Easter poems declaring that Christ is risen! Short poems but full of praise and worship reminding us Christ died for us but on that first Easter morn the tomb was empty. We sing anthems of praise on this wondrous day, declaring Christ has conquered death. Poems of hope, thanksgiving and praise for the miracle of what happened that Easter morning.

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Poet: Hezekiah Butterworth

Risen, Christ is risen!
Hear the angel say;
Never word so glorious,
Burst upon the day!

Risen, Christ is risen!
Hear the church repeat,
As her bannered armies
Follow Jesus' feet.

Risen, Christ is risen!
Hail the morning bright,
Children of the promise,
Children of the light.

Let our anthems say;
For our sake the Saviour
Rose this wondrous day.
Ours the hopes eternal

Of his empty tomb;
Ours regained the Eden
Of immortal bloom.
Tenants for a moment

Of abodes of clay,
Heirs of habitations
That shall ne'er decay,
In his resurrection

Life is but a breath,
We his feel shall follow
Through the gates of death.
Shines the wondrous morning

Hail him, — Jesus! Jesus!
Conqueror of death!

Easter is a time where we are reminded that conclusions in man's mind are beginnings in God's plan. Craig D. Lounsbrough, Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone

Easter Poem
Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

Christ has risen, earth rejoice,
Utter forth a glorious voice
To God, the King!
And we shall rise, the truth is grand,
spread it wide throughout the land,
And praises sing!

Christ has risen, and death no more
Can bind us to the earthly shore,
And chain the soul!
But time will yield itself a slave,
And an eternal mercy crave,
And lose control!

Christ has risen, and so shall all
Who at his feet, repentant, fall,
Arise to peace!
And in that world of light above,
Where God and Christ will reign in love,
All care shall cease!

Christ has risen, and death has fled,
And God a mighty grace will shed
On all who pray!
Awake, each soul, and seek the light,
And bless the Lord for thoughts so bright,
This Easter day!

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