we hear thee sing the joyful reveille of spring: Robin's come. William W. Caldwell, Robin's Come
    Poems About Birds

  18. In the spring of the year, when Easter is here, sing, Christ the Lord is risen! E. D. C. Bells Ringing
    Easter Bells

  19. The fallen leaves, in uncounted number, are warmly quilting the wildflowers' slumber; there are buds on the bough...a springtime presage… Laura Lee Randall, Autumn Oracle
    Autumn Poems

  20. Like a peal of broken bells, — kling, klang, kling,— far and high the wild geese cry, "Spring! It is Spring!" Celia Thaxter, Wild Geese
    Animal Poems For Kids

  21. Returning home the following spring, beautiful butterflies on the wing! Unknown, Go Fluttering By
    Butterfly Poems

  22. May spring flowers bright always mark your way and blue skies shelter a journey safe and long
    Irish Wedding Blessing

  23. The breath that Spring around her sheds and now the tulips break in bloom! Henry VanDyke, Flood-Tide Of Flowers
    Easter Poems

  24. Soon as the joyous spring has come, and chilling storms are o'er, the little birds, how sweet they sing! Daniel C. Colesworthy, Don't Kill The Birds
    Don't Kill The Birds

  25. I’m the first bright blossom you’ll see in the spring, the first warm raindrop that April will bring. Unknown, I'm Still Here
    Funeral Poems

  26. No headstrong wine - since, when I drink, the spring into my eager ears will softly sing. William Henry Davies, A Plain Life
    Living A Simple Life

  27. Through all the pleasant days of spring we begged to know once more - the joy of barefoot wandering and quit the shoes we wore Edgar A. Guest, The Day of Days
    Holiday Poems

  28. Spring is the morning of the year, and summer is the noontide bright Frank Dempster Sherman, Goldenrod
    Winter Poems for Kids

  29. If I will only wait the days of spring will soon return, and bring me back the rose. Edgar A. Guest, One-Sided Faith
    My Garden

  30. I love thee as I love the first young violet of the spring Eliza Acton, I Love Thee
    I Love You Poems

  31. Adults are reminded warmer weather is here when they see a ladybug for the first time in the spring. Catherine Pulsifer
    Ladybug Poem

  32. Chime. merrily chime, the spring time has come with Hope's leaves and flowers to enwreath their home. Eloise A. Skimings, The Wedding Day
    Wedding Poems

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  34. The winter brings long, pleasant evenings, the spring brings a promise of flowers Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Our Blessings
    Gods Blessings

  35. Come, Spring, and with the breeze that calls the wind-flower by the hill-side rill Charles Fenno Hoffman, Valentine's Day
    Valentines Day Poems

  36. We thank Thee for the winter bold, for gay spring with her wealth untold....we thank Thee, Lord, for all. Janie Mohanna, We Thank Thee, Lord
    Thanksgiving Prayers

  37. Love is with a tender heart. as the spring showers of May J.J. Thorne, Love Is
    Love Is

  38. As comes in spring the murmur of the dove, as song of lark that cleaves the summer sky J. B. Selkirk, Love's Rejoinder
    True Love Poems

  39. O youth! O spring! O happy days, ye are so passing sweet, and tender, and while the fleeting season stays, I revel care-free, in its splendour. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Joy
    Poems About Joy

  40. I'd rather sport in life's fair spring, chasing the butterfly, than win and love some beauteous thing only to see it die.
    Mary C. Ryan, Oh! Give Me Back

  41. The perfume of sweet flowers again bright spring-times breezes swell; we'll think of thee with reverent thought C. C. Hassler, Our Comrades Gone, But Not Forgotten
    Veterans Poem

  42. Trees loaded with blossoms in the spring. Precious fruit in fall they bring.
    Lillian E. Curtis, A Year

  43. You can't control the coming days of spring, nor can you tell the robin when to sing. Greta Zwaan, Equality and Ownership
    Journey Of Faith

  44. In spring we've plucked the daffodil and buttercup on every hill Unknown, Farewell
    Goodbye Poems

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