Easter Bells

The ringing of Easter bells is one that causes people to stop, remember, and rejoice. Let these poems be ones that give you reasons to rejoice when you hear the bells on Easter Day. Poems to remind us of the celebration that Easter brings on earth, just imagine the celebration in heaven!

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  1. Easter Bells
    Poet: Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster

    Chime, solemn bells of Easter!
    The shadows flee away,
    And all the earth is smiling
    In the glory of the day.

    Ring, tender bells of Easter!
    Beyond our toil and tears.
    There wait for all the faithful
    Heaven’s long and happy years.

    Break, joyous bells of Easter!
    From far across the sea
    Bring us the endless music
    Of immortality.

    Triumphant bells of Easter!
    Again by angels rung,
    Speak comfort to the sorrowing
    Of every land and tongue.

    Blend, golden bells of Easter!
    Heaven's fairest and its best,
    To hush earth's clamorous discords
    And soothe earth’s sad unrest.

  2. Eastertide Poem
    Eastertide Poem

  3. Church Bells Ring
    Poet: Unknown

    Let the merry church-bells ring:
    Hence with tears and sighing:
    Frost and cold have fled from spring;
    Life hath conquered dying;
    Flowers are smiling, fields are gay,
    Sunny is the weather:
    With our risen Lord to-day
    All things rise together.

    Let the birds sing out again
    From their leafy chapel,
    Praising Him with whom in vain
    Sin hath sought to grapple.
    Sounds of joy come loud and clear
    As the breezes flutter:
    "He arose, and is not here,"
    Is the strain they utter.

    Let the past of grief be past:
    This our comfort giveth, -
    He was slain on Friday last,
    But to-day He liveth:
    Mourning hearts must needs be gay
    Out of sorrow's prison,
    Since the very grave can say,
    "Christ - He hath arisen!"

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  5. Amazing Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Easter bells so sweetly ring,
    Christ has risen with grace and glory!
    Hallelujah! Rejoice for this season of joy,
    Tell your children the Easter story.

    In our hearts let us sing praises to Him,
    Amazing love that set us free!
    His glorious sacrifice is more than we deserve,
    Let us be humbled and thankful be!

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    He Is Risen Poems

  7. Easter Bells Are Ringing
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    When the Easter bells are ringing,
    And the early birds are singing,
    Who can think of care?
    When the budding flowers are springing.
    And their fragrances are flinging
    On the silky air.
    Open your heart and sing away!
    All your worries fling away!
    Let the glad chimes ring away
    Sorrow and despair!

  8. Easter Carol
    Easter Carol

  9. Bells Ringing
    Poet: E. D. C.

    Sweetly are the birds singing
    At Easter dawn;
    Sweetly are the bells ringing
    On Easter morn;
    And the words that they say
    On Easter Day
    Are, Christ the Lord is risen!

    Birds, forget not your singing
    At Easter dawn;
    Bells, may ye always be ringing
    On Easter morn.
    In the spring of the year,
    When Easter is here,
    Sing, Christ the Lord is risen!

    Easter buds were growing
    Ages ago;
    Easter lilies were blowing
    By the water's flow.
    All nature was glad,
    Not a creature was sad,
    For, Christ the Lord is risen!

    Buds, ye will soon be flowers,
    Cherry and white;
    Snow-storms are changing to showers,
    Darkness to light.
    With the wakening of spring,
    Oh, sweetly sing,
    Lo, Christ the Lord is risen

  10. Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to heaven, and voices, raise; Sing to God a hymn of gladness, Sing to God a hymn of praise.
    Easter Quotes

  11. Sing To God
    Poet: Unknown

    Alleluia! Alleluia!
    Hearts to heaven, and voices, raise;
    Sing to God a hymn of gladness,
    Sing to God a hymn of praise.
    He who, on the cross a victim,
    For the world's salvation bled,
    Jesus Christ the King of glory,
    Now is risen from the dead.

    Now the iron bars are broken:
    Christ from death to life is born,
    Glorious life and life immortal,
    On this holy Easter morn.
    Christ has triumphed, and we conquer
    By His mighty enterprise;
    We, with Christ to life eternal,
    By His resurrection rise.

    Christ is risen, Christ, the first-fruits
    Of the holy harvest field,
    Which will all its full abundance
    At His second coining yield:
    Then the golden ears of harvest
    Will their heads before Him wave,
    Ripened by His glorious sunshine,
    From the furrows of the grave.

    Christ is risen, we are risen:
    Shed upon us heavenly grace,
    Rain and dew, and gleams of glory,
    From the brightness of Thy face;
    That we, Lord, with hearts in heaven,
    Here on earth may fruitful be,
    And by angel hands be gathered,
    And be ever safe with Thee.

    Alleluia! Alleluia!
    Glory be to God on high,
    To the Father, and the Saviour,
    Who has gained the victory.
    Glory to the Holy Spirit,
    Fount of love and sanctity.
    Alleluia! Alleluia!
    To the Triune Majesty!

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    Poems About Jesus Resurrection

  13. Holy Places
    Poet: Hebert D. Gallaudet

    Wherever souls of men have worshiped, there
    Is God: where old cathedrals climb the sky,
    Or shining hillsides lift their heads on high,
    Or silent woodland spaces challenge prayer,
    Or inner chambers shut the heart from care;
    Where broken temples of old faiths now lie
    Forgotten in the sun, or swallows cry
    At dusk about some crossroads chapel, bare
    Alike of bells and beauty; where saints walked
    Of old with speaking presences unseen,
    Or dreaming boys with quiet voices talked
    In pairs last night on some still college green;
    Where Moses' Sinai flamed, or Jesus trod
    The upward way apart: there, here, is God!

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  15. Palm Sunday
    Poet: John J. Moment

    Thy glory dawns, Jerusalem, awake, thy bells to ring!
    Swift fashion thee a crown of gold,
    And bring forth David's throne of old;
    Jerusalem, make ready, make ready for the King!
    From tower and roof thy banners fling,
    For down the slopes of Olivet comes riding on, the King!

    A thorn-bush grows without the wall;
    Of this his crown shall woven be.
    For royal wine prepare we gall,
    For throne a cross on Calvary.

    Thy Saviour comes, Jerusalem, make haste, thine altar bring!
    His body for an offering take,
    The heart of all the world to break,
    And on the cross uplifted our God shall own him King!
    Ye lands afar, his triumph sing,
    For with the love of all mankind our God shall crown him King!

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  17. Ye Happy Bells of Easter Day
    Adapted by R. R. Chope

    Ye happy bells of Easter Day!
    Ring! ring! your joy
    Thro' earth and sky,
    Ye ring a glorious word -
    The notes that swell in gladness tell,
    The rising of the Lord.

    Ye carol bells of Easter Day!
    The teeming earth,
    That saw His birth
    When lying 'neath the sward,
    Upspringing now in joy, to show
    The rising of the Lord!

    Ye glory bells of Easter Day!
    The hills that rise
    Against the skies,
    Reecho with the word -
    The victor breath that conquers death -
    The rising of the Lord!

    Ye passion bells of Easter Day!
    The bitter cup,
    He lifted up,
    Salvation to afford.
    Ye saintly bells! your passion tells
    The rising of the Lord!

    Ye mercy bells of Easter Day!
    His tender side
    Was riven wide,
    Where floods of mercy poured;
    Redeemed clay doth sing to-day
    The rising of the Lord!

    Ye victor bells of Easter Day!
    The thorny crown
    He layeth down:
    Ringl Ring! with strong accord -
    The mighty strain of love and pain,
    The rising of the Lord!

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We hope these poems about Easter bells remind you of the sacrifice Jesus made to save us all. Easter is the hope that we all have!

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