Two Kinds of Discontent

Like everything else in life, there is both a positive and a negative. The feeling of discontentment can result in a positive attitude or it can be negative. Wilhelmina Stitch has expressed both emotions in her poem, Two Kinds of Discontent. Which one do you have?

In the first stanza, you will find the question about whether you are discontented because of your ambition? To aspire to do better is a good thing. Discontentment, in this sense, can help push us forward to achieve our dreams and goals.

The second stanza talks about grumbling and self-pity. This type of discontentment does not do anyone good. It truly is a waste of time as it does result in the resolution of an issue, problem or trouble.

And, the third stanza summarizes the Poet's thoughts. Stitch maintains that discontent can be a good thing or it can be bad. It can make you happy or make you depressed. You have a choice to make. No one forces you to take the low road of negativity.

The conclusion is simple: use this poem for encouragement; us it to reflect upon your life and how you use discontentment!

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Two Kinds of Discontent
by Wilhelmina Stitch

Discontented! Want to climb?
Must be moving all the time?
Splendid! Keep it up, my boy;
To aspire is keenest joy.
That's the hill you scaled last week,
Now there is a higher peak.
Discontent like this is fine;
Someone praised it as divine.

Discontented? Cannot work,
Have desire to sulk and shirk?
Meet a friend, have to mumble,
Giving him your latest grumble?
Have to drown yourself in pity;
Life's a sad and doleful ditty.
Precious minutes are misspent
By this type of discontent.

Discontent can make or mar,
Hinder you or take you far;
Make you joyous or depressed,
Increase your strength or kill your zest.
Just depends if it's divine or
Just a cowardly, puling whine.

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Quotes from the poem, Two Kinds of Discontent:

"To aspire is keenest joy."
Wilhelmina Stitch
Aspiring to be more because you are not happy with where you are is a good thing; it can motivate you to move forward.

"That's the hill you scaled last week, now there is a higher peak."
Wilhelmina Stitch
When we reach one goal, there is often another goal requiring more work that you can now achieve.

"Life's a sad and doleful ditty. Precious minutes are misspent by this type of discontent."
Wilhelmina Stitch
Whining and grumbling to others about how unhappy you are accomplishes nothing. It wastes your time and wastes the time of the person you are grumbling too. Also, you will notice that people do not want to be around those who complain and moan, they are truly a downer. So, use your time to take action rather than complaining about your discontent.

"Discontent can make or mar, hinder you or take you far"
Wilhelmina Stitch
You can let your discontent make or break you! In the end it is all how you look at things and what you do.

Have to drown yourself in pity; life's a sad and doleful ditty. Precious minutes are misspent by this type of discontent."
Wilhelmina Stitch
How true it is of which this stanza speaks. It is so much easier for all of us to wallow in self pity; there are always numerous people who will join you in declaring how hard life is. With these type of people, it is their view that when life throws a curve the only response is to cry out in anguish as if they were the only ones to ever experience hardship. Well, we know this is not true. Thousands upon thousand of people all over the world have tasted the wrath of hard times, struggles, failures, personal disappointments, or worse. Yet, it is this type of person who has also envisaged something better,

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