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If I was to describe my best friend I would use words like encourager, supporter, dependable, understanding, and fun to be with. Also, as Debasish Mridha said, "Best friends are those people who reveal to you what is wonderful inside of you, and you can all still laugh together."

Read the poems about a best friend and hopefully you will find verses and words that describe your best friend! And, you may also want to read our collection of friendship poems for more thoughts on friends.

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  1. For You My Best Friend
    Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2012

    As soon as we met I knew,
    That there was something great about you.
    I wanted to know more, get right to your core,
    And here we are years later, best friends that's true.

    A friendship is what I was looking for,
    And a friendship is what I found.
    Our interests the same, we love the same games,
    Finding ourselves on common ground.

    Our opposites also agreed,
    As we compliment each other with glee.
    When you talk I listen, we often have the same opinion,
    And we both love it when we agree.

    I know we will be forever friends,
    Can't imagine a time when our friendship would suspend.
    I hope things won't change, as I will never reframe,
    From being your friend till the end.

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  3. To A Friend
    Poet: Wellington C. Wendell

    In my unbroken chain of affection,
    That is formed of the tried and the true,
    One gem of the circle collection
    Is the link emblematic of you.

    May no act of the future dissever
    That circle that binds you to me;
    No rust of forgetfulness ever
    Destroy my remembrance of thee.

    The dew of morning ne'er forgets
    To fill the waiting lily's cup;
    Nor morning sun to bend its rays,
    And pick the jewel up.

    The twinkling stars that fleck the dome
    When evening drops its sable robe,
    Remember well their path to roam
    About our little globe.

    As constant may I hope to find
    The cup of friendship held by thee;
    And trust that in the fading years
    You'll still remember me.

  4. Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend
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  5. To The End
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My best friend has been with me
    In times of being sad and happy
    Always there to share a smile
    Times that have been so worthwhile.
    Also times of tears
    My best friend, is oh, so dear!

    We have seen many changes over the years
    Some of cheers and some create fears
    But together we will always be
    Friends who care like family.
    Together we will face life's setbacks
    And help each other get back on track.

    My best friend offers encouragement
    And picks me up thru life's discouragements
    And I know if I ever need a helping hand
    My best friend helps and understands.
    I feel so blessed to have this friend
    We will be best friends to the end!

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    One of life's greatest joys is your best friend!
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  7. What You Don't Say
    Poet: Unknown

    Everyone hears what you say.
    Friends listen to what you say.
    Best friends listen to what you don't say.

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  9. Friends
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    There are friends and then there are best friends
    Best friends are those who you can depend
    They are the ones that you can call
    The ones that you can share all.

    They will be honest with you
    They even tell you what you might do
    But they do it in a way that shows
    Caring, respect for all you know.

    You can rely on them
    They truly are a life gem.
    My best friends are truly a treasure
    They mean so much it is hard to measure.

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