Love Is

Love is so many things as you will see in this poem by J.J. Thorne. What is often left unsaid is what love is not. When you use this opposite description, the failure to offer or portray love is deafening. For example, love is not making fun of someone else's lack of ability to do what you are able to do. You, for example, may be able to play hockey without any seeming effort whereas a family member or friend has to work harder and harder just to be able to master the simplest of skills. So, what does this lack of love mean to you, and what does it mean to another person?

It means that within you lies a disdain for anyone other than yourself; it means that you are selfish in the extreme extending this selfishness by ridiculing others in your quest to elevate your own prowess. To the other person, it means that ridicule or making fun of their inability to match your skills undermine their self-esteem. It forces them to compare themselves to you when in fact every person has the right to be what they can be without comparison. After all, God created every person as unique. Some have certain natural, God-given talents while others have other God-given abilities.

To fail to offer love to others shows itself when you have an opportunity to help someone in need and ignore their plight. It means that everything you do is for one purpose only and that is to satisfy your own desires, needs, or wants. This kind of selfish attitude rears its ugly head no matter where you are, what your job or regardless of the hurt and pain that it causes to someone else or to the many.

So, what is the consequence of failing to show love to others? In the final analysis, a life devoid of love is a life filled with unhappiness. Life is not about satisfying one's quest for selfishness but is a constant road filled with deposits of love filling the potholes of life. As J.J. Thorne so aptly writes:
"Love is the key of happiness,
It was given from above;
The world would wag in the heathenism,
Were it not for love."

Each person regardless of their social status, residence, or country of birth has a daily choice: you can live selfishly with no return on your investment, or you can love selflessly with your treasures stored in heaven - it is up to you to choose.

We hope this famous poem by J. J. Thorne is one that reminds you of what love is. Feel free to share it with others to give them positive thoughts on love.

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Love Is
Poet: J.J. Thorne

A life without the bonds of love.
Its pleasure would be none;
'Tis that warm and tender spirit,
That joins two hearts as one.

True love is like the little lambs,
Playing in the shepherd's fold;
So strong a tie and tender feeling,
That all is never told.

Love is an inward blessing,
That makes a tender heart;
It makes our union sweet and dear,
And grieves us when we part.

Love is the key of happiness,
It was given from above;
The world would wag in the heathenism,
Were it not for love.

Love is a rose of joy,
It blooms without strife;
It beautifies a home of honor;
It makes a gentle life.

Love is kind, warm and tender,
Above slander and scorn;
It refreshes our hearts with sympathy,
As the dew drops of the morn.

Love unites us friends together,
Our union sweet and dear ;
It joins our hope and hearts together,
It drives away the tear.

Love is a key to our heart.
It makes our lives complete;
It joins our hearts in fraternal love,
Arid happy when we meet.

Love is the fruit of trouble and pleasure,
It makes a tender heart;
It makes us happy and sad together.
It grieves us when we part.

Love is a link that joins us together,
It buries us when we die;
It unites our hearts and hands together,
'Til side beside we lie.

Love is the greatest of nature's blessings,
Complete without a blunder;
'Tis a holy divine cause,
Man cannot put asunder.

Love is a stream that gently flows.
It refreshes day by day,
Its waters replenishes, strengthens and grows,
A care and devotion that never decay.

Love is with a tender heart.
As the spring showers of May;
It forgives others of their wrongs.
And washes them away.

Love makes a life of sympathy,
A warm and tender breast;
A quiet and friendly neighborhood,
A happy home of rest.

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