Just Don't Worry - So There

Worry drains our energy and can steal our day away. Wilhelmina Stitch expresses thoughts about worry and what to do about it. She offers great insights into how to overcome any worries that you have.

Just Won't Worry - So There
by Wilhelmina Stitch

Go away, you cringing Fear.
Hide your head, O carking Care.
Both of you - now disappear.
Just won't worry - so there!

I've a lot to do today,
Haven't any time to spare,
Both of you now run away.
Just won't worry, so there!

I will fill each hour with work;
Off you go, you futile pair.
Here comes duty, must not shirk.
Just won't worry, so there!

I will sing a cheerful song;
Hum a merry, happy air.
Now you two, just run along.
Will not worry, so there!

Care and Fear are out of sight;
To return they will not dare.
Work, as usual, brings delight.
Just won't worry, so there!

Evening shadows fall at last;
Time to breathe a grateful pray'r;
Troubles of the day have passed.
Just won't worry, so there!

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