Never Despair

Those people that despair are not alone. In fact, if we were to take a poll of how many people across the world view themselves in desperate times, the count would probably be astronomical. However, despair has many antecedents some of which are caused by our own attitudes, or, in other words, how we view each day. This sad commentary, however, may find its origins in what we think about each day as we rise. For it is true that every person has a choice as to what they think about. It is also true that what we think about as we arise each morning can certainly set the tone for the rest of the day.

Within each person, there comes a carry-over from what lies behind us. Sometimes, it is what has transpired yesterday, or last week, or last month, or even last year that continues to dominate our thoughts and therefore our current and future actions. When these past thoughts of events or circumstances continue to haunt us, we are allowing them to rule the day and everything that happens. This is the same kind of thinking that gives rise to self-fulfilling prophecies where what has ocurred in the past forms our attitudes, then our behaviors and actions. So, the question becomes, what can a person do to eliminate these haunting past circumstancess?

The first step in ridding oneself of past destructive thoughts is to claim what you can control. That's right; claim what thoughts you will allow taking precedence in your life. You do have the choice. You do not have to let anything that happened before take hold of what happens today or tomorrow. Sure, we have all made mistakes or have had failures in our lives. This is not something that has only ocurred in your life. Know this: every successful person, they have had failures. It is through failures that lessons can be learned that will help you avoid the same fatal or flooded mistakes again and again.

Having a bad day, facing issues or challenges, then read this poem by Lillian Curtis to encourage you to not give up or give in!

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Never Despair
by Lillian E. Curtis

If your pathway be not smooth,
And your future look not fair,
Or you get vexed at some little trifle,
Oh, don't give up in despair.

Brighter days will come to you,
Days that will be fair,
If you only will have courage,
And not give up in despair.

Though dark and dreary be your lot
And fortune frown on you to-day;
To-morrow your luck may change
And fortune turn the other way.

Never despair, let come what will,
Think there are better days in store
Press on, press on, with courage bold,
And never despair any more.

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