Two Kinds of Discontent

Like everything in life, there is a positive and a negative. Feeling discontent can result in a positive or it can be negative. Wilhelmina Stitch has expressed both emotions in her poem, Two Kinds of Discontent. Which do you have?

Two Kinds of Discontent
by Wilhelmina Stitch

Discontented! Want to climb?
Must be moving all the time?
Splendid! Keep it up, my boy;
To aspire is keenest joy.
That's the hill you scaled last week,
Now there is a higher peak.
Discontent like this is fine;
Someone praised it as divine.

Discontented? Cannot work,
Have desire to sulk and shirk?
Meet a friend, have to mumble,
Giving him your latest grumble?
Have to drown yourself in pity;
Life's a sad and doleful ditty.
Precious minutes are misspent
By this type of discontent.

Discontent can make or mar,
Hinder you or take you far;
Make you joyous or depressed,
Increase your strength or kill your zest.
Just depends if it's divine or
Just a cowardly, puling whine.

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