Thankful For My Child

A poem expressing how thankful a parent is for their child. Words from the heart but words that will make you smile and hopefully will express reflections of your thankfulness for your child.

Thankful For My Child

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

Before you were born, my life was a bore.
Really, your Dad and I slept so much longer!
But even though you, get us up in the dew,
Having you, made us much stronger.

Our love for you came, from the moment we acclaimed,
We were having a baby in 40 weeks.
All the happy tears were sent to us with big cheers,
From family and friends with great shrieks!

You were loved from the moment we knew you were there,
But true love showed itself on one December day.
You came into our arms, screaming at the top of your lungs,
And any amount of grey went far, far away.

So here we all are, a family of three,
Now it's time to learn the ropes.
We couldn't have asked, for a better first-child,
You've made true to all of our hopes.

thankful for my chldren

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