Welcome Baby

Poems and quotes to welcome baby. A baby is a bundle of joy, a miracle, an expectation like no other. Babies added a softness to a sometimes hard world.

And the anticipation of a new baby is a welcome not only to parents, but to grandparents, siblings and family and friends.

I Wonder

Greta Zwaan, © 1981

I wonder little one, who you will be
As I feel you wriggle inside of me.
The turbulent surges of joy that I sense,
The feeling of awe while I’m bound in suspense.

Will your hair be curly? Will your eyes be blue?
When you come, will my world revolve around you?
Will you bring us the joy that others speak of?
Will our lives be filled with even more love?

Do I dress you in jeans or wee pinafores?
Will I teach you to bake or will you help do the chores?
I’m longing to hold your wee hand inside mine,
To teach you, to train you, to mold a design.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes,
A sweet little dimple, and a cherub, pert nose.
Your daddy is anxious, he keeps watching me,
He’s protecting his interest, each inch and degree.

I don’t know how long he is willing to wait,
But he’s frequently saying, “I hope it’s not late.”
So, dear little infant, our pride and our joy,
Won’t you plan to come quickly? Be you girl, be you boy.

I’m counting the days now until you arrive,
My bundle of blessing; my form so alive!
Our hearts have a welcome, our home is prepared,
As soon as you enter our lives will be shared.

Welcome Baby Quotes

A new baby is like the beginning of all things — wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Eda LeShan
Children Quotes

Words can not express the joy of new life.
Hermann Hesse
Short Quotes

Whenever I held a new born baby in my arms,
I used to think that what I said and did to him
Could have an influence not only on him
But on all whom he met,
Not only for a day or a month or a year,
But for all eternity.
A very challenging and exciting thought for a mother.
Rose Kennedy
Mothers Day Messages

There are words in the soul of a newborn baby, wanting and waiting to be written.
Toba Beta
Poems of Encouragement

Welcome Baby to your family. Your family has grown by two feet!
Short Family Quotes

Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart.
Mandy Harrison
A Mother's Love Poem

All Of God's grace in one tiny face
God's Grace Verses

When I saw you for the first time I understand the meaning of true love.
Catherine Pulsifer
Treasured Memories

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