Soft The Solemn Dawn-Light Gray

A poem that reflects on how people must have felt when Jesus died. The morning after there was a sense of disbelief and sadness that the Saviour had died. However, when it was discovered that he had risen people sang praises to God.

A true miracle, something unheard of ever before in the world, Jesus has risen. This poem expresses the feelings of joy and amazement. Alleluia! Christ is risen! Awe and amazement continues to this day, over 2000 years since Jesus has been risen. This has given millions and millions of people hope and belief that there is more than just this world!

Soft The Solemn Dawn-Light Gray
Poet: Jennie Harrison

Soft the solemn dawn-light gray
Broke upon the world that day:
Day of days, whose light divine
Thro' th' unsealed grave doth shine!

While the world, with Mary, stood
Seeking for the promised good,
Lo! 'twas theirs! "The Lord is risen!"
Spake the Angel-guard from heaven.

Still, when God's sure Word doth bring
That sweet life from death, in Spring,
To His Church the Angel voice
Speaking, bids each soul rejoice.

"Very early," oh, my soul,
Ere the day's full glories roll,
At His Altar, bending low.
There the Lord's memorial show.

Then, with risen birds and flowers,
Thou may'st hail the Easter hours;
And, with all the Host of Heaven,
Join in singing - Christ is risen! -

Yea, the Lord is risen indeed!
Man from chains of death is freed!
Weeping ones, smile o'er your graves!
Christ is by your side. Who saves!

Bring sweet Easter blossoms fair!
Fill God's Church with off 'rings rare!
Here Life's Risen Master stands,
Blessing us with pierced Hands!

Alleluia! Christ is risen!
Christ, who died, the world to save,
Christ is risen from the grave!
Christ is risen from the grave!

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