Send Her a Valentine

A poem that reminds us no matter how long we have been in a relationship it is important to do the little things, like sending a valentine. What are some of the things that you did as a couple when you first met? Do you still do them today?

It is very easy to fall into the routines of everyday life and not take the time to make our relationships special; to exclude the romance of a relationship. Edgar A. Guest expresses his thoughts on how important it is to keep the romance alive. Valentines Day is a great day to express your love for that special person in your life regardless of the number of years you have been together.

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Send Her a Valentine
Poet: Edgar A. Guest

Send her a valentine to say
You love her in the same old way.
Just drop the long familiar ways
And live again the old-time days
When love was new and youth was bright
And all was laughter and delight,
And treat her as you would if she
Were still the girl that used to be.

Pretend that all the years have passed
Without one cold and wintry blast;
That you are coming still to woo
Your sweetheart as you used to do;
Forget that you have walked along
The paths of life where right and wrong
And joy and grief in battle are,
And play the heart without a scar.

Be what you were when youth was fine
And send to her a valentine;
Forget the burdens and the woe
That have been given you to know
And to the wife, so fond and true,
The pledges of the past renew
'Twill cure her life of every ill
To find that you're her sweetheart still.

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Quotes from the Poem & our comments:

"Send her a valentine to say you love her in the same old way."
Edgar A. Guest

Sometimes as the years go by we don't do the special things we use to do when our relationships were new. Taking the time to send a valentine card is a small thing to do but can have lasting meaning.
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When love was new and youth was bright and all was laughter and delight"
Edgar A. Guest

Remember back to when you first feel in love. The world was a different place. Day to day life has a way of turning that special relationship into something that you take for granted, and challenges and responsibilities that we all
 face take away the laughter and the delight.  We have to consciously keep the romance alive in our relationships, making time for laughter and delight, never losing that feeling.
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And to the wife, so fond and true, the pledges of the past renew
Edgar A. Guest

No matter how long you have been married, remember the wedding vows you took and express your love. Many people renew their vows at milestone points, for example 25 years married.
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"Twill cure her life of every ill to find that you're her sweetheart still."
Edgar A. Guest

Make her feel special, and let her know no matter what you will always love her. A valentine card can do just that.
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