Baby Steps

These poems, Baby Steps, are a reflection of watching a child grow, along with encouragement for life.

It reflects our thoughts for our children as they journey through life. Hopefully, the poetry will be inspirational not only to our children but to all others who read it.

They are good verses to include in a birthday card, or at graduation, or if someone just needs a few words of encouragement. We offer many other baby poems to share with others.
The words of Tom Hiddleston summarizes these poems well: "You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain."

Baby Steps
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2007

You were so small my little treasure
Watching you grow has been a pleasure.
I remember those first baby steps
Some made you laugh, some made you sweat.

Each day will bring challenges to face
from baby steps to new places.
And as you grow and experience life
I hope you learn to counter all life's strife.

Always remember, my love for you
When you're happy and when you're blue.
It is mistakes you'll make
But, sometimes, though, life's not a cake.

But like baby steps you first took
You will learn, listen and look.
When you consider life as a gift,
It can give you a big lift.

Two steps forward, one step back
Determination, and persistence never lack
Giant steps, baby steps we all take
But in the end, your attitude it will make.

When certain steps don't work out
Don't sit and pout
Remember how far you have come
From the first baby step to what now you've become

I am proud of you my wonderful treasure
You are special, unique and a wonderful pleasure!

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baby steps

Life's Baby Steps
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2007

As you go through life you may find
You have forgotten how to climb
You are in a hurry, you want to run
But truly that is not how it's done.

Many times in life you see
Baby steps are meant to be
Success does not happen overnight
Taking small steps, that is right.

As a child you crawl, then walk
You goo and gaa before you could talk
With each small step you did achieve
Your confidence grew, you believed.

The same is true of school you know
Some years went fast, some slow
But with each grade you took that step
And carried on to the next.

So in life the same is true
Take baby steps in all you do.
Don't try to move the mountain all at once
Because if you do, down it will bounce.

Set your goals and take that first step
Give yourself time and make sure you prep
With each step that you take
Progess you will make.

So when you think things are going to slow
You want to run rather than go with the flow
Remember your childhood memories
Remember the steps in series.

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We hope these poems are ones that you will share with others. Poems that reflect hope, love, and encouragement. As we rush through life we often need to be reminded that taking one step at a time or baby steps is often the road to success.

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