5 Poems About Jesus Resurrection

A poem that reflects on how people must have felt when Jesus died. But we all know that Jesus' resurrection was part of God's plan. The morning after there was a sense of disbelief and sadness that the Saviour had died. However, when it was discovered that he had risen people sang praises to God.

A true miracle, something unheard of ever before in the world, Jesus has risen. This poem expresses feelings of joy and amazement. Alleluia! Christ is risen! Awe and amazement continue to this day, over 2000 years since Jesus has risen. This has given millions and millions of people hope and belief that there is more than just this world!

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  1. The Day Of Resurrection
    Poet: John of Damascus

    The day of resurrection!
    Earth, tell it out abroad;
    The passover of gladness,
    The passover of God.
    From death to life eternal,
    From this world to the sky,
    Our Christ hath brought us over
    With hymns of victory.

    Our hearts be pure from evil,
    That we may see aright
    The Lord in rays eternal
    Of resurrection light,
    And, list'ning to His accents,
    May hear, so calm and plain,
    His own "All hail!" and, hearing,
    May raise the victor strain.

    Now let the heav'ns be joyful,
    Let earth her song begin,
    Let the round world keep triumph
    And all that is therein;
    Invisible and visible,
    Their notes let all things blend;
    For Christ the Lord hath risen -
    Our Joy that hath no end.

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  3. The Resurrection
    Poet: John Gilland Brunini

    Awake and praise, O dwellers in the dust!
    The dew of this new everlasting spring
    Is singing on the garden hill, the trust
    Of death is broken; now will seas disclose
    Their dead, earth's slain will rise again.
    For He
    Who has not known corruption is not here — He goes
    Before to Galilee.

    Awake, and see
    The sepulcher unsealed, the stone rolled back,
    The winding sheets still reeled, the angels limned in light.
    O Mary, Mary and Salome, seek
    Him not among the dead, the heavy night
    Of Adam's guilt is fled, the Temple is rebuilt,
    The stone rejected of the builders now is made
    The corner stone.
    Rejoice, rejoice, this is the day!

    O Magdalen, who knew not where they laid
    Your Lord, discard your spices, gather bay,
    The Victim has become the Victor! He,
    The Way, the Truth, the Life, is risen! O behold!
    The Shepherd glorified has shown His sheep to fold!

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  5. Soft The Solemn Dawn-Light Gray
    Poet: Jennie Harrison

    Soft the solemn dawn-light gray
    Broke upon the world that day:
    Day of days, whose light divine
    Thro' th' unsealed grave doth shine!

    While the world, with Mary, stood
    Seeking for the promised good,
    Lo! 'twas theirs! "The Lord is risen!"
    Spake the Angel-guard from heaven.

    Still, when God's sure Word doth bring
    That sweet life from death, in Spring,
    To His Church the Angel voice
    Speaking, bids each soul rejoice.

    "Very early," oh, my soul,
    Ere the day's full glories roll,
    At His Altar, bending low.
    There the Lord's memorial show.

    Then, with risen birds and flowers,
    Thou may'st hail the Easter hours;
    And, with all the Host of Heaven,
    Join in singing - Christ is risen! -

    Yea, the Lord is risen indeed!
    Man from chains of death is freed!
    Weeping ones, smile o'er your graves!
    Christ is by your side. Who saves!

    Bring sweet Easter blossoms fair!
    Fill God's Church with off 'rings rare!
    Here Life's Risen Master stands,
    Blessing us with pierced Hands!

    Alleluia! Christ is risen!
    Christ, who died, the world to save,
    Christ is risen from the grave!
    Christ is risen from the grave!

  6. Alleluia! Christ is risen! Christ, who died, the world to save,
    Easter Quotes

  7. Resurrection
    Poet: Unknown Soldier, killed in World War I

    If it be all for naught, for nothingness
    At last, why does God make the world so fair?
    Why spill this golden splendor out across
    The western hills, and light the silver lamp
    Of eve? Why give me eyes to see, and soul
    To love so strong and deep? Then, with a pang
    This brightness stabs me through, and wakes within
    Rebellious voice to cry against all death?
    Why set this hunger for eternity
    To gnaw my heartstrings through, if death ends all?
    If death ends all, then evil must be good,
    Wrong must be right, and beauty ugliness.
    God is a Judas who betrays his Son,
    And with a kiss, damns all the world to hell, -
    If Christ rose not again.

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  9. To His Glory
    Poet: Unknown

    Lo, in all our sorrow here,
    Often deep repining,
    Through all doubt and darksome fear
    Easter sun is shining -
    Wherefore now on things above
    Set we our affection -
    Know the power of Jesus' Love
    By His Resurrection!
    Gladsome birds, fresh breezes tell
    With the sunny weather
    That dear Creed we love so well,
    "All things rise together," -
    So the angels joyfully
    Taught the wondrous story, -
    "Christ is risen! To Galilee
    Go and preach His Glory!

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