The Quality of Your Thoughts

Author: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2012

Now is the time to get up and rev up for the day.

You spring out of bed and head to the bathroom and take a nice hot shower. You get out of the shower to towel off only to find that all the bath towels are dirty and there is no towel left. Great. Now what? You grab a few hand towels thinking that this is a heck of a way to start the day.

What Else Is Going To Happen?
Off to the kitchen, you go to make some tea and put on a few pieces of bread for toast. You plug the toaster in and get a huge spark and smoke coming out of your toaster. Now what? The toaster doesn't work.

Great. Here we go again. No towels and no toaster. This is starting out to be a terrible day. I just can't wait to see what else is going to go wrong.

What Do You Expect?
If you have had a morning start like this and believe that the rest of the day is going to be one problem after another, you are probably going to get just that. You have created a negative scenario already and all you are doing is putting negative thoughts into focus where positives are set to the background.

Now, what kind of day would you expect to get if you have already made your mind think in negative ways?

We have control of our thinking but if you allow yourself to dwell on the bad that is more than likely what you will end up getting because that was what you programmed your mind to think. The brain is like a super computer - you can program it one way or another and if that program says this is going to happen, it will. After all, you programmed it to be negative so negative it is.

Did You Program Your Mind?
Here is something else that will happen. Since you've programmed your mind with negative thoughts you will be unable to recognize anything positive. All that you are doing is creating more and more stress with the expectation of challenges and obstacles.

Is there any way that your day can turn out to be positive? No. You wanted negative, so you shall get it throughout the day.

We are what we think. We are in control. If you give power to negative events, you are the one to blame. Circumstances and events have no power at all unless we give power to them. Nothing in life has power over us unless we decide that it has power for it is the thought we attach to it that makes it real.

You Decide
You decide right now if you want to give power away - or decide to power positive thoughts and give nothing to negative.

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