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Poems to welcome baby. A baby is a bundle of joy, a miracle, an expectation like no other. Babies added a softness to a sometimes hard world. Share these poems with others to welcome the baby. Welcoming a baby can be a baby shower, a visit to the home or hospital. We all enjoy seeing a new baby for the first time! And we are always looking for something unique to give to the new addition. Sharing a poem is something that can be saved and enjoyed for years to come.

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  1. Your New Baby
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Welcome, baby, you we adore
    And to Mom & Dad, this baby is yours
    We know you have waited for this precious bundle
    We want to say congrats, to you, a special couple.

    Your new baby is precious and beautiful
    Your new baby is cuddly and wonderful
    We know many happy hours will be spent
    A new baby in the house is truly an event.

    Enjoy these special times with your new little one
    They are times that compare to none
    God bless you as you raise your child
    When He saw your baby He looked down and smiled.

  2. A New Baby Brings
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A new baby brings love, happiness, and more
    Changing your world as never before!
    Life will be different with a little one
    Smiles and giggles and lots of fun.

    Of course, there are those midnight cries
    And mornings when early you will rise
    But a baby will bring to your life
    Much more happiness than strife.

    We welcome your new infant this day
    We know you will be happy in every way.
    When that first baby smile comes along
    You will be dancing and singing a song!

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  4. Life Holds No Measure
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Life holds no measure
    To a new baby and the pleasure
    That they bring to everyone who sees
    The little chubby cheeks they all want to squeeze.

    They count their fingers, they count the toes
    And they all say what a cute little nose.
    We send wishes of love and happiness to baby and you
    May your days be filled with dreams that come true.

  5. I Wonder
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 1981

    I wonder little one, who you will be
    As I feel you wriggle inside of me.
    The turbulent surges of joy that I sense,
    The feeling of awe while I’m bound in suspense.

    Will your hair be curly? Will your eyes be blue?
    When you come, will my world revolve around you?
    Will you bring us the joy that others speak of?
    Will our lives be filled with even more love?

    Do I dress you in jeans or wee pinafores?
    Will I teach you to bake or will you help do the chores?
    I’m longing to hold your wee hand inside mine,
    To teach you, to train you, to mold a design.

    Ten little fingers and ten little toes,
    A sweet little dimple, and a cherub, pert nose.
    Your daddy is anxious, he keeps watching me,
    He’s protecting his interest, each inch and degree.

    I don’t know how long he is willing to wait,
    But he’s frequently saying, “I hope it’s not late."
    So, dear little infant, our pride and our joy,
    Won’t you plan to come quickly? Be you girl, be you boy.

    I’m counting the days now until you arrive,
    My bundle of blessing; my form so alive!
    Our hearts have a welcome, our home is prepared,
    As soon as you enter our lives will be shared.

  6. A new baby is like the beginning of all things — wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
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  7. Our Baby Boy
    Poet: C. C. Hassler

    Here's to the laughing Baby Boy.
    The boy with the dark blue eyes;
    Whose smile is as sweet as the sunbeam bright
    As it drops from the sun-lit skies.

    Here's to the laughing romping boy,
    That leaps to your arms as pure
    As the lily that blooms in the garden of love
    And rests in your arms secure.

    Here's to the happy loving boy,
    A comfort the whole day long —
    And goes to rest like the birds at night
    As he carrolls his sleepy song.

    Here's to the fair cheeked winsome boy,
    Who laughs through his baby eyes,
    And cuddles up close as he dreams and sleeps
    To the sound of sweet lulla-bys.

  8. Words can not express the joy of new life.

  9. Mother's Darling
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    Two little girls are better than one;
    Two little boys can double the fun;
    Two little birds can build a fine nest;
    Two little arms can love mother best.

    Two little ponies must go to a span;
    Two little pockets has my little man;
    Two little eyes to open and close;
    Two little ears and one little nose.

    Two little elbows, dimpled and sweet;
    Two little shoes on two little feet;
    Two little lips and one little chin;
    Two little cheeks with roses set in.

    Two little shoulders, chubby and strong;
    Two little legs running all the day long;
    Two little prayers does my darling say;
    Twice does he kneel by my side each day.

    Two little folded hands, soft and brown;
    Two little eyelids cast meekly down;
    And two little angels guard him in bed;
    One at the foot, and one at the head.

  10. A Little Face
    Poet: Unknown

    A little face to look at,
    A little face to kiss;
    Is there anything, I wonder,
    That's half so sweet as this?

    A little cheek to dimple
    When smiles begin to grow,
    A little mouth betraying
    Which way the kisses go.

    A slender little ringlet,
    A rosy little ear,
    A little chin to quiver
    When falls the little tear.

    A little hand so fragile,
    All through the night to hold;
    Two little feet so tender,
    To tuck in from the cold.

    Two eyes that watch the sunbeam
    That with the shadows plays;
    A darling little baby
    To kiss and love always.

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