The Old, Old Story

A funny poem by Edgar A Guest about fish, however, it has wisdom that could also be applied to life. Read these verses and a smile will surely come to you, but also reflect on the wisdom that the poem has to offer. You may also enjoy our collection of poems about fishing.

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The Old, Old Story
Poet: Edgar A. Guest

I have no wish to rail at fate,
And vow that I'm unfairly treated;
I do not give vent to my hate
Because at times I am defeated.
Life has its ups and downs, I know,
But tell me why should people say
Whenever after fish I go:
"You should have been here yesterday"?

It is my luck always to strike
A day when there is nothing doing,
When neither perch, nor bass, nor pike
My baited hooks will come a-wooing.
Must I a day late always be?
When not a nibble comes my way
Must someone always say to me:
"We caught a bunch here yesterday"?

I am not prone to discontent,
Nor over-zealous now to climb;
If victory is not yet meant
For me I'll calmly bide my time.
But I should like just once to go
Out fishing on some lake or bay
And not have someone mutter: "Oh
You should have been here yesterday."

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Another funny poem about fishing  but one with wisdom in it by Edgar A. Guest - sometimes what we feel most comfortable in is when we are happiest. In life, we can sometimes put on
 outfits (could be clothes but also how we act) that are not really us but we play a part. We can get caught up in what other people think - we need to be ourselves. Be encouraged by the words of this poem.

The Fishing Outfit
Poet: Edgar A. Guest

You may talk of stylish raiment,
You may boast your broadcloth fine,
And the price you gave in payment
May be treble that of mine.
But there's one suit I'd not trade you
Though it's shabby and it's thin,
For the garb your tailor made you:
That's the tattered,
Suit that I go fishing in.

There's no king in silks and laces
And with jewels on his breast,
With whom I would alter places.
There's no man so richly dressed
Or so like a fashion panel
That, his luxuries to win,
I would swap my shirt of flannel
And the rusty,
Frayed and dusty
Suit that I go fishing in.

'Tis an outfit meant for pleasure;
It is freedom's raiment, too;
It's a garb that I shall treasure
Till my time of life is through.
Though perhaps it looks the saddest
Of all robes for mortal skin,
I am proudest and I'm gladdest
In that easy,
Old and greasy
Suit that I go fishing in.

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