8 Poems about Daisies

Be inspired by these poems about daises, one of the simplest and beautiful flowers. A daisy is a flower that grows in the wild and is planted. Children often pick daisies for their Moms. And teenagers use daisies to tell of a love. A bouquet of daisies is always beautiful to look at and add a positive atmosphere to any room. May their be lots of daisies in your life!

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  1. The Daisy Never Dies
    Poet: Montgomery

    There is a flower, a little flower,
    With silver crest and golden eye,
    That welcomes every changing hour,
    And weathers every sky.

    On waste and woodland, rock and plain,
    Its humble buds unheeded rise:
    The rose has but a summer-reign;
    The daisy never dies!

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    Flower Poem

  3. Alchemy
    Poet: Sara Teasdale

    I lift my heart as a spring lifts up
    A yellow daisy to the rain;
    My heart will be a lovely cup
    Altho' it holds but pain.
    For I shall learn from flower and leaf
    That color every drop they hold,
    To change the lifeless wine of grief
    To living gold.

  4. A Daisy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I picked the daisy and did say
    Does he love me in any way?
    He loves me, he loves me not
    This will put him on the spot.

    A childish way to find true love
    A daisy is a flower from above
    So simple, its pedals of white
    That seem to dance in the light.

    Daisies are the flower of spring
    And happiness they do bring.
    We picked them as a child
    We picked them as they grow wild.

    Daisies are the flower of sunshine
    They can make a garden look so fine
    Dancing in the summer breeze
    Symbolizing no more cold, no more freeze.

  5. daisies add sunshine to a rainy day
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  6. Daisies Standing in the Rain
    Poet: Annette Wynne

    Daisies standing in the rain,
    Hold their heads together,
    But they never once complain
    Of the drenching weather.
    Daisies know the sun will dry
    All their dripping laces;
    They're far too wise to frown and sigh
    And spoil their dainty faces.

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  8. Golden Daisies
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Disk of bronze and ray of gold
    Glimmering through the meadow grasses,
    Burn less proudly! for behold,
    Down the field my princess passes.
    Hardly should I hold you fair —
    Golden, gay, midsummer daisies,
    But for her, the maiden rare.
    Who, amid your starry mazes.
    Makes you splendid with her praises.

    Soft brown tresses, eyes of blue,
    Is a heart beneath you waking?
    Maiden here's a heart for you,
    Fain were worthier of your taking.
    Golden daisies, you have met
    In a fairy ring around her —
    Does she hear my footfall yet.
    Wher, enchanted, you have bound her?
    Hold her charmed, till we have crowned her!

    Softly, blossoms, while she stands
    In the sunny stillness dreaming, —
    Softly hither, to my hands —
    Wreathe for her a circlet gleaming!
    Lights her face a shy, swift smile;
    Flower-like head she slowly raises:
    Was her heart mine all the while?
    Blossoms, royal with her praises,
    Crown my queen, ye golden daisies!

  9. Be Like A Daisy
    Poet: M. M. Dodge

    I'd like to be a daisy
    In the clover,
    That I might look up bravely
    At my lover.

    What should I do, I wonder.
    When he went?
    Why, I would - like a daisy -
    Be content.

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  11. The Daisy
    Poet: Emily Dickinson

    The daisy follows soft the sun,
    And when his golden walk is done,
    Sits shyly at his feet.
    He, waking, finds the flower near.
    "Wherefore, marauder, art thou here?"
    "Because, sir, love is sweet!"
    We are the flower, Thou the sun!
    Forgive us, if as days decline,
    We nearer steal to Thee,
    Enamoured of the parting west,
    The peace, the flight, the amethyst,
    Night's possibility!

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  13. Buttercups and Daisies
    Poet: Mary Howitt

    Buttercups and daisies,
    Oh, the pretty flowers;
    Coming ere the spring time,
    To tell of sunny hours,
    While the trees are leafless,
    While the fields are bare,
    Buttercups and daisies
    Spring up here and there.

    Ere the snow-drop peepeth,
    Ere the crocus bold,
    Ere the early primrose
    Opes its paly gold,
    Somewhere on the sunny bank
    Buttercups are bright;
    Somewhere midst the frozen grass
    Peeps the daisy white.

    Little hardy flowers,
    Like to children poor,
    Playing in their sturdy health
    By their mother's door.
    Purple with the north-wind,
    Yet alert and bold;
    Fearing not, and caring not,
    Though they be a-cold!

    What to them is winter!
    What are stormy showers!
    Buttercups and daisies
    Are these human flowers!
    He who gave them hardships
    And a life of care,
    Gave them likewise hardy strength
    And patient hearts to bear.

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We hope these poems about daisies remind you of the beauty of this simple flower. Also a joy to see them in the spring!

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