The Gain

A poem that discusses how the hours slip away, but also a poem that questions are the hours one that Time stole. Wilhelmina Stitch starts this poem by talking about losing time but ends it with warm thoughts of another person.

There are many sayings about time, the one that the poet is referring to is "the hours time stole way." But there are other sayings such as, "time waits for no one" and "lost time is never found again". But again these sayings are only true if you reflect on what you did during the time that you supposedly lost.

As you read the second stanza's you start to see how the person lost two hours but what they did during this time was to think of someone very dear to them, and they actually penned a poem as they thought of them. So in the end is this really hours that time stole away or is it a gain because of what was done.

This poem may put things in perspective when it comes to your time - is what you are doing truly a loss or a gain?

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The Gain
Poet: Wilhelmina Stitch

"The hours Time stole away." A curious phrase this seems.
Did Time then wish to play with my sweet dreams?
What did he with the hours he stole away from me?
Transform them into flow'rs or melody?

Time stole them, it is clear. For, lo! I have lost two
Whilst thinking hard, my dear - simply of you.
Where did the sly thief go with my most precious time,
Need (he ought to know) to make a rhyme.

Time stole two hours, the thief! I know this to my cost.
For am I not, in grief o'er moments lost?
And yet 'tis very plain, 'tis passing strange but true,
By this sad loss I gain - thinking of you.

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Quotes from the Poem:

"'The hours Time stole away.' A curious phrase this seems."
Wilhelmina Stitch
A curious saying - how can time steal our hours, what we do with that time is not something that can be stolen.

"Where did the sly thief go with my most precious time, need (he ought to know) to make a rhyme."
Wilhelmina Stitch
We always do something with our time, it may not be what we originally planned, but we are doing something!

"Time stole two hours, the thief! I know this to my this sad loss I gain - thinking of you."
Wilhelmina Stitch
No matter what we do in life, our relationships are one of the most important things. So thinking of others can never be considered a loss, as the quote suggests the author sees this as a gain!

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